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Ashe and Pikachu

Original title: Poketto Monsuta
Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Jessie and James, Meowth, Tracey Sketchit, Max, Delia Ketchum, Mimey, Gary Oak, Eevee, Professor Ivye
Authors: Takeshi Shudo, Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori
Production: Oriental Light and Magic
Regia: Kunihiko Yuyama, Masamitsu Hidaka
Country: Japan
Year: 1st April 1997
Broadcast in Italy: January 10 2000
Gender: Adventure, science fiction
Episodes: 902 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

I Pokemon, unlike other cartoons, they first began as video games and only later became cartoons and comics. In fact, in 1995 the Nintendo and Game Freak, well-known video game manufacturers, created two versions of the Game Boy game called Pocket Monster (i.e. Pocket Monsters) respectively divided by color: blue and red. Later, given the enormous success of these video games, it was decided to produce comics, gadgets, stickers and above all cartoons that were called precisely Pokemon. The first of the TV cartoon series is called Lega Indigo and consists of 80 episodes.
The history of Pokemon has as main protagonists Ashe, a 10-year-old boy and his loyal Pokemon Pikachu.

The adventures all revolve around Ashe's ambitious dream: to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. Pokèmon are strange creatures divided into 151 different species that live on an island and all possess exclusive powers. Exist Pokemon which have the power of fire, water, electricity etc ...
It all begins when in Pallet Town, the town where he lives Ashe, Pokèmon will have to be delivered by the Professor Samuel Oak, the greatest student of these little animals. Ashe is not in the skin as she will finally be able to see her dream come true, but it happens that due to the euphoria, she spends the sleepless night and falls asleep only in the early hours of the morning, which will cause her to delay the delivery of the various Pokèmon.

Upon awakening, he immediately rushes to Professor Oak, but realizes that his rival Gary has already made a good booty, the only one Pokemon remained belongs to the species of Pikachu, which however had been discarded due to some defect. In fact, all the Pokèmon reside inside particular spheres, called "Pokè spheres", while Pikachu is the only one who does not want to enter, due to his rebellious character. Pikachu's power is that of the electric shock emanating from its tail. Ashe e Pikachu, aboard a borrowed bicycle but Misty a friend of Ashe, they set out to catch other Pokèmon, but immediately understand what an arduous undertaking they have ventured into. In fact, many Pokèmon turn out to be very aggressive, and above all thanks to the ability of the little one Pikachu that the two manage to overcome various difficulties. In fact, his electroshock proves to be a very powerful weapon against various enemies. However, he is wounded by a group of fearow, a particular species of Pokemon hostile to Pikachu. Ashe takes him to the Pokèmon center of the city to be able to cure him, here he meets his friend Misty, to whom he had borrowed the bicycle, but who now finds it destroyed due to the various misadventures that have happened to the boy.

