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Sulley and Mike - Monsters and Co
Sulley and Mike - Monsters & Co. Disney Pixar
Original title: Monsters, Inc.
James P. "Sulley" Sullivan, Michael "Mike", Boo, Randall Boggs, Henry J. Waternoose III, Celia, Roz, Yeti, Fungo, George :, Charlie, Jerry, CDA (Anti-Child Decontamination Body)
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Regia: Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich, David Silverman
Country: USA
Year: 2001
Gender: Tale
Episodes: 1 mm
Duration: 91 minutes
Recommended age: Movies for all ages


Sulley and Mike - Monsters and Co
Sulley and Mike - Monsters & Co. Disney Pixar

On June 13, 2013 "Monsters & Co. 3D" will be released in cinemas. Oscar nominations (best picture, score, editing and song) and won the coveted statuette for best song, "If I didn't have you".
The animated film is produced by Disney Pixar with the direction of Pete Docter who made use of the help of Lee Unkrich and David Silverman as co-directors, while the screenplay, by Andrew Stanton and Daniel Gerson, was based on a story by Jill Culton.
The voices of the characters in the original language version are prestigious, in fact John Goodman and Billy Cristal interpret the two protagonists, Sulley and Mike, while in the Italian version they are dubbed by Adalberto Maria Merli and Tonino Accolla.

We are in Mostropoli.
In the city of monsters, a single source of energy is used to obtain electricity: the screams of fear of children. Monsters Inc. is the company that deals with transforming these manifestations of terror into energy, but to obtain the raw materials it needs to scare the little humans and for this reason there is a team of scarers among its staff. These fear-inspiring professionals work at night when the little ones are alone in their bedrooms; they enter through the closet door and, thanks to their not very glamorous appearance, they manage to capture large amounts of energy with growls and roars.

Sulley and Mike - Monsters and Co
Sulley and Mike - Monsters & Co. Disney Pixar

James Sullivan, who everyone calls Sulley, is a kind of huge bear covered in thick blue fur with purple spots, on his head he has two small curved horns and on his back a bony crest: he is the best scarer. He is able to get a very high degree of terror from the children he visits at night and in the past he has already been awarded for this ability.
Sulley's best friend is Mike Wazowski who looks like a large green ball with arms and legs with one eye and a large toothed mouth. Despite his unattractive features, Mike is engaged to the beautiful Celia who has a charming face framed by a hair of snakes (just like the mythical Medusa) while her legs are nothing but tentacles.
Mike and Sulley, in addition to sharing an attic, also share the same scarer job, but the "big green ball", enthusiastic by nature, wants his friend to always be the best employee at Mosters Inc. train him to be more and more terrifying. It is not easy to keep that record and above all Randall Boggs, another colleague, is more aggressive than ever to wrest the record from Sulley. Randall also doesn't joke about his horrifying appearance: he resembles a dinosaur, but he has four pairs of legs, a face that makes him look like a gecko, and two eyes that resemble the treacherous gaze of a snake.

All the scarers of the electricity company have aspects that are anything but reassuring and when they go to work, almost at a marching pace, they wear helmets on their heads and then settle down at their stations. From above the belt is set in motion that carries doors in front of each one and from that moment the work begins. The monsters cross the door and find themselves in the children's bedrooms: there is nothing left to do but terrify them and then go back through the door. A special meter measures the energy produced by the screams and each employee must reach a certain predetermined quantity. Sulley is so good that he only needs to visit one child to reach the established altitude.

It seems easy, but it is not, also because the profession of scarer involves risks. In Mostropoli they are convinced that children are infected and contaminate those who come into contact with them, so anyone who is even touched by a small human or touches an object that belongs to him must undergo an unpleasant decontamination process. A special team, the CDA (Anti-Child Decontamination Corps), intervenes immediately and, after a traumatizing shave of the infected monster, disintegrates any object that he could have brought with him from the human world.
At the end of the shift, all doors that give access to the human world are withdrawn for security reasons, but one evening, when everyone is gone, Sulley notices that a door has not yet been removed. Worried because it is strange that some monster is still at work, he decides to cross it to understand what has happened, but a little girl enters Mostropolis instead.
Sulley is terrified and tries in every way to bring her back to her bedroom, but there is nothing to do: little Boo is very skilled at sneaking out the door and the fact that he cannot touch her (so as not to get contaminated) certainly does not help him. . Finally he manages to slip it into a suitcase that he is ready to hurl through the door, but he notices that Randall is in that position, who has just escaped from the human world and puts the door back. In addition to wondering what Randall was doing there at that hour, Sulley realizes that he can't report the little girl or she would be disintegrated, so he decides to take her home with him. Unfortunately the little girl, in her amused wandering in that world of bizarre monsters, also arrives in a restaurant and here frightens all the customers, but in this way she also reveals her presence and therefore a hunt for her is opened.

