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Lupo Alberto

Original title: Lupo Alberto
Lupo Alberto, Mosè, Marta, Alice, Alcide, Glycerin, Alfredo, Lodovico, Arturo, Krug, Enrico La Talpa, Cesira La Talpa, Odoardo, Omar, Osvaldo the rabbit, Doctor, Mrs. Coniglia, Madame Dupont, Mrs. de Lattis, Family Pigs
Author: Silver (Guido Silvestri)

Publishers: McK Publishing
: Italy
: February 1974
Gender: Comic Speech Bubble
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

After having had a good and formative experience at the studio of Frank Bonvicini, in art Bonvi (the Sturmtruppen cartoonist and Nick Carter), Guido Silvestri, in art Silver realizes the first strip of Lupo Alberto, in 1973 in the experimental magazine "Undercomics", but its official publication took place in the same year by the well-known magazine the"Courier boys". From that year on, begins the growing success of the most famous comic wolf in Italy, which sees the constant publication since 1975 in the humorous monthly"Eureka" of the Editorial Corno, magazine that already published the very famous Andy Capp, Sturmtruppen, Tommy Wack. After the closure of this publishing house, Lupo Alberto was published in 1985 by Glenat Italy, with a fortnightly in striped format, dedicated exclusively to him, in fact the magazine was called "Lupo Alberto". In 1989 Silver he founded his publishing house, la ACME together with Francesco Rabbit and the publication of the funny strips continues. From 1991 to today it is published by Black Spot editions.

Lupo Alberto and the dog Moses

But who is actually Lupo Alberto? He is a wolf terribly in love with freedom and with Marta, a decent hen from the McKenzie farm. But theirs is a love thwarted by Mosè, a big and fat guard dog that if he catches Lupo Alberto nearby, does not hesitate to give him some loud waves and heavy bludgeoning, making him run away. Lupo Alberto therefore does not hesitate to resort to a thousand tricks to get around or even face the surly guard dog. Very often Lupo Alberto succeeds in his intent, kidnaps Marta and spends romantic evenings with her. Other times he even manages to enter the chicken coop and have a cup of tea in the company of Marta and to watch himself ... the soap operas !!! Or worse still, listening to the chatter of Marta's friends. Marta dreams of a quiet domestic married life with him, but Lupo Alberto is a free spirit who suffers any kind of constraint, even if he is deeply in love with the beloved hen. Lupo Alberto tries to enter the farm especially at night, crawling on the ground, but it is here that he is taken by surprise by Enrico La Mole, a somewhat short-sighted mole, who emerges from his lair shouts "Hey Beppe!".

Enrico the Mole

Enrico LA Talpa is one of the central characters of the Lupo Alberto strips. He is married to Cesira La Talpa, a housewife who has to suffer troubles due to her husband's free spirit. The two represent in a comic key, the prototype of many Italian couples with their little vices and their virtues. Enrico La Talpa often involves his friend Beppe (the unfortunate Lupo Alberto) in extravagant initiatives. Once, for example, he had bought a brand new large-displacement car, complete with a stereo (it was actually a small remote-controlled car), so he convinces Lupo Alberto to take a ride with him, inevitably wreaking havoc inside. of the farm McKenzieand arousing the ire of the terrible Moses, who ends up bludgeoning poor Lupo Alberto. Enrico La Talpa often loses his head for a young sparrow called Silvietta, belonging to the family of "Sparrow" (obviously invented name) cosachegenera in Enrico La Talpa a series of funny misunderstandings.

McKenzie farm characters

McKenzie Farm is also made up of other hilarious characters, all with well-defined personalities. One of them is Lodovico a bipedal horse, represented with a curious bowler hat. Often he embarks on bigger speeches than himself, where he can't get over them. Once in order to simply describe an object he did not ask for a pen, but ... a drafting machine (drawing board for surveyors). Then there is Alcide a greedy, intelligent and cultured pig who watches and studies the stars with his telescope, but often also finds Lupo Alberto put into orbit by some powerful fist of Moses. Glycerin he is a duck who makes you laugh only in appearance, not to mention when he opens his mouth to express his silly arguments. Krung, on the other hand, is the dreaded bull of the farm, from which even Moses stays away, he is of few words but is also very touchy and it is always better not to contradict him. Alfredo is the farm turkey who once left to retrieve Wolf Alberto missing in Lebanon.

Marta the hen

Then there are all the chickens' friends Marta, one of all Alice, a feminist spinster. But one of the things that impressed us was the creation of the cartoon, often broadcast on RAIDUE as part of the GO Cart broadcast. In this cartoon Wolf Alberto is masterfully voiced by comedian Francesco Salvi. The designs are faithful to the comic, the animation is well done and the colors are very captivating.

All names, images and registered trademarks are Copyright © Silver / McK, and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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