Meanwhile, the Team Rocket composed by the goofy James, the ambitious Jessie and the cat-pokèmon Meowth, bursts into the Pokèmon center to try to capture Pikachu, but the latter regained his strength and also helped by other creatures of his kind, discharges a super lightning on him making them run in terror. Ashe, Pikachu and Misty set off again in search of other Pokèmon, Misty actually chases Ashe to get paid for the broken bicycle. In the Viridian forest, Ashe with the help of the Pokè sphere, catches a Pokèmon Caterpie, a species similar to insects, which however Misty hates and disgusts, causing the sadness of the little creature. They then come across a pidgeotto, a Pokèmon belonging to a breed similar to birds, which is captured thanks to Pikachu's electric shock. They are again attacked by the trio of Team Rocket that thanks to two very powerful Pokèmon try to capture Pikachu, our heroes are however saved by caterpie that harnesses them in the caterpillar's web and therefore manages to win Misty's sympathy. One day Misty e Ashe they meet a strange samurai boy who wants to challenge Ashe in a fight between Pokèmon. The first challenge is won by the samurai Pokèmon who has the better of Pidgeotto, but the second challenge is won by Caterpie who has evolved into a species of butterfly called Metapod. Ashe and the samurai must soon abandon the challenge as they are attacked by a group of Beedrill who kidnap Matapod and then are forced to take refuge in the home of the young samurai. The next day Ashe goes in search of Metapod, but Metapod is in the sleeping Beedrill nest. THE Pokemon insects Beedrill, however, wake up thanks to the clumsy intervention of Team Rocket, and lash out at both Ashe and Team, but while Ashe manages to escape with the Metapod, the down-and-out trio is attacked by insect Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Metapod has another evolution and turns into a Butterfree which, thanks to its soporific spores, manages to put the Beedrill to sleep. Ashe, Misty and their Pokemon arrive at the town of Pewter City and here they meet Brock, a Pokemon trainer who challenges them. Ashe chooses Pikachu but he has the worst of it as Onix, the opposing Pokèmon is immune to electricity. Later it turns out that Brock is a good boy who takes care of his little brothers and therefore cannot leave his city to become a great Pokemon master. After a second challenge won fortuitously by Pikachu and his companions, Brock meets his father who invites him to realize his dream, so he joins the company of Ashe and Misty. Arriving at Mount Moon they meet Simor, a scientist who tries to discover the origin of the Pokèmon and who shows him the moonstone, a meteorite arrived on earth, able to increase the power of the Pokèmon. Around this rock the Clefairy gather who are devoted to this stone, but soon the inevitable Team Rocket who steal the rock return. Then the Clefairy revolt and send Team Rocket into orbit, but also shattering the stone that will make them evolve into the higher level of the Clefables. Leaving from Mount Luna they arrive at the city of Cerulean and here they discover that their friend Misty is actually a water Pokemon trainer, who challenges Ashe and her Pokemon. Ashe, thanks to Pidgeotto and Butterfree, seems to have the upper hand, but the challenge is interrupted by Team Rocket, who introduces himself with a giant vacuum cleaner into the pool where the fight takes place and sucks all the water kidnapping Pikachu and Seel. Luckily Ashe manages to retrieve Pikachu and be awarded a medal. So it's time for Vermilion City, where Ashe meets AJ a very good Pokèmon trainer, with very hard methods, winner of 98 races thanks to his Sandshrew, which also beats Pidgeotto and Butterfree. Later the inevitable Team Rocket that kidnaps this Pokèmon, mistaking it for Pikachu, also pays for it. AJ so he reached the hundredth victory and left to make a career as a Pokèmon trainer. Ashe, Misty, Brock and their Pokemon leave for other adventures. They will meet Giselle, a beautiful and arrogant Pokemon trainer girl, who will be defeated by Pikachu. It is then the turn of Melania, a girl who heals wounded Pokèmon and among them they get to know a Bulbasaur that they manage to capture. Later they meet a wounded Charmander as the flame on the tail that characterizes this being is very weak and if this flame goes out the Pokèmon dies. They take him to a healing center and after various vicissitudes Charmander healed saves Pikachu from Team Rocket thanks to the powerful flame of the tail that has now been reinvigorated thanks to the healing. Then they will meet the terrible Squirtle, misfit Pokemon abandoned by their trainers. The Squirtles initially capture Pikachu and teammates, but after they become friends and fight Team Rocket together, they are released. They resume their journey and although Ashe is proud to have captured a good number of okèmon, Misty points out that in reality it was the Pokemon who decided to join their group. At one point Ashe meets a Krabby and decides to capture it, but inexplicably the poké sphere disappears. This happened because each Pokèmon trainer can have more than six Pokèmon and if he has more he must give it to Professor Oak. One day, near a lighthouse near the sea, they meet another Pokemon scholar named Bill. The latter tells of hearing the cry of a Pokèmon looking for a friend. In reality, this Pokèmon is a gigantic Dragonite that, getting close, puts Team Rocket to escape who wanted to capture it. Bill reassures Dragonite by shouting that he is the friend he is looking for. Once in Vermilion City they go to the Pokèmon center to put their Pokèmon in order, before the competitions, but here they discover several Pokèmon with their trainers that have been defeated by the gym leader Surge. Ashe decides to challenge Surge, but realizes that he has a Raichu, the most evolved form of Pikachu and he defeats Ashe's Pikachu. There is also the possibility of turning Pikachu into a Raichu, thanks to the thunder stone, but the little yellow bunny doesn't want to know. Following another fight between Pikachu and Raichu, our protagonist uses all his super speed to put his most valued opponent to the test, and in the end he manages to beat him thanks to his electric shock. Following this victory, Ashe is awarded a medal by Surge. Arriving at the port of Vermilion City Ashe and companions fall into a trap of Team Rocket that has all the Pokèmon trainers gather inside a ship, to steal their precious pets.

