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Lodoss War - Parn and Deedlit

Original title: Rodosu-to Senki
Parn the warrior, Deedlit the elf, Etoh the priest, Ghim the dwarf, Slayn the magician, Woodchuck
the thief
Production: Madhouse
Author: Ryo Mizuno
: Akinori Nagaoka

Country: Japan
Year: 30 June 1990
Broadcast in Italy: October 27 - November 8, 2005
Gender: Fantasy
Episodes: 13 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Record of Lodoss war is a stunning fantasy anime, inspired by the RPGs "Dungeons & Dragons" and Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Made in 1991 for the audiovisual market, it later also became a comic manga distributed by Planet Manga. The cartoon directed by Akinori Nagaoka is based on the subject of Hitoshi Yusuda and Ryo Mizuno, while the drawings were made by Yutuka Izubuchi, Nobuteru Yuki and Yutaka Izubuchi. In Italy, home videos are distributed by Yamato Video.
The protagonists of the fantasy saga are the warrior Parn, the beautiful Elfa Deedlit, the dwarf Gin, the magician Slayn Starseeker, the priest Eto and the thief Woodchuck. The five inhabitants of Lodoss find themselves involved in the war that divides the island into two factions: on one side the followers of Kardis, goddess of destruction and on the other those who support Marpha, the goddess of creation. 5000 years earlier, the two deities had a gigantic and violent clash that led them to both succumb.
Lodoss War - ParnDuring the battle, the Goddess Kardis cast a curse that struck a part of the continent of Araikrust, but Marpha to prevent the evil from spreading, separated the piece of land that made the island of Lodoss become, known as the island cursed.
Inside we find different races: men, who mostly populate the territory, the Elves who are divided into Light Elves and Dark Elves. Light Elves are followers of the Goddess Falis, while Dark Elves worship Falaris, gods of darkness, and both races make use of magical arts and prayers to their gods to fight their opponents. Then there are the dwarves, short in stature but of great physical strength and fighting skills, who populate the mines in search of precious stones. The dwarves famously fighting with the Elves are much more pragmatic and crude, unlike the Elves who love art and studies. Among the various evil creatures that populate the island of Lodoss we find the Kobolds, a species of wolfweres, the Goblins evil beings that live in the bowels of the earth and finally the orcs, tall and strong, but of little intellect.
The five protagonists of the Lodoss war chronicles share the same path that will lead them to cross the various regions of the island: Allania, Valis, Flaim, Moss, Kanon and the island of Marmo. Lodoss War - DeedlitEach region is presided over by a dragon who has the task of guarding a sacred object; in turn they are divided into Ancient Dragons, intelligent who can communicate with humans and Earth Dragons, bestial and animalistic.
The young and brave Parn of Zaxon dreams of becoming a brave knight, but at least at the beginning of the story, he proves to be very inexperienced with the use of the sword. Parn is trained by the dwarf Gim, by the commander Jebra of the Mais fortress and by Kasher the king of Flaim, whom he identifies with the figure of his father Tesius, of whom he has only a vague childhood memory.
Parn's inseparable friend is Deedlit a graceful Elf Chiara who, thanks to her invocations and prayers, can be helped by the gods of nature, who in various circumstances will go to the aid of her friends. Perhaps there is not only a simple friendship between Parn and Deedlit, as evidenced by some jealousies manifested by the young Elf.
Lodoss War - EtoEto is a young novice priest of the goddess Falis. With a sweet and kind soul, he joins the group because he meets Parn wounded, his childhood friend. She has the ability to heal wounds, but she can be a skilled fighter in case of need.
Gim the dwarf, on a journey to find the young priestess Lelia, kidnapped years earlier inside the temple of Tarba. Gim promised Nis, Leila's mother and priestess of the temple of Marpha, to find the young woman to repay the care received in the past by the two women. Unfortunately, the meeting between Leila and Gim is not the best because Karla the powerful witch has taken over the mind of the young priestess through a golden crown.
Lodoss War - Gim and SlaynSlayn Starseeker is an old friend of Gim and spends his life studying to become a powerful wizard as a former student of the Allania Academy. During their journey he will be able to put to good use the magical arts he has learned, becoming aware of his power, but also of his limitation in front of witches and wizards more powerful than himself as in the case of Karla.
The thief woodchuck, met in the prisons of Corn, will join the company. After the destruction of the kingdom of Corn by the army of Marble, Woodchuck will become friends with Parn and his companions, but in the course of the various adventures he will not be able to resist the temptation to steal precious objects.
Lodoss War - the woodchuck thiefAmong the various enemies we remember Beld the emperor of the island of Marmo who aspires to conquer the entire island of Lodoss with his army, assisted by Orcs, Goblins and Kobolds. Ashram the Black Knight is Beld's right hand man and has a powerful sword capable of defeating anyone. Vagnard is an evil sorcerer from the kingdom of Marmo who worships the goddess Faralis.
During the various adventures our heroes will get to know the two mercenaries Sylis and Olson. Sylis is a skilled warrior with a fiery temper who initially has a fight with Parn, but who later has a strong feeling for the young warrior of Zaxon. Olson is a "berserker", a boy who when he feels strong emotions of anger, is invaded by a furious and uncontrollable demon that multiplies his strength a hundredfold.
Lodoss War - Ashram the black knightFor all those who love the fantasy genre and role-playing games on the D&D style it is definitely an anime not to be missed, as it can be a sort of icon of the genre, given the type of characters and the narrative path of the story, where we find the classic struggle between the kingdom of light and that of darkness. The splendid drawings are very rich and cared for especially in the description of the characters, backgrounds and monstrous dragons. Perhaps the animation is not very rich in movement, but this is to the advantage of the graphic beauty, which can be admired in peace. The Elves are characterized very well, especially the beautiful Deedlits and the sensual Dark Elf Pirotase. The story initially appears confused and it is a bit difficult to understand the meaning of events, but in the central part we will begin to clarify many points of the story still outstanding.

Record of Lodoss is copyright 1990/1991 Group / Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd / Marubeni Corporation / Tokyo Broadcasting System ï ¿½ 1996 2003 Yamato Srl and those entitled and are used here for cognitive and popular purposes.


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