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Travel the stellar princess world

Original title: Cosmic Baton Girl Kometto-san
Comet, Rubber, Rubber, King, Queen, Magician, Spice, Weather, Muweizen Knedel "Mook", Regina, Planet, Tsukibito, Mir, Karon, Hengerino

Production: Nippon Animation, Group TAC
Author: Mitsuteru Yokohama
: Mamoru Kobe

Country: Japan
Year: 1st April 2001
Broadcast in Italy: September 20, 2004
Gender: Comedy / Maghette
Episodes: 43
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

From 11 April at 17,35 on Italy 1 the cartoons of Travel the world Star Princess (Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-San in the original version) which will air in place of Rossana il Tuesday and Thursday. The series is the reworking of the Cosmic Baton Girl TV series broadcast in Japan in the years 1967 and 1968.

It must be very sad and frustrating for a girl to go after her betrothed who has disappeared into thin air. This is what happens to Comet, the star princess of the planet Harmonica who must meet and marry the prince of the planet Tamburine. Both planets are part of the Triangular Nebular System, parallel to our solar system and if Comet manages to fulfill his dream of love with the prince, the kingdom of Harmonica and the kingdom of Tamburine will finally be united in a single stellar empire. Travel the stellar princess worldBut there is a third planet that also aspires to the kingdom of Tamburine and it is the planet Castanets where Princess Meteo is found, also in search of the prince of Tamburine. Comet and Meteo are sent to earth by their respective kings to look for the prince of Tamburine, who will have to choose which of the two princesses to marry. In order to facilitate his search, Comet is equipped with various tools: the Tinklestar, a cindolo that is able to pick up the starlight coming from the prince, the Tinklephone, a kind of mobile phone, the Magic Twirling, a magical scepter and a little creature. tender and nice called Gommino, as it has the shape of a ball. Travel the stellar princess worldOn earth Comet meets the two cute twins Tolmino and Nenè, children of the spouses Sayaka and Keitaro, who seeing her lost and homeless, host her at their home where she will carry out the babysitting job and with them will establish an excellent relationship of fraternal friendship. Comet will be fascinated by the way of life of the earthlings, who know how to be happy with the little joys of every day and who shine with starlight. Comet will also make friends with Keisuke and Shun, two beautiful boys; the first is a lifeguard, the second is a famous singer.Travel the stellar princess world Meteo, who arrived on earth to put a spoke in the wheel of Comet, immediately thinks to break this harmony, as she must first meet the prince of Tamburine. She too is super equipped for research, tools similar to those of Comet and how she brings along a strange assistant called Mook. She will be the one to remind Comet, the purpose of her mission on earth, that the encounter with the earthlings had made her forget. Will Comet be able to do this? Of note among the various episodes of the series The stellar tunnel, all at the zoo, Cradle in the clouds, the kidnapping of Gommino, The magical nourishment of love, The siblings from the country of the star of Tambourine, The Forgotten Luminosity, The storm of Castanet and many others.

All characters and images in World Tour Star Princess - Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-San are copyright Tokyo TV and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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