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Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp

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Walt Disney Pictures
Original title: Lilo & Stitch
Lilli (Lady), Biagio (The Tramp), Whiskey (Jock), Fido (Trusty), Gianni Caro (Jim Dear), Tesoro (Darling), Zia Sara (Aunt Sarah), L'accalappiacani, Tony, Joe, Gilda ( Peg), Bull, a bulldog, Boris, Toughy, Pedro.
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Regia: Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimo, Wilfred Jackson
Country: USA
Year: 1955 mm
Gender: Adventure
Episodes: 1 mm
Duration: 76 minutes
Recommended age: Movies for all ages

"Lady and the Tramp" (original title "Lady and the Tramp") is Walt Disney's animated masterpiece that tells the love story between the little dog Lilli and a tramp named Biagio; the latter will show her the world from a different perspective and give her a short but unforgettable adventure. Lilli, the cocker spaniel protagonist of the feature film, is the gift "Gianni Caro" makes to his wife "Tesoro". When the owners become parents, the dog feels neglected and, jealous, leaves home. Unfortunately she ends up in the clutches of the dog catcher, but she is saved, precisely, by the half-caste Biagio. The film, released in American theaters on June 22, 1955 and distributed in Italy on December 15 of the same year, reached several milestones: it marks the return of animals, protagonists in animated films; with an aspect ratio of 2.55: 1, lasting about 75 minutes, it is the first animated film to be screened in Cinemascope; the first in stereo mode; the first film to be released by Buena Vista Pictures, founded by Disney; it is also part of the ranking of the hundred most beautiful love stories drawn up by the American Film Institute. The film came to light in the same year as the opening of Disneyland and was set in the early twentieth century, in the identical atmosphere in which Walt Disney lived his childhood. Three directors, Clyde Geronimo, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske, directed “Lady and the Tramp”. They put together, with the collaboration of the editor Donald Halliday, an alternation of apparently violent and cynical events: but the magic of the cartoon has managed to show, without any harm, the clashes with rats and rabid dogs. Even the vision of Lilli, locked up in a box because it was reduced to a Christmas package, did not upset the viewer. Walt Disney, with the masterpiece "Lady and the Tramp", won the David di Donatello in 1956 in Italy as the best foreign producer. Peggy Lee, together with Sonny Burbank, has signed some songs of the soundtrack of Lady and the Tramp, such as the song of the Siamese cats; but the most famous is “Bella Notte”, in English “The Wag of a Dog's Tail”, by the Disney Studio Choir; the piece accompanies the text titles, but also the scene played by the two cooks, which is the most famous of the film. The soundtrack tracklist includes twenty-two tracks, also composed by Oliver Wallace and The Mello Men. Two more songs were written for "Lady and the Tramp", but then they weren't included in the soundtrack.

Lady and the Tramp
Lilli, Biagio, Whiskey and Fido
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Walt Disney Pictures

The story of Lady and the Tramp
The tale of Lady and the Tramp begins in a London night whitened by snow: it is Christmas Eve and Gianni Caro gives the gift to his wife, whom he calls "Treasure". The woman thought it was a hair with a bow, but, to her surprise, she opens the box and sees in front of her a puppy of cocker spaniels. Honey is happy and calls her Lilli. From that moment on, the little girl is filled with pampering and attention, but also with gifts, which the same proudly shows to her closest friends: Whiskey, a terrier and Fido, a bracco, two neighbors who love her very much. The two are both purebred and very elegant; Fido was, in his youth, a police dog with a great nose, but now he is old and his sense of smell falters. Whiskey and Fido greatly appreciate the gifts received from Lilli, in particular the collar with the plate for the first six months of the dog. This idyllic happiness, unfortunately, suddenly vanishes and turns into a blanket of sadness: Lilli is upset and melancholy because Gianni and Tesoro stop playing with her and showing her affection, leaving her alone. Thus, the little dog thinks she has committed some fault; then, however, someone clarifies her ideas: her friends understand and confide in her that her "human mother" is expecting a baby. Biagio, a stray dog ​​who heard them talk, was also passing by; the tramp promises her a future that is not rosy at all, with affection and cuddles that will be the exclusive property of the future unborn child. Finally, the baby comes to light and unfortunately Biagio's prophecies come true. But Lilli wants to get to know the baby and when she sees him she feels tender ... trusting in a future friendship between the two. The two spouses leave for a trip and leave the dog and baby in the custody of an aunt, whom Lilli doesn't like.

