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Little big Timmy
Little big Timmy

Original title: Timmy Time
Timmy, Harriet the pelican, Osbourne the owl.
Author: Jackie cockle
Production: Aardman Animation
Country: UK
Year: April 6, 2009
Broadcast in Italy: December 2011
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 82
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

"Timmy, hello Timmy! You are little and go to the world ...": whoever has a child at home will certainly know the catchy refrain that resounds in the theme song of "Little big Timmy"cartoon aired from December 2011 on Rai Yo Yo, which on digital terrestrial channel 43 offers programming entirely dedicated to preschool children. 

Produced by Aardman Animations, the series first appeared on UK screens on April 6, 2009 with the title "Timmy Time", taking up some elements already present in "Shaun, sheep's life", where the Timmy lamb was among the secondary characters. In July of the same year the series also lands in Italy, on Disney Channel.

Timmy's class - Little big TimmyDespite the absence of dialogues, the short episodes (about ten minutes each) have an extraordinary communicative immediacy, capable of climbing over words and reaching small viewers simply with the lines, gestures and facial expressions of the animals. A result that owes a lot to the stop-motion technique, based on a mix of technology and craftsmanship, and currently very widespread in the production of animated films: starting from the tables of the scenes designed by the illustrators, puppets and scenographies are made modeled in plasticine, whose images are captured frame by frame and then mounted in sequence. 

The cartoon revolves around the figure of Timmy, a tender and slightly naughty little lamb who greets mom and sheep every morning and hopping on his way to kindergarten together with the teacher Osbourne (an owl), the teacher Harriet (a pink pelican) and the noisy group of his little friends: among the hills and farms we see the duck Yabba running around with a diving mask on his head, the greedy pig Paxton dressed in 'inseparable blue sweater, the riccetto Apricot, the cat Mittens, the kid kid, the fox Finlay and many other animals, in a cheerful multicolored zoo. 

the lamb Timmy and the duck YabbaUsed to being pampered and spoiled as the only lamb in the flock, Timmy will find out in kindergarten a new dimension where it is necessary to relate to others listening to their needs: similar to a talented footballer, Timmy wants to do everything by himself and be center stage, but he will have to learn that the beauty of the game and of life is not just shooting at goal and scoring, but also passing the ball to teammates. While sharing the games and the snack, he and the other puppies will understand for themselves that without whims you can have much more fun.

The key word is generosity, and you can see it well ï ¿½ eg ï ¿½ in the episode entitled "Timmy's tractor", which tells of a day in which the teacher Harriet brings to kindergarten a box full of recycled materials with which the puppies will have to make toys. Timmy builds a tractor that doesn't stand up because it only has two wheels, so what to do? With the naive bullying we see in children, without saying anything Timmy takes two bottle caps from the table Finlay and Paxton are working on: now his tractor has four wheels and is perfect. The little lamb, however, will not hesitate to dismember it and give the pieces to Yabba, Paxton, Finlay and Apricot who need them to fix their toys. Gifts to others, you know, always come back and when it's up to Timmy to be saddened by the destruction of her tractor ï ¿½ accidentally crushed by Finlay's toy car ï ¿½ friends will bring him a brand new one.

Little big TimmyIn "I can not dance", instead we find the little lamb struggling with a Hawaiian dance lesson: complete with flower necklaces and a straw skirt, in kindergarten the teachers teach exotic dance steps, but it's a pity that Timmy doesn't like that music and so on. ï ¿½ feeling not up to his companions ï ¿½ he stands sulking on the sidelines, fantasizing about being a deejay. But when the teacher Harriet makes him choose the right CD, Timmy will go wild in an energetic break dance followed by all the other puppies, also conquered by those notes.

It is not difficult to believe that this funny farm manages to get a smile not only from children, but also from adults. "Timmy, hello Timmy! ...": we already have the refrain in our heads. 

Timmy Time is copyright © Nick Park, Aardman Animations and rights holders. The images are used exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

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