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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig ę Neville Astley and Mark Baker / Phil Davies
Original title: Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig, George Pig, Dad Pig, Mom Pig, Grandpa Pig, Grandma Pig, Aunt Dotty, Mrs. Rabbit, Rebecca rabbit, Richard rabbit, Suzy sheep, Danny dog, Zoe zebra, Candy cat, Pedro pony, Emily elephant, Freddy fox, Kylie kangaroo, Wendy wolf
Authors: Neville Astley, Mark Baker
Production: Phil Davies
Directed by: Neville Astley, Mark Baker, Phillip Hall, Joris Van Hulzen
Country: UK
Year: 31 May 2004
Broadcast in Italy: 2005
Gender: Musical comedy
Episodes: 156
duration: 5 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

A cheerful little family who lives in a house on a hill greets Father who has to go to work from the doorway. The two children and in particular Peppa, the eldest, would like dad to go on holiday today because it is his birthday, but it is not possible, but he promises to arrive soon.
In anticipation of her return, Mum invites both little George and Peppa to assist her while preparing an exquisite chocolate cake for Dad. The two children enjoy mixing the dough, and once the cake is put in the oven, they get permission from their mother to clean the spoon and the bowl.
Peppa can't wait for Father to come back from work, but in the meantime he calls him in the office to congratulate him and colleagues who listen to the conversation join the girl to say "Happy Birthday".
At home, meanwhile, preparations are underway to celebrate. Mum wants to prepare a surprise for Dad, he decorates the trees in the garden with colored balloons and then also prepares two buckets of water. What will they do?
Finally dad returns from work and his loved ones proudly present him with the beautiful chocolate cake with many, many candles to blow out with a single blow, then mom gives him her gift. In the colorful package there is a nice pair of red boots very suitable for mud and while Father is wearing them all they hurry to wear theirs and to run in the garden.
There is a small puddle and Dad enters it, but it is really of minimum dimensions, for him, it would take much more water and this is what Mum thinks about by pouring the two buckets on the ground that he had previously prepared. Now there is a large puddle and the whole family can happily jump in the mud.

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig and his family Neville Astley and Mark Baker / Phil Davies

Until almost the end of this story the story told could happen in a normal family, but the fact that at the end everyone jumps happy in the mud can leave you amazed, but it is no wonder why the narrated plot refers to an episode of the cartoon "Peppa Pig "starring a piglet and her family.
The Pig family (pig in English) is made up of anthropomorphic pigs who live in a house, work, play as humans do, but occasionally speaking they emit grunts and above all do not forget how pleasant it is to jump in the mud.
Peppa is the eldest daughter of an approximate age of 5/6 years, then there is her little brother George who articulates only a few words and who does not skimp on whims when something happens that he does not like. The parents, Mamma Pig and Papa Pig, perform the same tasks as human parents, work, cook and when it's the case they scold their children; then there is no shortage of grandparents and even little friends.
The strange world of Peppa, however, is not inhabited only by pigs, all animals are found, in fact, among Dad's colleagues there are a rabbit and a dog and the girl boasts among her playmates elephants, foxes, cats , zebras, in short, a real zoo.

Peppa Pig
The Peppa Pig class Neville Astley and Mark Baker / Phil Davies

The cartoon, drawn with linear strokes and with rather bare backgrounds, is intended for younger children, under the age of 6, both for the brevity and episodes (about four minutes), and for the topics covered that usually concern small events of the daily life, like an afternoon spent on the playground, an invitation to lunch from grandparents, a small breakdown on Mum's computer.
Even with such simplicity, some easy notions that have an educational purpose are introduced.

In the episode "A vegetable lunch" for example, Peppa with her little brother, mom and dad
she is invited to lunch by her grandparents. While waiting to sit at the table, the two children are sent to the garden where grandfather is picking up some of the vegetables he grows to prepare a nice mixed salad. He shows Peppa and George tomatoes, but the child does not love them and the same goes for lettuce and cucumbers, in truth the little Pig claims to appreciate only the chocolate cake. Grandfather is sorry that he doesn't eat vegetables, but he hopes that once the salad is prepared, George will decide to taste it. Unfortunately, however, when lunch is served, the child devours his slice of pizza, but all the vegetables remain on his plate.
Despite being asked by adults to try at least to taste he refuses.
Then grandpa has an idea.
Shred the vegetables a little on George's plate and arrange them so that they take the form of a dinosaur, he knows that the child is fond of these lizards and his favorite puppet is precisely a dinosaur. The baby's face lights up and begins to tastefully eat the vegetables disguised as a prehistoric reptile. He stuffs himself with it and repeatedly says he is satisfied, but when the chocolate cake arrives on the table, George devours it in a moment between the laughter of his family.

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig and the parrot Polly Neville Astley and Mark Baker / Phil Davies

"Peppa Pig" also tries to provide children with very simple notions about the world around them.
In "Work in progress" the Pig family decides to go to the playground by car, but the traffic is stopped and a long queue forms because there is construction work going on on the road.
Among the screams of George who absolutely wants to get to his friends, the foreman approaches, who explains that there has been a loss of water in the pipes that pass underground. The workers will have to drill a hole in the asphalt to replace the damaged pipe and a digger immediately goes to work while a crane arrives that transports the new pipe. The little Pig, impressed by those powerful work vehicles, follows all the steps carefully and when he arrives at the park he repeats the same gestures seen at the road construction site with his toys.

Sometimes the cartoon instead maintains a playful aspect to entertain its audience of very young people. In one episode, for example, we witness the attempts of Peppa and George to make the parrot Polly who belongs to friends speak. It is known that these feathers tend to repeat everything they hear and so after having made him say a few banal phrases, the little girl enjoys grunting laughing at how well Polly imitates her.
When the owner of the animal arrives, proud she would like to make everyone feel like her Polly is good at talking, pity that she instead continues to repeat the grunts heard by Peppa and the episode ends with general laughter.

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