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Mandrake the magician

Original title: Mandrake the Magician
Mandrake, Lothar, Narda
Author: Lee Falk, Phil Davis

Publishers: King Features Syndicate
: United States
: June 11, 1934
Gender: Adventure / Magic cartoon
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Created by the American subject writer L (the same author of Phantom, the masked man) and the designer Phil Davis, Mandrake (which you read Mandreic) is certainly the most famous wizard in the world of comics. It was published in Italy for the first time on January 20, 1935, in the legendary comic weekly "the Adventurous"(already famous for publishing Flash Gordon, Secret Agent X9, Radio Patrol e Jim of the Jungle) edited by Nerbini and its reprints, despite ups and downs, Mandrake the magicianthey will last until the seventies. His first story was entitled "Mandrake, the mystery man"and immediately had a growing success. Mandrake is an illusionist magician who can exploit his qualities as a hypnotist like no other in the world. In fact, he can make anything appear under the eyes of his enemies: he can transform a rifle that is pointed at him into a snake, a kitten into a tiger, a gun into a bouquet of flowers, etc ... All these "magic" are not they are nothing but optical illusions, as the objects that materialize are visions that serve to confuse the enemies on duty. All this knowledge concerning the world of white magic Mandrake and LotharMandrake he learned them in Tibet, attending a mysterious school of magic reserved for a select few and located in a city hidden among the peaks of the Himalayas. Mandrake, always dressed in his impeccable frock, cloak, top hat and his staff (he must have inspired the song a Modugno...?! Mah!) That if necessary turns into a magic wand, makes his magical abilities available for the sake of justice, therefore his adventures see him involved in the fight against the most shady criminals of the city, but also in exotic landscapes and fantastic, outside of our dimension, where the magical powers of Mandrake still continue their extraordinary effect, very intricate detective cases, mysterious events in the realm of fantasy and in the future, science fiction stories etc ... In his adventures Mandrake does not act alone, Lotharbut always in the company of the faithful servant Lothar, an African colossus originally from Nubia whose strength is equal to that of ten men and is always dressed in a leopard skin and an Egyptian fetz on his head, from taciturn servant gradually has his jokes have always become ironic and funny. In the stories also appears Mandrake's charming companion, Narda always very elegant like a woman of the 30s. Enemy number one of Mandrake is undoubtedly "The Cobra", a former friend of his and fellow student in Tibet who, like him, learned the knowledge of magic, but who put them at the service of evil, in fact his is black magic. Mandrake also collaborates with an international anticriminal center the interintel , which has a database in which the names and records of all the criminals in the world are stored. Mandrake Lothar and NardaMandrake lives together with Narda e Lothar in a villa called Xanadu, equipped with a thousand technological defense accessories in case it is attacked. Before each adventure we find him lying comfortably, at the edge of his swimming pool, while talking with Narda and Lothar. Mandrake over the years it has become a real icon of comics, like Superman, Tarzan, Zorro and Mickey Mouse, to the point that the nickname of "Mandrake"is commonly given to people who have done something extraordinary, bordering on the impossible.

The mandrake character, names, images and trademarks are copyright Lee Falk and Ray Moore. Vthey are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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