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Sailor Moon
Original title: Bishojo senshi Evening Mun
Characters: Bunny, Amy, Rea, Morea, Marta, Marzio, Luna, Chibiusa, Sidia, Heles, Milena, Ottavia Tomoe
Author: Naoko Takeuchi
Production: Toei Animation
: Jun'ichi Sato

Country: Japan
: March 7 1992
Broadcast in Italy: February 21 1995
Gender: Comedy / Maghette
Episodes: 46 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Girls aged 6 to 12

Sailor Moon A classic Shojo series, that is, aimed primarily at a girl audience. This cartoon has certainly left an indelible mark in the hearts of all the loyal Sailor Moon fans, for a plot full of humor, action and sentiment. The character of Sailor Moon was created by the Japanese screenwriter Naoko Takeuchi It was released as a manga in Japan in 1992. At the same time, the five TV series were also released: Sailor Moon, The Shining Moon, The Heart Crystal, The Mystery of Dreams and Star Petals. In Italy the cartoon was broadcast on Rete 4, while the comic was published by Star Comics and Kappa Magazine.

Sailor Moon

The story of Sailor Moon starts when Bunny Tsukino (Tsukino Usagi in the original Japanese), a blonde student from Tokyo, meets a kitten on the street who heals after some nasty boys had stuck patches on her forehead. Under the patch she finds a moon depicted and with her astonishment at her, she discovers that the kitten is talking about her and begins to tell him her story. This kitten, who will be called Luna, actually comes from another planet and came to earth in order to search for Princess Serenity (aka Sailor Moon) and the princesses of the warrior planets, who will have the task of saving the universe.

Video How to Draw Sailer Moon

Sailor mercury Queen Selene over a thousand years ago, it ruled from the Moon all the planets of the solar system, including the earth, in peace and harmony with all, so much so that this period was called the "Silver Millennium". But a serious threat loomed, in fact there was a parallel world called Negaverse which was the exact opposite of Selene's reign. The queen of the Negaverse was called Beryl and in her world hatred, envy, falsehood, anger and all that could be evil reigned. Queen Beryl he decided to take over the universe through the Negaforce army, therefore he declared war on the Kingdom of Selene. During the conflict, the queen sacrificed her life in order to defeat her enemies, using the very powerful silver sphere. The Queen carried her daughter, Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon) and the princesses of the planets in the future over 1000 years after his time, also transported Endimion, the future husband of his daughter Serenity. Now the Negaverse threatens the earth again and with Queen Metallia is in search of the Rainbow Crystals, thanks to which he could have the power to conquer the entire Universe. The kitten Luna therefore, despite being desperate for the reincarnation of the daughter of Serenity and the princesses of the planets, senses that Bunny may be the predestined Sailor Moon, but Bunny attending the second year of the Junior Jubaan High School, has a lifestyle that is anything but heroic and perfect.

Sailor mars She is a listless and lazy student and is a disaster in mathematics and in English, yet in the course of the first few episodes we will discover that she is the daughter of Queen Serenity: Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon A powerful warrior who fights using the moon crystal and later, also the heart crystal and the moon scepter. Once the cat reveals her true identity to Bunny, she goes in search of the princesses of the planets. She happens to be, she spots a princess of the planets right inside her school, it's her friend Amy who is actually her. Sailor mercury, the princess of Mercury, a very intelligent and generous girl.

Sailor jupiter Sailor Mercury has the power to fight with bubbles of fog and cascading water, and she can also identify the weak points of the enemies, thanks to a computer given to her by Luna. Inside a small temple, they also meet Sale, that is to say Sailor mars, the princess of Mars, a girl with a very strong personality, who has the power of fire. The fourth princess to be met � moray eel, or Sailor jupiter, the princess of Jupiter a very tall girl who has precisely the power of Jupiter, therefore after Sailor Moon she is the most powerful warrior.


Sailor venusFinally they will meet Sailor venus, the princess of Venus, aka Marta, a blonde girl and beautiful volleyball player, who has a strong charismatic power. Bunny is with Marzio, a very charming boy of whom she is very jealous, who fights with them under the name of Milord actually Edimion the betrothed of Princess Serenity. Eventually after numerous and spectacular battles Sailor Moon and the princesses of the planets, aided by the brave Milord, will manage to defeat Queen Metallia's Negaforce army, but they will lose their memory and forget their past and the battle.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor JupiterAfter their first defeat by Sailor Moon and her friends, the Negaverse decides to return to the attack and the cat Luna, manages to bring back the memory of Bunny and her friends, but not to Marzio who no longer remembers. having been Bunny's boyfriend. But the boy still feels a great love towards Bunny, therefore he will defend Princess Serenity from the difficulties that the girl will have to face in battle. Marzio will regain his memory only after the first victory of the Sailor Moon against the Negaverse army, therefore between Marzio and Bunny the lost love will be reborn. But it is precisely at this moment that an unexpected creature comes from the sky. This is Chibiusa (which means bunny), a little girl resembling Bunny in all respects. Chibiusa, with great amazement on Bunny's part, asks her for the Silver Crystal, the powerful weapon that Sailor Moon uses in battle, this shows that the girl knows all the secrets of Bunny and Sailor Moon. Chibiusa is actually the daughter of Bunny herself (Princess Serenity) and Darien from the future who went to the past to recover the princess's silver crystal, which was lost in the future, therefore the army of the Black Moon will one day be able to overwhelm his kingdom.

Chibiusa and Sailor Moon But Chibiusa does not know that the same crystal is inside her, therefore with the strength of the Silver Crystal of Sailor Moon, combined with that of Chibiusa, the two will reach such a power to defeat the warriors of the Black Moon who came from the future. Meanwhile, Marzio leaves Bunny for no apparent reason, in reality he does this to change the future and not be a source of trouble for his beloved Bunny. In any case, he will keep her under the guise of my Lord. But here appears a sixth Sailor princess, it is Sailor Pluto, the princess of Pluto, who takes the mortal name of Syria, a taciturn and mysterious girl, who defends the temporal gap between past, present and future.

