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Martin Mystere

Original title: Martin Mystery
Martin Mystère, Java, Diana Lombard, Men in Black, Sergej Orloff, Mister Jinx, Mabus, Kut Humi, Travis, Chris Tower, Max Brody, Aldous Morrigan, robotic Martin Mystère, Ben Maxwell, The Elder, Maria Ossowiecki, Vincent Von Hansen , Professor Aldridge, Angie, Kelly and Dee, Spouses Morgan, Mary Ann Ferguson, Beverly Carter, Aaron, Jerry,

Author: Alfredo Castelli

Publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore
: Italy
: April 1982
Gender: Adventure / Mystery Comic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Conceived and written by the imaginative pen of Alfredo Castelli in 1982 and designed by Giancarlo Alessandrini, Martin Mystery is one of the main characters of the Sergio Bonelli Editore.

If you are fond of archeology, great unsolved historical mysteries, legends and great enigmas, then Martin Mystery is a character not to be missed. In fact, he is a detective of the impossible, who, also as an archaeologist, often finds himself dealing with the "great enigmas" of the past, mysteries to which science has not yet been able to give an explanation. He is a cultured and distinguished blond gentleman, characterized by a suit and tie, who loves to collect the most disparate and unusual objects, lives in a New York apartment, at number 3 / a of Washington Mews, but his adventures can take place in all parts of the world and ... the universe. In all his adventures Martin Mystery he is accompanied by his inseparable friend Java, a very particular character as it is a Neanderthal man, a true prehistoric man found by Martin Mystère in Mongolia, who has now adapted (not without some difficulty) to civilized life. He has a language made of moans and grunts that he only understands Martin Mystery. The two often find themselves catapulted into fantastic worlds to solve impossible cases such as: the secret of the Grail, the legend of Avalon, the Ark of the Covenant, the mysteries of the pharaohs, the Incas e the Mayans, the vanished continents of Atlantis e Mu, extraterrestrials, the Reign of Priest Gianni, the ghosts, vampires, werewolves etc ... But that's not all, in fact the stories of Martin Mystery they are also an excuse to teach us a bit of history, since we can meet characters like Mosè, Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo and to have further news and curiosities about these historical figures. Often and willingly it is Martin Mystery and Java they must use their strength and their skill to juggle the dangers and enemies of the moment, but while Neanderthal man does not hesitate to use his brute force as a caveman and his ape-like agility, Martin Mistère makes use of of a very particular fifteen thousand year old pistol, which emits rays capable of temporarily paralyzing opponents, but also gets along quite well in unleashing some well-aimed uppercut. Another character that pairs with Martin Mystery e Java is Martin's eternal girlfriend: Diana. Diana is a charming red-haired, cultured and intelligent woman who works as a social worker, but who is often involved in the impossible cases of Martine Mystère. She is a woman with a keen practical sense and has often been instrumental in pulling Martin and Java out of bad situations, but she too has been involved in situations where she risked her life. Mistère is a more real than cartoon character, as she has typical defects of every human being such as: talking too much, being a little narcissist, staying up late, etc ..., but contrary to characters like Dylan Dog o Mister No., is not a "Don Juan" and always remains faithful to his girlfriend DianaDiana. The story of Martin Mystère begins after his parents lost their lives in a mysterious plane crash, according to Martin Mystery, provoked by the Men in Black. In fact for a time, Martin Myst re's father was part of this organization, believing that their aims were positive, but when he discovered the true nature of the sect, he rebelled and paid with life. The organization of the Men in Black, people who always wear black, has existed since the dawn of civilization. This organization aims to destroy everything that is "different" and could upset the way of thinking of ordinary people such as UFOs, mythical civilizations of the past, etc ... They are a kind of mafia that has its tentacles in various organizations political, industrial, cultural, religious and covertly modify the course of history. Another enemy that we often find giving a hard time Martin Mystère, Java e Diana is the criminal Sergej Orloff, an old friend of Martin's youth. It all happened when Martin Mystère and Sergej Orloff, during an exploration in Nepal, made the acquaintance with Kut Hmi, a sage of those places who gave both of them a strange ten thousand years old weapon, coming from the Continent of Mu, which allowed to temporarily paralyze people, but what to kill. Martin used it only for self-defense, but in the hands of Orloff it became a deadly weapon that was used only for evil purposes, thus becoming an unscrupulous criminal. Sergej Orloff was disfigured in the face due to a fire, therefore he had to keep his face covered with a mask for years, his deadly weapon was inserted in his artificial arm but now in the hands of Martin. Another very fearsome enemy is Mr Jinx, a technological Devil who like the Faust of Ghoete, realizes through the computer, the most secret and forbidden ambitions of human beings. But like any pact with the devil, inventions backfire on the unfortunate. But there are also friends and allies of Martin Mystery which we frequently find within the series such as Travis, Martin Myst re's contact at the NYPD, or as Tower, the commander of the mysterious Elsewhere base always ready to accompany Martin Myst re on adventures at the edge of reality, or the nice and seductive Angie, a little blonde, a bit dazed, who sometimes we find undressing innocently in front of anyone. Don't forget Kut Humi, the "guru" mentioned above, who lives in an ancient city located between the real and the supernatural world. All the adventures of Martin Myst re start as a setting, from our age and can develop in any part of the planet, all places are therefore strictly real and precise. Here because Martin Mystery he is a character who, as mentioned, represents a pretext to show places from all over the world, to tell about curiosities, folklore etc ... always having a pacifist morality and respect for nature and men.

The character of Martin Mystère, the names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Sergio Bonelli Editore and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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