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Friends Girls on a mission - The animated series

Lego Friends - the animated series
Lego Friends girls on mission animated series

Original title: LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission
Anthony Aston, Patrick Egerton, David Webster and Scott Langley
Andrea, Emma, ​​Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, Pranksy
Production: LEGO / M2 Movie
Country: United States
Year: March 16, 2018
transmitted : 30 July 2018
Gender: comedy
Episodes: 12
duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

The adventures of FRIENDS arrive on the channel, starring 5 inseparable friends.

From 4 February 2019, from Monday to Friday, at 16.00 on Cartoon

Comes on Cartoonito (canal 46 dl DTT) a new free First Tv series, FRIENDS, the show starring five best friends who live fun adventures in Heartlake City. The show follows the life of Olivia, smart and kindhearted, Mia athletic and animal lover, Stephanie sociable and with the soul of a true leader, Emma the artist of the group and finally Andrea, singer and talented musician. The five girls can be impulsive, clumsy, relaxed, wild, daring and thoughtful they may sometimes argue or act before they think, but when things get tough in their city, they never back down and work together, helping each other each other, to solve problems with determination and creativity. Thanks to teamwork they always manage to find a solution!

The original theme is We've Got Heart, while the Italian one It takes heart.

Lego Friends characters - Girls on a mission

Andrea has a passion for music, dance and stage performance and dreams of becoming a star of the show. Despite his young age, he knows perfectly well that to aspire to these goals, he must commit himself so much to the study and work of these disciplines. She still has a long way to go, but she is supported by her enthusiasm and her inseparable friends.
Emma She is an artist and cannot go anywhere without drawing, painting or photographing the beauty that surrounds her. She has the most creative brain in the group: she can imagine and create things that no one else can do. He loves telling jokes, even if nobody wants to hear them. She has the defect of being a little naive as she trusts everyone, even if not everyone is always honest with her.
Mia an adventurer who loves being outdoors. She has an excellent understanding with animals and is sure that her mare, Bella, understands her better than anyone else. She is always ready for action and throws herself into situations, even before the rest of her friends have made a decision. She has a very strong, confident personality and never cares about what others think of her. She doesn't like gossip or small talk. What matters to her is honesty and loyalty.
Olivia he is the engineer of the group who loves everything that has to do with software, programming, gadgets, inventions and mechanics. He is an electronics genius and has the ability to build high-tech robots and machines. Her online networks help her with her experiments, but she also loves sharing adventures with her friends outside of her lab.
Stephanie the sportswoman of Lego Friends. She is a skilled swimmer and in case of danger at sea she is the first to come to the aid of people in difficulty. She is very attentive to health and physical well-being, which is why she is passionate about sports. She is also a strong motivator of her friends' group, she loves to help and encourage them, in order to make them reach their goals.

Images of Lego Friends girls on a mission

Lego Friends - Girls on a Mission - the animated series

Lego Friends - Girls on a Mission - the animated series

Lego Friends - Girls on a Mission - the animated series

Lego Friends - Girls on a Mission - the animated series

Lego Friends - Girls on a Mission - the animated series

Lego Friends - Girls on a Mission - the animated series

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Lego Friends copyright LEGO / M2Film and rights holders

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