little Boo - Monsters and Co
Little Boo - Monsters & Co. Disney Pixar

Boo is just under two years old and still talks poorly, but sees in the big blue monster a sort of huge stuffed animal that she familiarly calls Cat. When they arrive at Sulley and Mike's house, the two friends know that they must hide it, but they must also prevent it from approaching them and above all they must find a way to remove it from Mostropoli.
However, they realize that Boo is one of Randall's children and when she laughs there is a large surplus of energy in the building. At first Mike devises far-fetched plans to get her out of town, then they decide that the only way to get her back to where she came from, without anything bad happening to her, is to take her back to the plant the next day. They therefore think of a little monster disguise suitable for her and prepare to send her back to humans.
Those hours of forced coexistence, however, made the two friends understand that children are absolutely not dangerous and they were able to observe how laughter unleashes a much more powerful form of energy than screams of terror.
Anyway, the next day they arrive at Monsters Inc., but a nasty surprise awaits them: Randall has discovered that the child is with them and orders that they immediately take her back to her room.
Finding the right door, they go through it, but Sulley is a bit hesitant to leave Boo alone, Mike then to convince him that now he is no longer in any danger he settles in his bed, but at this point he is kidnapped by Randall who has not made account of the error. The nasty reptile / gecko is hiding the big crate that Mike has ended up in and in that place Sulley watches unseen a terrible machine created specifically to extract the screams from children.
It was Randall who had facilitated Boo's arrival in Monster City and all in order to make her his prisoner to get hold of his screams.

Sulley is baffled, but first of all he has to free his friend Mike, so he decides to talk about what Randall is up to to his boss, Henry J. Waternoose III who is also the director of the plant and his good friend. Too bad that he is in league with that wicked gecko / reptile.
While little Boo stays in Mostropolis to carry out the terrible plan, Mike and Sulley are sent into exile on the snows of Tibet, where they meet the yeti who is none other than one of the monsters exiled long ago. They arrive in full blizzard and the welcome given to them is excellent, but our blue monster cannot resign himself to the thought of the terrible fate that awaits Boo: he must absolutely do something.
When he learns from the yeti that a village rises not too far away, he rushes there in an improvised sled and in the middle of the snowstorm. He absolutely has to find the door that allows him to return to Monster City to save Boo.
Mike and Sulley succeed in their enterprise and arrive just in time to rescue the little girl who is now in front of the fearsome screamer.
Agitated moments ensue, but eventually the good guys prevail and Randall is sent into the human world through a door, but to make sure he never comes back, the door is knocked down. For the director of the plant, however, there is the arrest by the same team of the CDA.
What about Boo?
The little girl was brought back to her room by Sulley. She is delighted to be able to see her games again and would love to play with her monstrous friend, but theirs is goodbye.
After what has happened the CDA decides to destroy the door that gives access to Boo's bedroom which is reduced to a thousand pieces.

Sulley and Boo - Monsters and Co
Sulley and Boo - Monsters & Co. Disney Pixar

In Mostropoli things have now changed.
The new director of the plant has become Sulley and the way of producing energy is also different: it is no longer the screams of fear, but the laughter of children that fuel Monsters Inc. They provide much more energy and the work of ex-scarers it's much more relaxing and fun. They always have to sneak into the children's bedrooms in the evening, but their job is to stage something that makes them laugh and the best of all is Mike Wazowski who, with just one visit per night, manages to accumulate all the energy required.
Everything is wonderful for Mike: excellent career, a good relationship with his girlfriend Celia and even a cover on a weekly.
Sulley is also happy, but he is left with a lot of nostalgia for the little Boo that he would like to see again and his friend Mike gives him a really unexpected surprise. With patience he has put together all the tiny pieces that made up the door of Boo's bedroom and Sulley can walk through it again to greet that little human he is so fond of.

The film was made in computer graphics with a technique that in 2001, the year the film was released, was revolutionary: two and a half million rendermarks were used. To the layman this news may not communicate absolutely anything, but this means that effects have been obtained that make the fur of the Monsters and hair that are exactly similar to real ones, with movements in which it is possible to see them one by one.

All Monsters & Co. characters and images are copyright Disney / Pixar and rights holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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