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Paw Patrol

Original title: Paw Patrol
Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Capitan Turbot
Author: Keith chapman
Production: Guru Studio, TVOKids, Nickelodeon Productions, Spin Master Entertainment
Directed by: Jamie whitney
Country: United States, Canada
Year: 12 August 2013
Broadcast in Italy: November 25, 2013
Gender: Action / Adventure
Episodes: 74
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

The new episodes of the 5th season starring the beloved Paw Patrol puppies land on the channel!
From 29 September 2019, from Sunday to Friday, at 19.50 pm

Rider and the cute Paw Patrol puppiesThe new episodes in Prima TV Free will land on Cartoonito (channel 46 of the DTT), taken from the 5th season of PAW PATROL, the animated series in computer graphics that has thrilled young viewers with its captivating stories. The appointment is for 29 September, from Sunday to Friday, at 19.50 pm. The show follows the adventures of Ryder, a ten-year-old boy who rescued and trained six puppies by setting up an original emergency response team. The puppy team is made up of Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye: each of them is equipped with a super technological vehicle that characterizes him and has a particular ability that allows him to bring his own contribution to the team in the solve missions.

Throughout each episode, the heroes face a series of emergencies that affect their community. The team is always ready to intervene to help those in difficulty, whether it is to rescue a kitten, or to intervene when a train is hit by an avalanche, there is no challenge they are unable to overcome. And of course there is always room to play and have fun. In these new episodes of the 5th season, the special Ultimate Rescue will air, where each Paw Patrol will take turns taking command of the team, which will collaborate by adopting the characteristics of the leader in charge! A way for fans of the series to get to know all the members of the rescue team better.

The puppies of Paw Patrol are back on Cartoonito with many new episodes in Prima TV Free.
About Cartoonito from 4 April every Tuesday at 20.00.

The new exclusive First TV free episodes of Paw Patrol arrive on Cartoonito (DTT channel 46).
The show tells the adventures of Ryder, a ten-year-old boy who rescued and trained a group of puppies to form a real emergency response team.
The team consists of Chase, a German shepherd, police and spy; Marshall, a somewhat distracted Dalmatian firefighter; Rocky, a mixed breed puppy, ecologist and the group's recycler; Zuma, a Labrador always full of energy; Rubble, English bulldog builder of the group; Skye, a very intelligent cocker spaniel; and finally Everest, a snow-loving husky who was found and rescued by the team on a rescue mission. Each of them is unique and characterized by special technological means that allow them to help Ryder in every rescue mission.
The purpose of the puppies and their owner is to safeguard the city, helping and rescuing people in case of accidents, or simply maintaining order and cleanliness throughout the city.
The show, in addition to entertaining the little spectators, helps them develop civic sense and team spirit, respect for nature and take care of animals, the community to which one belongs and the environment in which one lives.
In these new episodes, a new puppy will be introduced: Apollo, a Bull Terrier with super powers to be discovered and a famous character from the team's favorite show.
It will be the task of Ryder and the puppies to help him in the attempt to defeat a fearsome enemy, the evil Spider King, and thus free the rabbits held in a trap.
These episodes are a truly unmissable event, full of unique adventures and new characters to get to know.

Paw Patrol is a Canadian / American cartoon made in 3D computer graphics. Born from the creativity of Keith Chapman and Scott Raff, it was co-produced by Guru Studio, TVO kids, Nickelodeon productions. Broadcast in the original language on the Canadian and US broadcasters TVOkids and Nickelodeon in 2013, from November of the same year it arrived in Italy. The second series is currently being broadcast on the TV station Cartoon.

