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Green Lantern - Green Lantern

Original title: Green Lantern
Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Bazn
Authors: Martin Nodell, Bill Fingert
Publishers: DC Comics / Arnoldo Mondadori Publisher

Country: United States
: 1940 mm
Gender: Cartoon superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The superhero Green Lantern (Green Lantern in the original American) appears for the first time in the world of comics in the distant 1940 in the magazine All American Comics, thanks to the authors Bill Finger (screenwriter of Batman) and Martin Nodell. There are several characters who over the years have alternated in the role of Green Lantern. The first is Alan Scott, an engineer who survived a railway disaster who finds a piece of meteorite from planet Oa, with which he acquires extraordinary powers, in fact thanks to this precious stone, he can materialize all the things that come to his mind.

Green Lantern - Green LanternTo always have it with him, he embeds a fragment on the ring and the remaining part encloses it in a magic lantern, which will allow him to recharge the ring. Initially this blond superhero was characterized a bit like super man except for the different colors of the costume. He wore a purple cloak and a red shirt with a lantern symbol in the center, green pants and a black mask on his face. To prevent his power from becoming unlimited, which would have made the series very boring, the writers put an Achilles' heel on this character: wood. The superpowers of Green Lantern were ineffective on all objects containing wood and this allowed all supervillains to find solutions to create many difficulties for our hero. The editorial life of Green Lantern - Alan Scott lasted until 1951, which was forgotten for almost ten years. It was revived in 1959 by John Broome for the script and Gil Kane for the drawings, who redesigned the costume by removing the cloak and stylizing the green and black jumpsuit, with the mask over the eyes that has become his emblem. John Broome added very interesting sci-fi elements to the story, which laid the foundation for many narrative possibilities. This time in the role of Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, an aircraft test pilot, who finds himself rescuing an alien crashed to earth. He belongs to the body of the Guardians of the Universe called Green Lanterns coming from the planet Oa, which given the pilot's courage, gives him the powerful ring capable of fulfilling every wish, also entrusting him with the task of Guardian of Abin Sur, the area of universe to which the earth belongs. Hal Jordan will therefore have the task of defending the earth from all terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats, thanks to the power of his ring, which to maintain his afficity, will have to be recharged every day by reciting an oath. This time the weak point of the ring is not the wood, but the yellow objects, so all the objects of this color render the superpowers of Green Lantern ineffective. Like all superheroes, Green Lantern also has a secret identity, of which only his co-worker Tom Kalmaku is aware, but otherwise no one else, not even his girlfriend Carol Ferris, knows that his Hal Jordan is one of the superheroes. more powerful than the earth. Green Lantern - Green LanternGreen Lantern's number one enemy is the evil Sinestro, who once also belonged to the Green Lantern Corps, who possesses a yellow ring of almost unlimited power. With Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Batman Green Lantern is also part of the Justice League of America superhero group. Towards the beginning of the 70's the Green Lantern stories were taken in hand by the screenwriter Danny O'Neil and drawn by the extraordinary Neil Adams which gave a new impulse to the series and to the sales. They are responsible for the beautiful stories that address current issues such as racism, drugs, exploitation, political corruption and many other ills of modern society. Unfortunately, the differences between the two authors led to the closure of the magazine after about a year, which however was resumed in 1976 with the drawings by Mike Grell. In this series following Hal Jordan's abandonment of the ring, the new Green Lantern robes were taken by Jhon Stewart, who we find in the Justice League animated films and later by Guy Gardner. Among the many designers who illustrated the Green Lantern comics we remember Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino and Alex Toth. In Italy the Green Lantern Comics were published by Mondadori (for a short period) and by Cenisio in the 70s. Recently they have also been published by the Play Press.

Green Lantern all names, images and registered trademarks are Copyright © DC Comics / National Periodical Publications, Inc. and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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