Lady and the Tramp
Lilli and the two Siamese cats
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Walt Disney Pictures

As if that weren't enough, to keep her company there are two Siamese cats that sow panic! In a few minutes, the aunt finds herself: torn curtains, the canary's cage on the ground and an upturned aquarium. The fool is convinced that the dog is the culprit, so she drags her into the shop to give her a leash and muzzle. Lilli struggles and runs away, but is chased by three angry dogs; by chance, Biagio passes by and, after having undertaken a real battle with bites with the three beasts, wins and saves the little dog. But Lilli still has a muzzle and a leash. Fortunately Biagio is a forge of ideas. Accompany your cocker spaniel friend to the zoo and do some sort of barter with a beaver: if he had cut off the belt, the collar and muzzle would have been his. The small animal accepts and Lilli is freed. The two dogs are hungry, so Biagio invites Lilli to two pizza chef friends, Tony and Joe. The two prepare a romantic dinner based on spaghetti and meatballs ... all by candlelight, with songs and music: Biagio and Lilli's engagement is celebrated! The two exchange the promise of love in the park and fall asleep . Upon awakening, a fantastic vision: a landscape dressed in pink on the horizon, seems to celebrate their strong feeling. But Lilli has to go home to take care of the baby. Biagio accompanies her, but first he wants to give his beloved some intrepid emotion: to teach her about chicken hunting! The two frighten them to such an extent that the master notices it and fires a shot in the air. Biagio escapes, but Lilli can't make it and is captured by the dog catcher. In that kennel he meets dogs of all breeds. Most of them snub Lilli because, as an owned dog, she has a dog tag; but this same fact is cause for salvation for Lilli: after a while, the dog catcher arrives and frees her, so she can finally go home. However, sadness is again the master of the dog's heart: she always thinks of the words she had heard from other dogs about Biagio when she was locked up in the kennel. They had in fact spoken of the vagabond as a skilled type who gets along in the most difficult situations, but they had also described him as an unrepentant Don Juan: before Lilli, Lulù, Cosetta, Fifì, Chichita, Guanita and others had also been seduced by Biagio. yet. Her friends Fido and Whiskey visit her, but after politely thanking her, she asks to be alone. She was traumatized by the fear of that prison, where, even if briefly, she had been locked up, but she was also wounded in feelings. Biagio also goes to see her and apologizes for the bad adventure of the chicken coop and the dog catcher, but does not know that Lilli knows the facts of her former suitors. The dog chases him away by saying goodbye, pulling back the bone he had given her and screaming, jealous, who those lovers were. Biagio goes away resignedly, but Lilli's sadness does not go away. His face is constantly streaked with tears. Meanwhile, a large rat takes advantage of Lilli's depression and sneaks into the baby's room. Lilli barks, but she can't do anything, because she is tied to a chain. Suspicious of the barking, Biagio rushes and Lilli informs him of the fact, also giving him tips on how to enter. The daring wanderer chases the fearsome rat and just has time to save the child: he grabs the disgusting animal, which had just entered the crib and begins to fight. It is a blood battle, a matter of life or death, for both the dog and the rat. Meanwhile, Lilli arrives, who had managed to break the chain and sees the big lifeless mouse in a corner; the cradle is overturned due to the fight, but the baby is safe. Biagio licks his injured paw, but has triumphed again. Meanwhile, the aunt, awakened by the noise, gets up and, as usual, shows that she hasn't understood anything. He still takes it out on the two dogs and locks them in two different rooms. Then he calls the dog catcher to lock up Biagio. Gianni and Tesoro finally come back ... just in time to understand something. After ascertaining that the baby is well, Lilli is freed and runs up the stairs. It is immediately clear that the dog wants to communicate something: the vision of the mouse clarifies the facts. But the cart is already taking Biagio away; so, Lilli's owners follow him, also with the help of Fido's nose and the support of Whiskey. The smell of the first still works and the chariot is reached. Lilli's two friends frighten the horses and the cart stops, overturning to the side. Meanwhile Gianni and Tesoro arrive.

Lady and the Tramp
Lilli, Biagio, Whiskey, Fido and the puppies near the Christmas tree
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Walt Disney Pictures

