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Napo bear head

Original title: Help! ... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!
Napo, Babà, Cico, Mr. Otto, McKallock
Production: Hanna and Barbera
Regia: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Country: USA
Year: September 11 1971
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 16
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Napo bear capo (original title Help! ... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!) Is one of the funniest cartoons from Hanna & Barbera. Produced in 1972 for only 16 episodes, the series chronicles the exploits of three bear brothers locked up in the Wonderland Zoo. The leader of the group is undoubtedly Napo (Hair Bear), a long-haired bear characterized by a strong Neapolitan accent (voiced by Franco Latini). Then we find the greedy Square, the tallest and biggest bear, distinguished by a hat over his eyes and finally the little Babà (Bubi Bear), very alert despite being mute and expressing himself with gestures. Napo bear headInside the zoo, the three bears live inside a cave called Cave Block 9 and enjoy full autonomy, but always dream of escaping to get to know the outside world. Their supervisor is Mr. Peevley, assisted by his big, clumsy assistant Mckallo (Botch), always intent on getting some delicious sandwiches. Napo the chief bear and his brothers resort to a thousand tricks and disguises to deceive their guardians. Their own shelter is equipped to have all the comforts, such as TV, bed, bookcase and all sorts of technological machinery, Napo bear headbut just flick a lever to make it look like a normal bear cave, when Mr. Peevley wanders nearby. The three have an invisible bike, which if necessary use to run out of trouble and return to the cave, first of all. Napo bear boss, kind of like Scooby-Doo follows the fashions and stereotypes of young people of the 60s and 70s, in fact it is enough to look at the "hippies" clothing of the long-haired bear and his friends who break the rules, to understand how much the era of protest has influenced this cartoon, even if filtered by the American culture of those years.

Napo bear head is Copyright © Hanna & Barbera



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