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Crazy Aliens - Pet Alien Crazy Aliens

Original title: Pet Alien
Characters: Thomas Cadle, Dinko, Gumpers, Swanky, Flip, Scruffy, Melba Manners, Gabry, Granville DeSpray, Clinton Fillmore Jefferson XIII, Captain Spangley, Tommy's mom, Toads, Napoleon, Danko Dinko, Emperor of Evil, Conformed mom, The teacher, Jaby
Production: Mike Young Productions, Antefilms Productions, John Doze Studios, Crest, Taffy Entertainment, 2003
Directed by: Andrew Young
Country: United States
Year: 2005
Broadcast in Italy: 2 May 2005
Gender: Comedian / Science fiction
Episodes: 52
Duration: 13 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Tommy Cadle had a peaceful and quiet life until one day, unexpectedly, five funny aliens break into his house and start turning it upside down.
You certainly can't blame them! They just left a very boring planet in distant space and arrived in a cozy ... lighthouse (aka little Tommy's house) with lots of news to discover. Imagine how excited you might be and multiply it by 1000.
Tommy, terrified of this close encounter of the third kind, runs to the top of the lighthouse and ... falls. Fortunately, a small green alien named Dinko manages to save him. Thus a beautiful friendship is born and the little human has a new puppy ... alien.
Self-contained stories, funny adventures and colorful 3D graphics are the winning mix of this series very suitable for the youngest audience.

The main characters:

Tommy Cadle
Tommy Cadle (or Tommy of Earth, for his alien friends) has a life without problems and headaches, everything was perfect… until a group of aliens "crash" into his lighthouse. Tommy doesn't care too much about the arrival of the alien Dinko - after all he has always wanted a best friend and a playmate ... but suddenly four more strange creatures arrive ...

For simple earthlings like us this planet may seem too crowded, noisy and confusing, but for Dinko the Earth is so wonderful that he decides to stay… and call his companions. In addition to causing all possible chaos, Dinko wants something else, a best friend: Tommy.

Flip hates being bored. He would do anything to avoid it. Everything he does is aimed at creating fun and lots of problems. Above all, so many problems.

Tall, blue, and beak-nosed, Swanky is very willing, but only strives for the things he deems most worthy. The fact that he actually has "blue blood" doesn't help dissuade him from believing he's an aristocrat.

Gumpers is afraid of everything - shadows, sounds, vegetables, multisyllabic words. It's a shame he acts like a frightened kitten, because he's the biggest and biggest alien in the bunch.

Scruffy is Dinko's loyal dog and because Tommy is so important to Dinko, Scruffy is equally loyal to him.


All characters and images of Pet Alien are copyright © Cartoon Network Europe / Alphanim / France 3 and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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