From that moment, he decides to put his head right and start a family. A year has passed and it is still Christmas. Biagio also has his dog tag around his neck and, together with Lilli, celebrates his litter. Three females, identical to the mother and a puppy, all hectic and similar to dad. A souvenir photo portrays the beautiful family together with the faithful and omnipresent friends Fido and Whiskey.
A story, as you can see, compelling, triggered in extraordinary animation effects, avant-garde, for those times. Analyzing the film, it is clear that Disney's masterpiece is an instructive cartoon that invites reflection: from the details, a love story emerges between two different social classes, between a purebred dog adopted by two spouses from a residential area and a stray, used to living for the day in the city streets. The frictions initially exploded between the two, represent the normal path of knowledge that two different beings must go through to reach the natural compromise; the wonders and the audacity that Biagio shows to Lilli and the values ​​that the dog transmits to her partner, demonstrate the perfect fusion between the two different social classes. It is also necessary to make a consideration on the human side of the film: to reflect on a world, created on a human scale, but seen with the eyes and thought with the mind of man's best friend. Being able to observe, with eloquent and expressive images, the difficulties that the dog can encounter when faced with the birth of a child, is a precise invitation: the one aimed at respecting animals, as creatures in need of constant affection. The presence, in the animated film, of other dogs is the demonstration that an alliance and feelings are created between them; man often ignores how strong an emotional bond can be between one animal and another. Another invitation to meditation is the harrowing sequence of sad dogs: it is a clear invitation not to abandon them, whose fate would otherwise be marked by the dog catcher. The director's overview of those melancholy and languid glances strikes the viewer in its deepest sensitivity. The detailed setting and the warm colors are the ideal background for Biagio and Lilli; the Cinemascope technique, then, was used on purpose to highlight the "low visual plane" of dogs, often focused on the legs of human beings. Only the two Italian chefs are shown in their entirety. The genius of Disney would require entire books to be described in every detail. “Lady and the Tramp, like all his masterpieces, must not be missing in the collections of high quality animated films fans; the masterpiece, which has the little dog as its protagonist, is a work for the whole family and for all ages… an animated film that moves and transmits fundamental values.

DVD Lilli and the vagabond
The new version of “Lady and the Tramp” has just been released on DVD and, for the first time, in high definition Blu-ray Disc. Here, the stories of Lilli and Biagio have been enriched by extraordinary contents, such as the deleted scenes, the behind the scenes and the special greeting of Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller, in memory of her father. The new edition includes the original vintage dubbing and excellent audio video quality. The audio has been remastered, elevating it to superlative quality: it has been brought to 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio for the original version and 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix for the Italian track. The original film has undergone a kind of renaissance; if you compare the blu-ray with videos of the original trailers contained in the extra bonuses, you will notice the considerable difference in quality in the details. The film includes nearly four and a half hours of extraordinary content.

Lady and the Tramp
The protagonists of Lilli and the Vagabondo II - The rebel puppy
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Walt Disney Pictures

Lady and the Tramp II
Also part of the box is the continuation of the story of Lilli and Biagio, that is
"Lady and the Vagabond II - The rebel puppy", dedicated to the romantic fans of the Disney editions. Indeed, the most in love collectors will be able to enjoy Valentine's Day more, accompanied by other lovers: Disney's dog friends. To complete the event, Disney will publish the special edition of the book "Lady and the Tramp". These are the extras that are part of the blue ray dvd: deleted scenes; music and more; special contents of the original classic (the art of the storyboard, CuccioloPedia, excerpt from the TV show “Disneyland”, movie trailers, Lady's pedigree, the making of Lady and the tramp, finding Lady); behind the scenes Disney - the special edition. The sequel to the masterpiece that has seen Lilli and Biagio as protagonists, is, precisely, "Lady and the vagabond II - the rebellious puppy". Here we will find the litter of the mestizo and the pedigree dog and we will follow them in their growth; this time the protagonist is Zampa (in English Scamp, ie rascal), son of the cocker spaniel and the mestizo. He dreams of living away from the constraints imposed by the family and therefore free, so he does not want to heed the advice of his parents. In fact, he ignores the past of his father Biagio, who he thinks is a couch potato. So, as soon as he can, he runs away from home and goes to live with a group of stray dogs; in this gang he will meet his love Angel At the first opportunity he will run away from home, he will join a band of stray dogs and he will meet his first love, Angel; with her he will rediscover the value of a family that has never stopped loving him and caring for him. We will also see Fido and Whiskey, the two refined friends of Biagio and Lilli, the two terrible Siamese Si and Am, authors of old troubles. We will also meet other characters, such as Buster, the leader of the stray group and Angel, the dog who will become Zampa's love. Angel Zampa, like Lilli and Biagio. Two dogs so different and with the same problems as humans: the vagabond Biagio, a half-breed from the city in search of food, but happy with his condition of freedom; Lilli, an elegant purebred dog, lived in the luxury of a villa. But when Cupid calls, the difference does not exist, neither for humans nor for animals ... because love goes beyond barriers and flies towards infinity.

Italian dubbing of Lilli and the vagabond
LilliFlaminia Jandolo
BiagioStefano Sibaldi
WhiskyLauro Gazzolo
FidoMario Besesti
Dear GianniGiuseppe Rinaldi
TesoroRosetta Calavetta
Aunt SaraMaria Saccenti
GildaTina Lattanzi
BorisLuigi Pavese
ToughPino Locchi
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