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Sam the fireman

Original title: Sam The Fireman
Characters: Samuel Paitent "Sam" Jones, Charles "Charlie" Jones, Bronwyn McShell-Griffiths, Gareth Griffiths, Elvis Cridlington, Captain Basil Steele, Trevor Evans, Penny Morris, Bella Lasagna, Dilys Price, Hecir Price, Tom Thomas, Helen Flood, Mike Flood, Miss Chen, Boyce Chief Fire Officer, Moose Roberts
Author: Dave Gingell, Dave Jones, Rob Lee
Production: Bumper Films, HIT Entertainment, (Mattel)

Country: UK
: 1985 /1994
Broadcast in Italy: 1985 / 2004
Gender: Adventure / Comedy
Episodes: 145
duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Fireman Sam (original title "Fireman Sam") is a Welsh series that tells the funny adventures of the brave young Sam, his colleagues and the inhabitants of PontyPandy, a seaside town in Wales (the name is a mix of two towns really exist). The first cartoon series first made its appearance in 1985 and ended in 1994, but has remained very popular with young viewers to the present day. From 20 February 2012, from Monday

Sam the firemanSam is really the hero next door. He has all the characteristics of the model firefighter, who remains calm and composed in the face of an emergency and always offers his help to all those who need it.
Our protagonist has two grandchildren whom he loves: James and Sarah, two five year old twins. In his spare time, Sam likes to lock himself in his garage and invent new objects: his inventions range from an automatic potato picker created from old parts of a bicycle to a machine that is able to replace the city's band. Together with his firefighters and the inhabitants of PontyPandy, he experiences amazing new adventures every day.

The images of Sam the fireman are copyright © Bumper Films for S4C-Wales and are used here for information and dissemination purposes.

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