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Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer

The comic

Original title: Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer, Shalla-Bat, Galactus, Fantastic Four , the Observer
Authors: Stan LeeJack Kirby
Texts: Stan Lee

Drawings: Jack Kirby
Publishers: Marvel Comics, Corno Editorial
Year: March 1966
Gender: Cartoon action / superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

It appeared for the first time in 1966, as part of an adventure of the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer immediately aroused great interest among readers, to the point that the authors of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee e Jack Kirby in 1968 they decided to dedicate an entire register to him, where along with his adventures the origins of the character were also told. The drawings of Silver Surfer were entrusted to the talented, "Michelangelo"and mythical John Buscema, who managed with his hyperdynamic anatomical structures to give plasticity and spectacularity to the superhero movements of the cosmic herald.

Silver SurferSilver Surfer originally it was called Norrin Radd and he was a young scientist living on the planet Zenn-La, in which reigned a highly evolved civilization that had already lived for several centuries in peace and harmony, which did not even know the meaning of the word violence. On this planet, Radd loved the beautiful princess Shalla-Bal. One day the terrible Galactus, the devourer of worlds, decided to feed on Zenn-La too. Norrin Radd begged him to spare the lives of his inhabitants and offered himself to Galactus to serve him as a slave. Galactus spared the planet and transformed Norrin Radd into a cosmic being, completely covered in silver who, together with his surfboard, had the task of wandering the universe in search of planets to offer to his master: he was born like this Silver Surfer. At first Silver Surfer he had the cruel task of scouting and destroying entire galaxies and to carry out this work without remorse of conscience, Galactus had arranged to alter his memory. Silver Surfer feeds on the cosmic energy that she manages to store through her silver skin. This energy is exploited in different situations, such as emanating beams of cosmic rays from the hands with an unimaginable destructive force or commanding the single molecules of matter, to regenerate entire planets or heal wounds, but it cannot resurrect the dead. It can perceive the concentrations of large masses of cosmic energy at incalculable distances and is invulnerable to the heat of the very high stellar temperatures and absolute cold. Travel the cosmos with his surf, at a speed far superior to that of light. In a short time the Silver Surfer became the terror of the planets and was closely scrutinized by the student of the universe: the Observer. It was therefore the Observer who warned the Fantastic Four that the herald of Galactus had identified the earth as a propitious planet to feed his master. Then there was a clash between Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four who managed to take possession of the Absolute Nullifier, the weapon capable of destroying the earth. The Fantastic Four and Alicia Masters, a girl with a pure heart, forced Silver Surfer to become aware of the horror he was making. So it was that Silver Surfer he rebelled against his master Galactus, who as a punishment, created a barrier in the earth's atmosphere, impassable only by the silver superhero, who condemned him to be a prisoner on our world.

SILVER SURFERSOf all the superheroes with super problems, that of Silver Surfer it is undoubtedly that of never being able to see one's beloved Shalla-Ball on the planet Zenn-La again, in addition of course to the harsh remorse for having committed planetary crimes, which will accompany him throughout his life. Only after several adventures, Silver Surfer he managed to escape from the earth by entering another dimension called Microverse. At this point, in order to make up for all his past mistakes, he decides to devote himself to the help of all the planets of the universe in danger. The adventures of Silver Surfer thus range from one planet to another, changing scenarios and protagonists and giving this character a vast narrative potential. Among the various enemies that the Silver Surfer will encounter, we should mention the terrible Thanos of Titan, a mutant of the race of the Eternals who loves Death and has been his ally, for this reason he has carried out planetary massacres. Unable to face him alone, the Silver Surfer has often joined in Thor and other superheroes. Bringing justice back to the planets, the Silver Surfer has also attracted many enemies, such as the Skrull warriors, reptilian men who hunt him down to kill him. Another enemy of the Silver Surfer is surely Mephisto, the absolute evil that tries to take possession of the soul of the Silver Surfer. The contrast between these characters is clear, while our superhero is the emblem of purity of soul and noble sentiments, Mephisto represents the aspects of evil such as violence, evil and arrogance.

SILVER SURFERSIn 1998 Silver Surfer became a 38 episode cartoon with some differences from the original comic. A Silver Surfer character were then matched as adget and toys. The animated cartoons of Silver Surfer are currently being broadcast on Fox Kids television

Among the various designers who contributed to the success of Silver Surfer, we remember the graphic reinterpretation of the great French designer Moebius and that of the former Bonellian designer Claudio Castellini, with a hyperdynamic and superhero trait, who inspired by John Buscema and Neal Adams himself, created some masterpieces not to be missed that have helped to revive the character.

Silver Surfer is copyright Marvel Comics and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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