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Original title: Redi Joji
Georgie Gerald, Abel Buttman, Arthur Buttman, Mary Buttman, Eric Buttman, Uncle Kevin, Hawkins, Jessica, Dr. Skiffins Gerald, Lowell J. Gray, Lowell's grandmother, Duke Dangering, Elisa Dangering, Arwin Dangering, Maria Dangering, Catherine Barnes , Viscount Barnes, Mrs. Barnes, Joy, Emma, ​​Dick, Duke Fritz Gerald, Sophie Gerald, Becky Clarke, Queen Victoria, Wilson

Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Authors: Man Izawa, Yumiko Igarashi
: Shigetsuga Yoshida, Kyosuke Mikuriya

Country: Japan
Year: April 9 1983
Broadcast in Italy: September 17 1984
Gender: Dramatic
Episodes: 45 mm
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Georgie with Abel and ArthurGeorgia another character of the shojo genre, which the author Yumiko Iganashi, realizes after the enormous success of Candy Candy, also thanks to the skilful script by Man Izawa. Georgia, while not reaching the same popularity as Candy Candy, it is considered by many to be a much more mature and better structured story, appreciated both as a manga comic and as a cartoon. In Italy the cartoon series of Georgia, consisting of 45 episodes, was broadcast for the first time in 1984 on Italia 1 and raised quite a few controversies, given some scenes of "strong passions". While the comic was first published in color in the 80s, on theCandy's magazine by Fabbri, but underwent some modifications and cuts. It was then published in its full version by Star Comics and only in 1994 was the tragic finale published by Neverland.

The story of Lady Georgie It is set in Australia at the end of the 800th century, when the continent still belonged to the English crown, which used it as a penal colony for inmates sentenced to forced labor. After being rescued by Mr. Buttman while still in infants, Georgie is adopted by the same Buttman, a modest peasant family; she grows up so carefree and unaware of her origins together with her two brothers Abel (impulsive and passionate, often violent) e Arthur (kind and unselfish), who, knowing the truth, both fall in love with the beautiful girl.

Lady GeorgieWhen the father of Georgia dies, her adoptive mother (since she has never really accepted Georgie truly) does not miss an opportunity to treat her badly; until one day, after realizing that the young woman was a reason for discord between the two brothers, she tells her with deep hatred that she is the daughter of a deportee and that he has kept her with him only for the pleasure of her deceased husband. After a furious quarrel Georgia is kicked out of the house (meanwhile, Mrs. Buttman dies of a broken heart). The distraught girl falls into the river, where she would have died had it not been for Arthur's intervention. The young man takes her to her uncle Kevin (an elderly gentleman who is a friend of the family and very fond of the girl) who hosts her at home; where Arthur warms her almost inert body, lying naked next to her. Once recovered from the trauma suffered, Georgie decides to leave for England disguised as a boy (Joe), hoping to shed some light. Lady Georgie as Joeon his origins (using the precious bracelet in his possession, as the only link with the family of origin) and to be able to hug his real father. In London he meets Lowell, a young noble he met some time earlier in Australia during a boomerang contest, in which Georgie had participated in the guise of Joe Buttman. Win the race Georgia was to receive as a prize the kiss of Elisa (Elise in the manga comic), Lowelle's current girlfriend. But Georgie reveals her identity, so it is Lowel who kisses her, in an unforgettable way. In gray England a great love is born between the two, unfortunately studded with many obstacles; among these, the maneuvers of Duke Dangering and the very serious illness of Lowell himself, suffering from tuberculosis. Georgia and her beloved flee to London to crown their love, but when the young man's health conditions deteriorate (to the point of risking death), Georgie, unable to bear the costs of treating him (despite having sold his precious bracelet, giving up the hope of being able to hug his father again), he decides to sacrifice his feelings and to bring Lowell back to Elisa (who will welcome him with open arms). Meanwhile Georgia e Abel they meet again and the girl will be tracked down and found by her father, Count Gerald (who came into possession of the bracelet through a trusted jeweler). Together, they join forces to free Arthur who, after going to England in search of Georgie, falls into the clutches of Duke Dangering (of whom he discovers dirty maneuvers, therefore he is taken prisoner). It therefore becomes the object of the sexual abuse and perversions of Irving (nephew of the Duke). After Arthur helps Count Gerald to rehabilitate his figure, revealing the misdeeds of Dangerous (Count Gerard, years ago, was unjustly accused by the Duke of having tried to kill the queen. For this reason he was deported to Australia, where he managed to escape, but he had to separate from his little girl). But Abel, who killed Irving to save Arthur, is captured and taken prisoner. Georgie was able to see only with the help of a friend Abel for one last time. Then she confesses that she has understood how much she loves him and that she cannot live without him: the two make love and their union will be born. Abel Junior. In the cartoon Georgie, Abel and Artuhr return to Australia.

In the manga Abel will die under the blows of Duke Dangering's rifle, while Georgie and Arthur, both deeply wounded but confident of being able to heal with each other's closeness, will return to Australia, with the permission of Count Gerard and will join in marriage. . Other notable characters are Catherine Barnes, who falls in love with Georgie believing him to be a boy, who after discovering his true identity continues to be friends with her, hosting her in his own home. Maria Dangering (nephew of the Duke), who falls in love with Arthur (known to her as Cain) and thanks to whom the young man will not be killed. Joi little London match girl who will become fond of Abel as an older brother and will offer him hospitality. Jessica is a very attractive young woman of easy virtue: she falls in love with Abel (whom she will cheer for several nights) and who will not have many qualms in hiring a prison surplus to kill Georgie, her bitter enemy in love.

by Helga Corpino

All characters and images of Lady Georgie are copyright Yumiko Igarashi and Toei Animation. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Episode titles

01. The secret of the bracelet
02. Everyone at work!
03. On the Lizard Island
04. Dad's illness
05. Our farm
06. Dreams
07. The wandering actor
08. School what a passion
09 The change of Abel
10. A gift for mom
11. An unexpected visitor
12. The separate bedroom
13. Abel is jealous
14. Want to grow
15. First disturbances
16. Becky's birthday
17. Arthur's lie
18. A friend for Lupp
19. A difficult decision
20. The future of the captain
21. An embarrassing encounter
22. Welcome back Abel
23. The new railway

24. The first kiss
25. A painful discovery
26. Stormy night
27. The secret revealed
28. Rivals in love
29. The long journey
30. In search of the past
31. From hub to waiter
32. Three ships, three dreams
33. A terrible trap
34. Finally in London
35. the dream of the grandmother
36. Wedding preparations
37. Disappointments for Elise
38. Two new friends
39. The royal dance
40. On the road again
41. The power of hope
42. Arthur's imprisonment
43. An impossible love
44. Arthur in danger
45. finally together

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