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Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Original title: Kim Possible
Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Wade Load, Dr. Director, Will Du, Team Impossible, Yamanouchi Ninja School, Master Sensei, Yori, Team Go, Hego, Mego, The Wego Twins, Felix Renton, MC Honey, Britina, Mr . Nakasumi and Miss Kyoko, Monique, Steve Barkin, Amelia, Bobo the Chimpanzee, Brick Flagg, Doctor Bortel, Doctor Porter, François, Hirotaka, Josh Mankey, Ned, Elsa Cleeg, Oh Boyz, King Pain & Steel Toe, Prince Wally, Cleotous Dobbs, Professor Acari, Professor Ramesh, Professor Chen, Rabbi Katz, Tara, Timothy North, Zita Flores, Companions, Doctor Drakken, Shego, Duff Killigan, Lord Monkey Fist, Señor Senior, Sr and Señor Senior, Jr, Professor Dementor, DNAmy, 8 Gill, Robot Bibi, Motor Ed, Camille Léon
Authors: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle
Production: Walt Disney Television Animation
Regia: Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley
: United States
Year: June 7, 2002
Broadcast in Italy: February 2003
Gender: Azone / Adventure
Episodes: 87
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Kim Possible was conceived by Mark McCorkie and produced by Bob and Robert Schooley. It is a dynamic and enterprising red-haired girl when she has to carry out impossible missions to save the world, but who at the same time lives the small and big problems of all adolescents, linked to the relationship with adults, the world of school, his peers etc ... and this is the secret Kim Possibleof cartoon of Kim Possible which in the United States was hugely successful after being broadcast on Disney Channel. The best friends of Kim Possible are Rum Stoppable, a shy and a bit clumsy boy, but full of enthusiasm and desire to do e Wade the classic computer genius, a little chubby of great help when Kim Possible she must step into the shoes of the savior of the world. To this group is added a very nice mole, Ron's inseparable companion, greedy for everything edible. This close-knit group led by Kim Possible must from time to time face supervillains of the caliber of Dr DrakkenDr. Drakken, always in the grip of his crazy plan to conquer the world or the dangerous and beautiful shego or like the monstrous Gill or the scientist dnamy and many others. To face the enemies of humanity Kim Possible and his friends make use of all the possible devices offered by new technologies such as computers, internet connections, cameras, cell phones, so things within the reach of all the children of the world. All this does not distract Kim Possible from studying and attending Middleton High School where he has the Kim Possible against Shegochance to meet many friends and fall in love like all normal girls, in fact Kim has a terrible crush on Josh Mankey, but he doesn't confess to anyone. But one of the flaws of the school, in addition to the severe prof. Brakin is the food of the canteen, therefore the boys to refresh their palate, do not disdain to go to the fast food of the Bueno Nacho, where they can eat delicious sandwiches. The family does not lack the typical problems of adolescents with their parents and with their terrible brothers Jim and Tim, always ready to make some trouble

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