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Original title: Motormouse and Autocat
Autocat, Mototope
Production: Hanna and Barbera
Regia: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Country: USA
Year: 1969
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 34
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

mototopoThe cartoons of Mototope and Autogatto ("Motormouse and Autocat"in the American original) are produced by the company Hanna & Barbera in 1970 and enjoyed considerable public success especially in Italy. They are currently being broadcast on Italy 1 on Saturdays at 10.20 am and each carton lasts about 6 minutes. This is the classic chase between the cat and the mouse, a bit like in the style of Pixie, Dixie and the cat Jinks , Tom & Jerry o Willy Coyote and Beep Beep only this time they do it in two vehicles, on the one hand Self-cat with its super technological cars, on the other mototopo with his usual Harley Davidson style mini-bike. Autogatto is a genius mechanic, who inside his garage invents cars with supermotors, which would make any car on the Formula 1 circuit pale, while Mototpo is a little mouse who lives in a den inside the garage; equipped with a small motorcycle, he always manages to escape the mechanical cat that chases him with his sophisticated cars. This because Self-cat is as brilliant as clumsy and his inventions always backfire, both for the cunning of mototopo, who is always ready to guess the moves of his opponent, both because he is unable to maneuver the machine, which always escapes his control. Although the episodes have a single theme, they are always fun and imaginative and do not fail to amaze especially the very young audience.Self-cat In a cartoon Autogatto, struggling with his mechanical maintenance, he rubs a carburetor from which the Genius of the carburetor comes out, like that of Aladdin's lamp. The first desire is to have the fastest car in the world capable of overtaking the fastest mototopo. The Genius is satisfied Self-cat, but when the latter also asks him for a tool to catch the mouse, he transforms the car into a gigantic mousetrap that, by sprinting, traps the same Autocatto. Very frequent are the cases in which the Autogatto machine is so powerful that a small bump is enough to make it take off and send it into orbit in space. The basic morality is always that it is always preferable to use intelligence and cunning, to the overbearing force of the means.

Mototopo and Autogatto is Copyright © Hanna and Barbera, and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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