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Original title: Pucca
Pucca, Garu

Production: Vooz Character System
Directed by: Takakuki inagaki
: South Korea

Year: 2005
Broadcast in Italy: February 2006
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 117
Duration: 3 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon Pucca (Madukkina in the Korean original) was created by the animation studio Vooz, in 1999 with the animation technique for the Web, Flash 4 and the first episode was broadcast online on the Vooz site. . Cartoons are currently being broadcast on Rai Due from Monday to Friday at 20,00. The character, strongly characterized and surreal comedy, has enjoyed enormous success, so much so that it is widely used for merchandising, regarding the production of gadgets, clothing, toys, video games and more. The merit of the animators is undoubtedly that of having managed to create a very successful cartoon character at very low costs, if you think that within the same cartoon very few drawings are used, mostly very stylized and without dialogue, but that they lend very well for video game and mobile phone logos and icons.
Pucca is a little girl who lives in the Sooga village, madly in love with Garu, a little boy whose only goal is to become a ninja, just like all his ancestors and parents have been. Pucca, on the other hand, is the daughter of the owner of the Guh-Ryong restaurant, always reproached by the latter for constantly having her head in the clouds. The recurring theme of each cartoon is always that of Pucca trying to snatch a kiss from the shy and disinterested Garu, while he tries to escape her in a thousand ways. Garu is a very skilled ninja with the sword and uses very complex fighting techniques like a true master, to the point that he can easily get rid of groups of enemies, but he can do nothing against Pucca's amorous assaults, which embarrass him by making him blush and capitulate in a short time. Pucca is very greedy for Chinese noodles, called noodles and cooked in her father's restaurant and loves preparing romantic dinners with Garu, even at the cost of holding him back by force.

Pucca is copyright Vooz and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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