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Original title: Wagamama Feari Mirumo de Pon!
Mirmo and Camilla, Rima and Fabrizio, Yacki and Alessia, Murmo and Tommy, Cecilia Eguchi, Manuela Morishita, Ratin, Furetta, Sanzo, Panzo, Fairy, Panta, Banda Warumo, Ivol, Tenebro, Re Morumo, Regina Saria, Minister, Rosirma
Author: Hiromu Shinozuka
Production: Hibari study
Directed by: Kenichi Kasai
Country: Japan
Year: 6 April 2002
Broadcast in Italy: August 29, 2005
Gender: Comedy / Fantasy
Episodes: 172
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Mirmo and CamillaMirmo cartoons are broadcast on Italia 1 from Monday to Friday at 17,15pm. The Mirmo Elf series is taken from the Mirumo de Pon manga comic by the author Hiromu Shinozuka (which in Japan was a huge success) and consists of 142 self-contained episodes, each lasting 25 minutes, made by Shogakukan Productions.
The story begins when Camilla, a 14-year-old blonde student, on her way home from her usual day of school, is attracted to a strange gadget shop and here she finds an extravagant colored mug. He decides to buy it and inaugurate it with a nice hot chocolate, but while looking at the bottom of the cup he finds an inscription that says: "If you read this message aloud as you pour the hot chocolate into the cup, a goblin will appear ready to fulfill your every wish. ".

mirmoHaving said that, Mirmo appears, a tiny blond elf, dressed in light blue tights and characterized by a cap with two funny pom poms, who immediately proves to be greedy for chocolate (especially chocolate-clouds). Mirmo is the prince of the country of the Muglo elves, who escaped from his kingdom to escape the goblin Rima, his betrothed. Before becoming king, Mirmo wants to have some experience on earth to try his magic with marachas, so Camilla wastes no time in asking him to fulfill his greatest wish: to make sure that his classmate Fabrizio, yes in love with her. Mirmo does not seem to pay much attention to Camilla's wishes, however he manages to introduce the two boys, between whom a deep friendship will be born. To put a spoke in the wheel are Alessia, Camilla's schoolmate and her red elf Yacky, Mirmo's enemy number one. Alessia is also madly in love with Fabrizio and never misses an opportunity to divert the attention of the boy from Camilla to concentrate them all on himself. Camilla's other friends will also buy a magical mug in the strange shop and they too will each receive a magical elf able to grant their wishes. RimaFabrizio receives the sweet sprite Rima, determined to follow Mirmo also on earth. Rima is endowed with special magical powers able to modify the feelings and the shape of objects and will try in every way to make the love between Fabrizio and Camilla triumph. Tommy, Fabrizio's friend, will have Murmo, Mirmo's brother with a sweet tooth for marshmallows. Tommy is a very rich boy, beautiful and very courted by all the girls of the school, but he is secretly in love with Camilla. Other guys will also buy different cups and immediately their neighborhood will be populated by many funny and extravagant goblins, all with different magical powers.
AlessiaCamilla is curious to know the kingdom of Mirmo, therefore she is transformed into an elf to experience the life of that bizarre world in miniature and here she receives a magical microphone from the Muglo deities, which will allow him to transform into an elf in her own pleasure and to help Mirmo in his magic. Among the various episodes we remember the one relating to the feast of St. Valentine. Here we find both Camilla and Alessia busy preparing a gift for Fabrizio; they both thought of a chocolate cake, but while Camilla prepared everything with her own hands, Alessia bought the cake from a well-known pastry chef and she just needs to personalize it with an inscription. Camilla hopes to impress Fabrizio with that gift, but Alessia, thanks to some tricks of the elf Yacky and his friends Sanzo and Panzo, gives Fabrizio his cake filled with a powerful spell that will make him fall in love with her at the first taste. Camilla is desperate, because Fabrizio completely ignores her and speaks only with Alessia, with whom he seems to have found a beautiful feeling. Mirmo with marachasMirmo, however, becomes suspicious and identifies the problem, asking for the advice of a goblin doctor, an expert in spells and haunted hearts. Mirmo will only be able to break the spell if he has made Fabrizio taste some sweet details and the tears of the elf who cast the spell. Mirmo after a roccambolesca series of circumstances, goes on the counterattack, imprisoning Yacky and making sure that Camilla can make Fabrizio taste the chocolates with the antidote. Fortunately, the boy tastes the sweets before the magic can become irreversible and it will seem to him that he woke up from a long sleep, forgetting about his relationship with Alessia, who will do nothing but blame poor Yacky.

Mirmo is copyright Shogakukan Productions / TV T ky . All rights reserved.

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