In the Sailor Moon series "The Crystal of the Heart", in addition to Sailor Pluto, three other princesses of the planets make their appearance; they are Milena, the Sailor Neptunus princess of Neptune, Hellis the Sailor Uranus princess of Uranus and finally Octavia, the Sailor Saturn princess of Saturn, a girl apparently shy and fragile, but who actually represents the goddess of death. These three young warriors are looking for the three talismans that together will form the Lunar Cup. Once the Lunar Cup has been found and formed, it must be handled by a person with a noble heart. After a first indecision, the choice falls on Sailor Moon. Meanwhile Sailor Neptunus, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Uranus discover the true identity of Octavia Sailor Saturn, therefore they try to eliminate her, but this is defended by Sailor Moon and her friends Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, this is because Sailor Saturn is became very close friends with Sailor Moon's future daughter, Chibiusa. But Sailor Saturn is kidnapped by the enemies of the universe and becomes evil, so she risks killing Chibiusa. At this point Sailor Moon tries to talk to Octavia possessed by evil, so now she is no longer a Sailor and talks to her about her happy past in the company of Chibiusa, at this point Octavia regains her memory and frees herself from the enemy's yoke, transforming into Sailor Saturn and goes to sacrifice his life to defend the universe from the grave threat. Sailor Moon throws herself into the sphere of chaos to try to save Sailor Saturn and upon her return she has a baby girl in her arms representing Octavia, reborn to a new life.

Las Sailor MoonThe Sailor Moon series, "The Mystery of Dreams" (39 episodes) is dedicated to the realm of fantasy and imagination and features in addition to Sailor Moon, the child Elios and Chibiusa now grown up and become Sailor Chibiusa. It all begins when a circus arrives on earth from another planet, called Dead Moon Circus (i.e. the circus of the mortal moon), but the aim is not to entertain children and make them dream, but to kidnap children particularly imaginative, in order to take possession of the creative energy coming from their dreams. This circus is operated by two shady figures who go by the names of Zirconia and Nehelenia, both sworn enemies of the kingdom of Serenity. Zirconia and Nehelenia are in search of the god Elios, the one who defends the kingdom of dreams and it seems that it is inside a particularly imaginative and dreamy child. The Dead Moon Circus succeeds in its intent and captures several children including Elios and little Octavia (alias Sailor Moon). But the god of dreams looks for other ways to save the children and runs to help through Chibiusa's mind in the form of a winged white horse with a unicorn on its forehead, called Pegasus. Elios (Pegasus) also empowers Sailor Moon to defeat Zirconia, Nehelenia and their diabolical circus. The Sailors arrive to save the children from the Dead moon Circus, but they have to deal with the Amazonian quartet, that is, four Sailor princesses of the planets, imprisoned by the evil Nehelenia who respond to the names of Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno and Sailor Vesta. But Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus manage to get the better of them and free them, as well as Sailor Saturn who in the meantime had been made an adult by the Dead Moon Circus in order to increase their power. Once released, it will be discovered that the Amazonian quartet are for Chibiusa, the equivalent of the princesses of the planets to Princess Serenity and that Elios will be the equivalent of Marzio for Sailor Moon.

The latest series of Sailor Moon consisting of 33 episodes is titled "Star Petals for Sailor Moon" and here our princess will have to deal with the evil Sailor Galaxia. It happens that three Sailor Starlights arrive on earth in search of Princess Serenity, fleeing their planet dominated by Sailor Galaxia. These three Sailor princesses took the form of three boys called Taiki, Yaten and Seya, who will form a musical group called Threelights (three lights) and in particular Seya will have a very important role throughout the story. Galaxia has now also targeted planet earth and wants to conquer it through her automatons, but the Sailor Starlights will fight together with Sailor Moon against them, transforming into Sailor Star Stardust, Sailor Star Heart of the Future and Sailor Star Queen of Courage. Bunny, without the presence of Marzio for a long time now, makes the acquaintance of the boy Seya and a deep friendship is born between the two young people, even if they are not aware of their true identity. Seya falls in love with Bunny and learns of her true identity, but the latter still feels a strong feeling towards Marzio that she has not yet forgotten. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl called Chibi Chibi appears, able to help the Sailor warriors in their battle, against Galaxia who was now getting the better of the princesses of the planets. But Queen Galaxia in the distant past was not evil and her part of the good soul turns to Sailor Moon in the form of the Ray of Hope and invites her to defeat Sailor Galaxia to restore peace in the galaxy. Sailor Moon, however, does not want to fight a Sailor and invites her to find the ancient wisdom and lost goodness. Sailor Galaxy became evil after the reign of chaos took control of her mind, so before sacrificing herself she sent her Ray of Hope, Chibi Chibi into the universe in search of the one who could save her: Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon without the use of violence, but thanks to the use of reason, peace and hope, she receives a very intense light that frees Sailor Galaxy fromthe kingdom of Chaos and restores the ancient purity of soul lost. The ending is a hymn to hope and sincere friendship between people. Sailor Galaxy returns to her kingdom accompanied by the princesses of the planets who have become star seeds. Sailor Moon remains alone, but inside she always has all her friends talking to her. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Octavia and ... Marzio. Darien had been taken prisoner by the enemy, interested in his pure star seed and has now been brought back by Chibi Chibi. Bunny and Marzio will therefore be able to crown their dream of love for eternity, thus becoming Princess Serenity and Prince Endimion.

All characters and images of Sailor Moon are copyright Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha Toei Animation and rights holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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