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Original title: Saibotto Robocchi
Robottino, Dr. Deko, Kurumi, Sachiko, Chip, Prof. Aiguro, Silvie, Matsutoko, Kaori, Ozura, Kabutomaru, Hot Dog
Authors: Ken Ishikawa, Toyohiro Ando
Production: Dynamic Productions, Knack Productions
Directed by: Tatsuya Kasahara, Kazuyuki Okaseko

Country: Japan
Year: October 7th 1982
Broadcast in Italy: 1983
Gender: Comedian / Science fiction
Episodes: 39
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon Robottino (original title Cybot robotti) was produced in 1982 by the Japanese Knack Productions, for a total of 39 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes.

It is the story of a small robot created by Doctor Deko, characterized by a single tooth, a blue head with three antennas and a belly equipped with a strange device, capable of projecting holographic images that turn into reality. Robottino is one of the many robots made by Doctor Deko, who enjoys building different types based on certain needs: the gardener robot, the carpenter robot, the domestic robot and many others. Doctor Deko has as his enemy a mad scientist, also with a passion for creating robots, but with evil intentions. Robottino, Kurumi and SachikoThanks to Robottino's abilities, which allow him to materialize anything from his belly, he always ends up exploding together with his robots and staying in his underwear. Robotic by means of knobs located in place of the ears, he manages to drive mechanical means such as a flying beetle and an amphibious frog, which he uses during the various missions. Robottino is madly in love with the young Kurumi, which sends the fat and clumsy Boss on a rampage, while Doctor Deko goes crazy for the blonde policewoman Sachiko, Kurumi's sister. The cartoon is quite reminiscent Arale and Doctor Slump both for history, drawings and crazy and surreal situations.

Robottino - Cybot Robotti is copyright Knack Productions. All rights reserved.

Titles of the episodes of Robottino
01. The challenge
02. A particular robot
03. A little pepper sister
04. The professor in love
05. Love sickness
06. The ghosts of Mount Teng
07. Little robot at the circus
08. The children's marathon
09. Treasure hunt
10. A little bear per friend
11. The snow woman
12. The Christmas cake
13. Orbi barrel
14. Robottino director
15. Beta the Extraterrestrial
16. Saciko's wedding
17. Our village is a paradise
18. Investigating robot
19. The dream machine

20. Baseball master robot
21. The beauty contest
22. The kidnapping of Robottino
23. Looking for Kaori
24. The Robot Rally
25. The mystery of the Golden Pheasant
26. The recitation of robots
27. The anti-gravity machine
28. How nice to be invisible
29. The magic bean
30. The good giant
31. An interested friendship
32. Trip to Europe
33. The time machine
34. Birthday on the moon
35. Baseball game
36. Operation Madness
37. The invasion of mice
38. The competition of the Androids
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