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Nathan Never

Original title: Nathan Never
Nathan Never, Rebecca Weaver, Edward Reiser, May Frain, Branko, Link, Nicole Bayeux, Jerry Lone, Igor, Olivia Olling, Sara Mcbain, Ann Never, Solomon Darver
Authors: Michele Medda, Antonio Serra, Bepi Vigna

Publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore
: Italy
: 1991
Gender: Science fiction comic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The character of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, Nathan Never it was conceived and written by the trio of Sardinian scriptwriters Michael Medda, Antonio Serra e Bepi Vineyard, while its graphic creator, the one who outlined the somatic features through the style of his stroke was the talented Roman draftsman Claudio Castellini, which has created in addition to n.1 also all the extraordinary covers up to n.59. From n.60 to today the covers of Nathan Never are made by the equally good Roberto De Angelis. The first register of Nathan Never it came out in June 1991 and was an instant hit. Nathan Never a special agent of the private investigation agency Alfa, who lives in a future megalopolis called simply "the city". The world of Nathan Never and his adventures are a sum of all that the imaginary of cinema and science fiction literature has given us to date, perhaps the small aliens with antennae are missing, but as we will see later the charm of a dangerous race different from ours is not lacking. The city where our protagonist moves has all the charm of the futuristic city of the film "Blade Runner", structured in various levels, where in the upper floors we find the rich capitalists, while in the lower floors, in what is called" the first level ", we find the last of society, who in the adventures of Nathan Never they are represented by the mutates, a half-human race, made in the laboratory to perform the most humble and laborious jobs, but which was later replaced by specialized robots. Nathan Never he is a melancholy and taciturn man marked by a profound inner drama that has even changed his appearance, in fact due to this strong shock his hair has become white. Several years ago, his wife, the beautiful Laura Loring she was killed by a ruthless criminal named Ned Mace, who kidnapped her only daughter Ann. Because of this trauma, Ann became an autistic child and Nathan Never had to admit her to a psychiatric clinic. The near future in which he lives Nathan Never is certainly not the best, in fact the crime of megacities is so powerful that the state has encouraged the emergence of special private agencies in order to support the state police in the fight against crime, theAlfa agency which Nathan Never is a part of is the best of these. In addition to Nathan Never in the Alfa Agency we find Sigmund Baginov, the computer genius of Polish origin, who has ventured into the world of cyberspace more than once. Then we find, Nathan's friend and colleague, the very tall one Rebecca "Legs" Weaver (to whom Sergio Bonelli has dedicated a magazine of his own), strong, determined, with brisk manners and with a healthy dose of violence, he always manages to get what he wants. Inseparable friend of Legs is the beautiful and busty one May, at one time, together with the other two sisters she was a very skilled thief. The secretary of the Alfa agency is Janine Spengler, in love with Nathan, she is shy and sensitive, but she also knows how to be determined and courageous. Among the very skilled agents we find Link who is actually an almost human robot, as his brain is composed of bio-mechanical parts. At the beginning of the agency there was Edward Raiser, who, however, was killed by terrorists, his place was taken by Solomon Darver. Among the other characters, the lawyer should not be forgotten Olivia Olling, the space pilot Jerry Lone, the general Patrick Shea e Gabriel, a mysterious being with psychokinetic powers, that is, able to move objects and people and to materialize at a distance. Nathan Never e the Alfa Agency they often find themselves fighting against different types of crime: tampering with specialized robots, fighting against terrorists or against criminal organizations such as the Shadow Brotherhood, recover precious cd-roms, venture into missions in space or in the bowels of the earth etc ... Nathan Never is always ready to fight using his gun and a particular martial art technique called Jeet Kune Doo, learned from a monk of the Shaolin temple. One of Nathan Never's bitterest enemies is undoubtedly Aristotle Skotos, head of the religious sect called "Divine Presence", which, however, is the screen of a very powerful criminal organization that deals with arms trafficking and clandestine biogenetics experiments. Thanks to the splendid Giant Register"Double future", written by Antonio Serra we identify multiple aspects of the inexhaustible future world of Nathan Never, this also includes the Technodroids, half men and half machines, come from the future, who thanks to the property of time travel are discounted several times with our protagonist and in the future with his daughter Ann. The merit of telling these exciting and adventurous stories must also be given to the various designers who have alternated over the course of the various books. In addition to the aforementioned Castellini and De Angelis, it should also be remembered Germano Bonazzi, Stefano Casini with a fast and expressive graphic stroke, the brothers Dante and Francesco Bastianoni, Tofanetti, Nicholas Mari (later passed to Dylan Dog) who managed to give a noir atmosphere to the stories full of thrilling (see the magnificent Vampyrus), Esposito Bros, Zaghi, Calcaterra, Olivares and many others.

The character of Nathan Never, the names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Sergio Bonelli Editore and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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