At that moment those of Team Rocket arrive together with a group of soldiers to carry out their plan and with special equipment they try to steal all the Pokèmon present on the ship. Ashe, however, as a good leader, encourages all trainers to use their Pokemon against Team Rocket and their soldiers. Trainers promptly hurl their Pokemon at enemies, defeating them and putting them on the run. After this battle Ashe takes back her Butterfree, but suddenly they are caught in a storm and the ship sinks with Ashe and her friends aboard along with Jesse, James, meo and their Pokemon. The group decides for once to join and find a solution to get out of that ship, thanks to their Pokèmon and especially the water Pokèmon, they manage to make a hole in the ship and reach the surface by swimming. Ashe and his companions come to the surface to build a raft with the remains of the ship. Even those of Team Rocket manage to escape and try to get rid of their Magikarp, as they believe that this Pokèmon has caused them nothing but trouble. But the Magikarp evolves into a legendary and huge sea monster called Gyrados. This monster summons other Pokèmon of its kind and crashes against the raft of Ashe, Pikachu and companions and after creating a violent whirlwind sweeps away our protagonists in all directions. Ashe, Misty and Brock find themselves in an island, but they have lost several pokèmon, among which Pikachu and also several orbs, now he has only three. They soon realize that this island is inhabited by giant Pokemon and try to escape their pursuit. Team Rocket is also on that island and they have to deal with those monsters too. After various ups and downs they realize that in reality those who believed they were giant Pokèmon, were none other than papier mache robots of an amusement park on Pokèmon. Having managed to escape from the island, they head towards Porta Vista. Meanwhile, Team Rocket aboard a submarine in the shape of Gyarados, continues the hunt for Pikachu and his companions, however they collide with the hull of Ashe and his companions and end up destroying a pier belonging to a certain Ryu who wants to be repaid for the damage. Ashe, Misty and Brock are forced to work for free in his restaurant in order to pay off all the damages. Jasse and James also work in a restaurant adjacent to theirs and have a lot of customers, mind Ashe and company, almost nothing. Our heroes roll up their sleeves and, helped by their Pokèmon who do some advertising for the restaurant, they manage to attract many customers. but meo of Team Rocket, puts a spoke in the wheels to the rival Pokèmon and forces them to make a lot of trouble at the expense of the angry clineti, abandoning him the restaurant. At a certain point in Ryu's restaurant, Professor Oak and Ashe's mother show up and make the boys aware of a beauty contest, in which Misty could participate together with some Pokèmon, by winning they could repay the damage to poor Ryu. But the competition is fierce and several beautiful girls show up. Team Rocket try to sabotage the contest with an attack from their Gyarados-shaped submarine and succeed as the crowd escapes in terror, but Ashe aided by Charmander and Pidgeotto manages to deflect the submarine's missile at Jasse and James themselves. Eventually Ashe's mother manages to win the contest and the kids with their Pokemon can pay off the damage to Ryu and leave that city. During their travels they will encounter many other good and dangerous Pokèmon, such as the jellyfish-like Pokèmon called Tentacool which evolve into the gigantic Tentacruel. It is then the turn of Gastly, a Pokèmon that takes on the appearance of beautiful women to attract its prey. Ashe and Butterfree later break up as the latter falls in love with a pink Buttrerfree. In Saffron City they are put in serious trouble by Sabrina, a little girl who uses psychic powers to enhance her Pokémon, which are also endowed with these powers. However, Ashe makes Pikachu fight with one of her Pokemon, which gets the better of our yellow bunny. Ashe and companions are then transformed into dolls and teleported to a dollhouse. The group is saved by a man with psychic powers who also warns them that the only way to defeat Sabrina's Pokemon is to find a ghost Pokemon. Ashe and her companions then head to the Lavender Town tower where they encounter the ghost pokemon who join their group and finally defeat Sabrina's pokemon.

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