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Handy Manny

Original title: Handy Manny
Manny Garcia, Kelly, Vito (Slotted Screwdriver), Philip (Phillips Screwdriver), Sprint (Tape Measure), Wringer (Plier), Pim (Hammer), Beak (Parrot Key), Tooth (Saw), Brilliant ( torch), Mr. Lopart, Fluffy, Mayor Rose, Elliot, Chief Edwards, Mrs. Porterman.
Production: The Walt Disney Company, Nelvana
Regia: Ted Bastien, Sue Blue
Country: United States
Year: 16 September 2006
Gender: Didactics / Comedy / Music
Episodes: 42
duration: 23 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Manny Tuttofare (Handy Manny in the English original) is the 3D animation series aimed at preschool children, which made its debut in 2006 within the Disney Playhouse program on Disney Channel. The main protagonist is the young Manny, a small businessman who, together with his animated and talking tools, is always ready to solve any technical problem: repairing shelves, fixing traffic lights, fixing poles and much more. The series was conceived by Roger Bollen, Marilyn Sadler, Emmy Award and produced by Rick Gitelson. The animations were entrusted to the Canadian studios of Nelvana.
Manny is always optimistic when faced with any problem and is confident in his ingenuity and reliability of his tools. Among these we find Dente, the saw always ready to cut the impossible.

Handy Manny

Philip the yellow Phillips-head screwdriver, who always speaks blunders and dreams of becoming a great director. Pim the insecure hammer and a little clumsy, seen as a danger by the other tools, but luckily Manny believes in his great abilities. Beak is a parrot key that creates unnecessary problems, not believing much in its potential as it is very anxious. Strizza is instead a small pliers, very useful when you need to tighten a few screws. Scatto is a very fussy extensible tape measure, Manny always uses him when it is necessary to take measurements before carrying out a job. Finally we find Vito, a slotted screwdriver with a blue handle, a little jealous of Philip, who thinks he knows everything as he is the oldest of the group.

Handy Manny

When Manny's solution to the problem is found, the group of tools starts working, singing a nice song "Let's fix it all, come on, tighten it, let's work togheter now, work with us. Cut, calculate, beat it, force it, tighten it, here everyone has his own task and they work, we fix the togheter!"The message is that only with teamwork, where the skills of individuals are enhanced, can problems be solved.

Handy Manny

Among the various characters we find Mr. Lopart, who owns a sweet shop beside Manny's laboratory. Lopart is a little clumsy, always ready to get into trouble when he has to climb some ladder or transport packages, despite Manny's good advice. In the "Business with shoes" episode, Manny is contacted by Mr. Shepard, a shoe store owner who would like a shoe-shaped sign for his store. Manny with the help of the Scatto meter, designs and evaluates the choice of materials with which to create the sign. Unfortunately, Mr. Shepard is also very messy and can never find the right shoes for his customers. Manny then decides to build shelves for him, to order the store's shoes, so in addition to a beautiful sign, Mr. Shepard manages to better serve his customers and increase his earnings, thanks to the precious help of Manny and his tools.

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