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Kilari and her Naa-San kitten

Original title: Kirarin Revolution
Kilari Tsukishima, Na-san, Hiroto Kazama, Seiji Hiwatari, Erina Ogura, Arashi Amamiya, Aoi Kirisawa, Fubuki Todo, Akane Minami, Izumi Amakawa, Hikaru Mizuki, Mio and Mao, Noel Yukino
Author: An Nakahara
Production: SynergySP, G&G Entertainment
Regia: Masaharu Okuwaki
Country: Japan
Year: 7 April 2006
Broadcast in Italy: January 1, 2010
Gender: Musical comedy
Episodes: 158 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Kilari (original title Kirarin Reboryushon or "The revolution of Kirari") is a manga series for girls (Shojo) composed of 14 albums created in 2007 by An Nakahara, who thanks to the success obtained, made him win the coveted Shogakukan Manga award Award for the manga category for children. The animated series consists of 153 episodes divided into 3 seasons and will be broadcast starting from Monday 11 January 2010 at 17,50 pm on Italia 1.

Kilari Tsukishima is an exuberant 14-year-old girl who, unlike her classmates, despite being very pretty and gifted with a splendid smile, prefers to spend her time eating.
He lives together with his father, his grandmother and his inseparable cat Naa-san, who Kilari treats as a human being, in fact Naa-san knows how to do everything and provides Kilari in a thousand ways: she wakes her up, comb her hair and defends her in case of danger.
In the morning Kilari loves having breakfast with Naa-san, submerged by the mountain of pan-cakes prepared by her father, of which she is very greedy.
Kilari attends high school and despite being courted by many boys, she only thinks about eating. Her classmates, on the other hand, love music and in particular are fans of Ships, a musical duo made up of a blond boy and a dark one, who being very beautiful and talented are hugely successful among teenagers. Kilari also dreams of one day meeting her prince charming, but he will have to conquer her by offering her many sweets.
Meeting between Seiji and KilariOne day while walking down the street with her friends and the inseparable kitten, she is carelessly bumped by a strange individual, characterized by a pair of glasses as thick as two bottle bottoms and a funny hat. The boy after making his apologies to Kilari, retraces his steps somewhat uncertain, since he does not enjoy a great view. Later Kilari sees a turtle on a tree (how it got there is unknown) and decides to climb over the overpass to free it, but loses his balance and falls from the tree. Fortunately, the boy with the glasses arrives very quickly and takes her in his arms before she can touch the ground. Once freed of his glasses and hat, he reveals himself as a beautiful boy named Seiji Hiwatari and is the owner of the turtle Kame-san. As a sign of thanks, he gives Kilari a free ticket for the "Ships" concert. The boy is also very sweet and kind and Kilari falls in love with him at first sight like this
the lightning strike that triggers the Kilari revolution breaks out. The following day, at the entrance of the show Kilari has to make his way through the thousands of Ships fans, eager to enter the concert. Kilari would like to see Seiji again and thinking that he works as a technical staff member, he goes to the reserved area. Suddenly, a boy swoops over him and jumps off the balcony of the building. Seeing the armband of the boy with the word Staff, Kilari asks him where he can find Seiji, but unexpectedly the mysterious boy tears her free ticket and tells her not to dare to approach Seiji, because he lives in a completely different world from his. . Kilari wonders what those words mean and after a moment's hesitation, he bursts into a fury against that boy, who insults Naa-san by throwing them at them. Kilari runs away, but his determination to see Seiji grows even stronger. Unfortunately, since she no longer has a ticket, she is prevented from entering the concert. Kilari tries in every way to evade surveillance, but is promptly discovered.
Thanks to a stratagem devised by Naa-san, Kilari manages to enter and go to the artists' dressing rooms. From here climbing up a ladder in order to hide, she arrives directly near the stage where Seiji is performing, as he is the blond singer of the "Ships", while the dark is the guy who tore her ticket, the whose name is Hiroto Kazama. The concert is an incredible event and is broadcast on the internet and on major television networks. Kilari is stunned by that revelation and so loses her balance and crashes onto the stage where the Ships are performing, landing on a feather mattress and causing a huge disaster.
kilariSeiji is delighted with that sudden appearance and introduces Kilari to the audience, describing her as an angel fallen from heaven. Hiroto does not have the same enthusiasm, so he grabs Kilari and takes her backstage to send her away. Now Kilari understands Hiroto's words when he said they belonged to two completely different worlds. Hiroto makes it clear to Kilari, that for Seiji he represents only one of the thousands of girls who love him and will never fall in love with someone like her. Kilari is a tremendously determined girl so she decides that if Seiji Hiwatari can't be part of her world, she will be part of hers, becoming a professional singer. So he snatches the microphone from Hiroto's hands and heads to the stage, declaring his intent to the whole audience, who are amazed by this gesture. After being taken away by Hiroto again, she is kicked out of surveillance.
Kilari does not lose heart and also gets the support of her friends, to cultivate the dream of becoming a singer, however she has no idea how to get started. Her friends suggest that she show up for the Ships auditions, as they are looking for a singer for their group.

Kilari soon realizes that the world of entertainment is full of pitfalls and unscrupulous people, but at his side there will always be Seiji and Hiroto.

All characters and images are copyright TV Tokyo, An Nakahara Shogakukan and the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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