the dog Zuma - Paw PatrolPaw Patrol is the cartoon that teaches even the little ones the importance of collaboration and taking care of animals. The way it does it is very simple, in fact, the target to which it is addressed is that of preschool age. In this animated series the protagonist is a ten-year-old boy, Ryder, nice and bright, who takes care of a team of six cute puppies: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble e Skye. Each puppy has its own specific ability, such as Chase, a German shepherd with an infallible sense of smell and who can find anything and follow any track, putting this particular ability at the service of investigations. Rocky is a resourceful, bubbly and brave half-breed, but with an innate fear of water! Zuma is a beautiful Labrador, therefore a lover of water. Its ability consists precisely in aquatic rescues. Despite the phobia of the mestizo, he is Rocky's own best friend. Skye is a very cute Cockapoo, a breed obtained by crossing a poodle with an English Cocker Spaniel. Brave and sharp, he loves to fly. Rubble is a somewhat gruff English bulldog, an expert in skateboarding and snowboarding and a very skilled digger. Marshall the Dalmatian, on the other hand, is the fire brigade dog, a bit clumsy but very tender.

The adventures that puppies have to face every day are nothing more than normal vicissitudes of daily life in a small town where everyone lends a hand. The puppies interact with humans, talking to them and helping in building houses or in small investigations that mark the life of Adventure Bay. An example of great solidarity and a spirit of collaboration is the episode in which Ryder finds a goat on a rock with its horns stuck in a bush. Obviously he is not able to save her alone, but thanks to the intervention of the heroic puppies, the goat is saved.

the Marshall dog - Paw PatrolIn each episode, lasting about 20 minutes, Ryder is faced with a seemingly complicated situation, where alone it could do nothing. Sympathetic and positive, the little boy has outstanding skills, such as those of team leader of the team of 4-legged heroes. Not only that, he is also a skilled snowboarder and a brilliant mechanic, skills that he never fails to use when necessary. The only problem: the little boy, like many of his peers, doesn't like broccoli too much. Other protagonists are Katie, a girl who is about the same age as Ryder, a good veterinarian and owner of the cat Cali. In some episodes he gives a big hand to Ryder to solve the most complicated situations. Then there are Captain Horatio Rombo, Alex Porter, a young boy who lives in Adventure Bay and who has a particular ability to get into trouble. Again Mr. Porter, Alex's grandfather and restaurant owner, the mayor of Adventure Bay and a series of secondary characters.

the dog Rocky - Paw PatrolLike the team of puppies, there is no shortage of 4-legged protagonists, so here is the kitten Cali, a nice cat who, like all his species, hates water, Chickaletta, the mayor's pet chicken, Bettina the cow, Garbi the goat, Wally the walrus, the whale, in short, a real world made up of people and animals living together peacefully.

the dog Skye - Paw PatrolDesigned for the little ones, this computer graphic cartoon aims to educate children, teaching them the importance of animals, how to take care of them and how indispensable everyone's collaboration is to obtain results that could never be achieved alone. The graphics are simple, suitable for the little ones, with bright colors and linear designs. The episodes have a very simple outline too, with an introduction, a problem to solve and a happy ending, perfect for children.

All characters and images are copyright Keith Chapman, Scott Raff, Guru Studio, TVO kids, Nickelodeon productions and the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Paw Patrol characters

Ryder - Paw PatrolRyder is a boy of about 10 who commands the Paw Patrol puppy dog ‚Äč‚Äčteam.
When alerted by the Mayor Goodway of Adventure Bay or by one of his residents about a dangerous or emergency situation, Ryder with his paw-pad alerts the puppies and calls them to gather inside the headquarters tower. Here he explains to them the dangerous situation and what the operational phases of the rescue should be. For this reason it selects the Paw Patrol puppies most suitable for the type of rescue. If it is necessary to intervene in the rescue at sea, he will not be able to give up Zuma, if he has to put out some fire, he will resort to Marshall, if he has to move some boulders he will ask for Rubble's intervention and so on.
Ryder will personally go to the site of the intervention on board his quad bike and will also give them instructions and will look for new solutions to the problem, in case the first attempt is not successful.
Ryder is a great motivator and encourages Paw Patrol puppies in their endeavors with the motto: "Nothing is tiring for a brave puppy!"

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