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Pretty cure

Original title: Futari wa pretty cure
Nagisa Misumi, Honoka Yukishiro, King Jaaku, Zakenna, Zakenna Butlers, Pisard, Gekidrago, Poisonny, Kiriya Irisawa, Ilkubo, Seeds of Darkness, Belzei, Yuna, Regine
Author: Izumi Todo
Production: Toei Animation
Regia: Daisuke Nishio
Country: Japan
Year: February 1, 2004
Broadcast in Italy: October 17, 2005
Gender: Comedy / Maghette
Episodes: 49 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Pretty Cure (original title "Futari wa Pretty Cure") is the new Japanese cartoon that has been broadcast since October 17, 2005 on Rai Due. Made by Toei Animation and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (Japanese ABC) in 2004 under the direction of Daisuke Nishio, the series consists of 49 episodes each lasting 25 minutes. It is the story of the two fourteen year old girls Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro who attend the Veron Academy. Despite being very different from each other, the girls are linked by a deep friendship, even if there is no lack of small disagreements and rivalries. Pretty cureNagisa is a very dynamic girl, enterprising and sports champion, while Honoka is more sedentary and thoughtful and is a very good student, who being very generous does not hesitate to help her classmates in difficulty. The story begins when Nagisa one evening, looking at the beautiful starry sky and thinking of making a wish, sees a small shooting star landing in her bedroom. It is a mysterious cell phone, which is actually the hiding place of a strange and nice little creature called Mepple, from the realm of the "gardens of light". He immediately leads her to the amusement park where she meets Honoka, also with the strange cell phone and with a similar creature called Mipple who was found by her dog in the garden.Pretty cure

The two creatures explain that the garden of light was attacked by the king of the dark kingdom of Dotsuko and they need them, descendants of the garden of light to help them collect the prismatic stones (stones of life and creation), otherwise it is their world and the human world (called "the garden of rainbows") will be destroyed. Through the strange mobile phone that allows Mipple and Mepple to materialize, the two girls can extract a magic card which, when passed on the mobile phone, allows her to transform into two superheroines: Nagisa turns into Cure Black, while Honoka turns into Cure White and together they form the Pretty Pre-op treatments of the realm of light. Only if they join their hands to the cry of "double northern lights" can they become unbeatable and in every adventure they will fight against the fearsome adversaries of the kingdom of darkness who would like to free King Jagu by using the prismatic stones. Pretty curePretty Cures during combat, when they join forces they form various magical bundles of energy. The black thunder (of the Cure Black) and the white thunder (of the Cure White) that intertwine in a single and very powerful wave, the black Pulsar and the white Pulsar which is used if humans and animals are under the influence of the kingdom of darkness and the double vortex of the Pretty Cure that releases the powerful rainbow storm from their fists.

During the episodes of the Pretty Cure, the figure of Pollun will be added, very similar to Mipple and Mepple, who is none other than the prince of the garden of light, who thanks to his powers feeds and further enhances the prismatic stones and the powers of the Pretty Cure . In an episode shortly after the fall of the evil king, the queen of the garden of light lost her memory and came to earth in the form of a 12-year-old girl named Hikari Kujou, characterized by two bushy blonde tails. With the help of Nagisa and Honoka, he will have to find the 12 stones called "Hartiel", which will allow the queen to find her memory. Pretty cureHikari will be the third Pretty Cure to fight under the name of Shiny Luminous. In another installment, the brave warriors of the Garden of Hope have gathered Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari to protect their kingdom from a witch who plans to steal the diamond line, which is a set of jewelry that the queen of the garden of hope carries. to a ceremony every year to refill the kingdom's water. The witch plots to resurrect the lord of darkness, so that he can destroy not only the garden of hope, but also the garden of rainbows and the garden of light. Among the various enemies with which the Pretty Cure will have to confront are Pisard with long hair and painted face, huge and super muscular Gekidorago, Poisonee the maleficent woman and Kiriya who hides inside their school to spy on Nagisa and Honoka's moves. .


All the characters and images of Pretty Cure are copyright Toei Animation 2004 and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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