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Alpine Rose - Alpen Rose

Original title: Hono no Arupenroze Judi & Randi
Characters: Alicia (Judy), Lundi (Randy), Plantan, Conte Tavernier, Countess Francoise Tavernier, Robert, Du Bois, Clara, Martha, Risley, John, Grandfather Dunan, Grandmother Dunan, Elene Dunan, Matilda
Author: Michiyo Akaishi
Production: Tatsunoko
: Hideto Ueda

Country: Japan
: April 8 1985
Broadcast in Italy: 1985
Gender: Comedy / Drama
Episodes: 20 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon Rosa Alpina (original title Hono no Alpen Rose) was broadcast for the first time in Italy on Rete 4 in 1985 and later on the various local broadcasters, but suffered severe cuts and censorship due to references to the Second War world and Nazism. The series based on the manga comic by Michiyo Akaishi was created by the Japanese studios of Tatsunoko and consists of 20 episodes each lasting 22 minutes.

Alpine Rose - Alpen RoseThe protagonist of the story is little Alicia, an Austrian girl who, following the threat of the Second World War, is forced to leave with her parents, to go to Switzerland. During the flight, the plane crashes in Germany and Alicia's parents are killed in the impact. The little girl is saved, but loses her memory and is found in a field by the young Lundi, together with her baby parrot Printemps who constantly repeats the word "Rosa Alpina, Rosa Alpina". This will be the only clue for Alicia that will tie her to her past. Lundi hosts her at his home and gives her the name of Jeudi, considering her as his sister. After a few years, Count De Gulmont arrives, who was there on a hunting trip and tries to kill the baby parrot Printemps. Lundi refuses and the latter tries to kill him, but Jeudi comes to his aid and insults him. Count De GulmontAfter observing her, he kidnaps her as he sees in the girl's face the same as that of a woman he loved in the past. The count is a ruthless person, unscrupulous and an ally of the Nazis. During a party she invites Jeudi to dance the waltz and to the enormous amazement of the guests, Jeudi proves to be very good as she remembers the steps she learned when she was still a child. Meanwhile, Lundi goes in search of Jeudi and arrived at the castle, follows the reception from behind the windows, but is discovered by Count De Gulmont, who without hesitation shoots him, wounding him and making him fall from the balcony. Taking advantage of the confusion and darkness of the night, Jeudi escapes to the garden and is dragged behind a bush by Lundi, who had hidden to avoid the count's servants. After treating Lundi's wound, the two boys try to escape from the castle garden, but are discovered by Count De Gulmont and his men. Jeudi and LundiLundi and Jeudi head into the palace itself, but end up in a room that leads to a balcony over a chasm, under which lies a river. Before they are grabbed by the count's men, Lundi preys on Jeudi and throws himself into the void before ending up with a dip in the river. After risking their lives among the river rapids, Jeudi and Lundi resume their run chased by De Gulmont's men, who try to track them down with ferocious dogs. The boys are saved by Fran oise, the count's young and beautiful wife, who hides them in the hood of her car, under a load of grapes. Unfortunately, his race must stop when the road is blocked by Count De Gulmont himself and his men. He opens the hood of the car, but he finds no one under the grapes because the boys have already fled to the hills, always with their inseparable baby parrot Printemps. Having taken refuge in the hospital where Judie works, they are protected by their nurse friend, who blocks the entrance to the count. He is forced to leave also thanks to the intervention of the other doctors and hospital staff. Alpine Rose - Alpen RoseHowever, the count does not give up and that same night, his men break into the hospital to look for Jeudi and Lundi. However, thanks to the help of the nurse they manage to escape, sending the count into a rage.
The next day Lundi goes to the market to buy some bread, but distracted by a flower seller, he drops a boy who was carrying apples. A quarrel arises between the two and punches and shoves begin to fly. Meanwhile, Jeudi, saves a little girl who was about to be hit by a car and coincidentally, it was the sister of the apple boy. The young people are welcomed at the house of the flower girl, mother of the boy and the girl and a beautiful friendship is born between them, but Jeudi is deeply sad, as she does not remember anything of her past. Meanwhile, the child is the victim of stomach pains, so she is hospitalized, the boy seeing the poster with the size of Jeudie and Lundi, hanging on all the streets, does not hesitate to deliver them to the count's men. Thanks to Lundi's quick reflexes, the two young men manage to escape once again. The boy regrets his gesture and runs to greet Jeudi and Landi, as they leave on the train managing to deliver the two passports, but unfortunately he is killed by the count's ruthless gun. The two boys continue their journey by train and in the course of all these adventures and following some emotion, Jeudi has always had vague visions about his past. Meanwhile, the count's men have no qualms in trying to capture the two young men and even go so far as to derail a train after blowing up a bridge. After several ups and downs and meetings, Jeudi for
hiding better, he cuts his hair and disguises himself as a boy, but separates from Lundi during the train escape. Jeudi arrives in Vienna and here he meets a young composer named Leonard Aschenbach, who happens to be the author of the song "Alpen Rose", the one repeated continuously by the parrot Printemps. These being a family friend of Jeudi's parents, he recognizes her true identity: that of Alicia Brendell. Alpine Rose - Alpen RoseLeonard lives in complete isolation, as he is strictly controlled by the Nazis who have taken over Austria and who would like to force him into an act of public submission. Jeudi decides to return to Austria, challenging the Nazis, to finally be able to find his father: it is a dramatic encounter, thanks to which Jeudi finds her memory. With Leonard and Lundi he goes back to Switzerland to meet his maternal family. But who is the girl who took her place at her mother's side, and how could the grandparents accept such an imposture? The war looming over Europe has finally begun. Jeudi chooses to join Lundi, who has decided to go to France to persuade her brother to leave the Nazi party, and Leonhard follows her. The adventure immediately turns out to be very dangerous, because the two have been identified by the Germans. Fortunately they are helped by members of the Resistance which is organizing itself, slowly but spontaneously, in the occupied areas. Spring 1940: the Germans break through the French defense lines and occupy Paris. It is there that General Gizan, the head of the Swiss defense, is found incognito, and on his trail the Nazis put the best Killer at their disposal, the mysterious Tarantula. In the meantime, Jeudi and Leonhard, arrived in the French capital, also try to track down Lundi, although hunted not only by the occupiers but also by Count Gourmont.

All characters and images of Alpen Rose - Rosa Alpina are copyright Shogakkun - Tatsunoko Productions, 1985 - and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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