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South Park


South Park

Original title: South Park
Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Stanley "Stan" Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick
Production: Celluoid Studios, Braniff Productions, South Park Digital Studios, LLC. Comedy Partners
Regia: Trey Parker, Eric Stough, Matt Stone
Country: United States
Year: 13 August 1997
Broadcast in Italy: January 6 2000
Gender: Comedy / Comedian
Episodes: 267
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Adults aged 20 and over

If you are looking for educational and good-feeling cartoons for your children, one thing is certain: keep them away from South Park. Let it be clear that this is not a negative opinion on the cartoon, but the themes, situations and dialogues dealt with are certainly understood and appreciated more by a adult public and it is no coincidence that this cartoon was broadcast on Italia1 at 24,00.
The project South Park began in 1995, when the American TV network "Comedy Central"asks two talented guys who answer to the name of Matt stone e Trey Parker, to create a first series of "South Park".

After the first airing, on August 13, 1997, this rude, transgressive and politically incorrect cartoon immediately became a "cult" in America and soon after in Europe. Matt stone e Trey Parker had already made themselves known in television circles for a short film entitled "The Spirit of Christmas", where Jesus and Santa Claus quarrel to compete for primacy over the Christmas party.
For South Park, the protagonists are kids who live in the neighborhood called South Park. We find Stan the leader of the group, a boy whose sensitive nature leads him to reflect on the things of life and to raise problems of different themes, such as homosexuality, euthanasia, etc ... CARTMAN - South ParkUnfortunately it has a small problem; strong emotions cause him to vomit (for example when talking to his girlfriend Wendy). Then there is Cartman a rude fat guy who loves cheese poofs.
Kenny instead he is a poor and unfortunate child, perpetually dressed in a hooded coat, which hides his face and makes him emit strange sounds. Its characteristic is to die punctually at each episode: trampled by cows, impaled on a pole, crushed by a boulder and in many other atrocious ways. But strangely, in each subsequent episode we find him safe and sound. Then there is, Kyle a Jewish boy with an uncommon intelligence. He has for a friend a talking Christmas poop called Mr. hanky, which always appears after the big Christmas binges, and has an elephant as a pet, which he once wanted to mate with a sow to get a mini-elephant. Whenever his friend Kenny dies he exclaims the classic phrase "Ugly Bastards!". Then, as has been said, Stan's girlfriend Wendy, very jealous and aggressive that you must always suffer the vomit of the little boy in the throes of an emotional crisis. Executive a black cook, who runs the school bar and delights in bluesy songs with really hilarious red light lyrics. He is also the sports organizer of the school teams. The school teacher is Mr Garrison, suspected of homosexuality. His characteristic is to be a ventriloquist and to express himself using a puppet called Mr. Hat or Mr. Cylinder. Among the other supporting characters in the series of South Park we find the neighborhood policeman Barnaby, always ready to hide the truth. There is Cartman's mom, the mayor who thinks about power and popularity.

Each episode of South Park is a demented saga of out of the ordinary and extravagant facts such as when aliens invade South Park making a massacre of innocent victims and insert an anal probe on Cartman, after having kidnapped Ike Klye's brother. Or when, Stan's uncle and a former Vietnamese veteran of the war, take the boys to a survival course, which is only a pretext for killing defenseless animals, after having exclaimed the justificatory phrase "Watch out, he's attacking us!". The protagonists, however, are near an erupting volcano and the appearance of a strange monster called Scannachiappolo. An episode that caused discussion is certainly the one in which Stan discovers that his dog Sparky gay, which confuses him and leads him to reflect on this issue. It will be the presence of a strange Grand Gay Al, to make Stan understand how even homosexuals can be happy with their condition. Very nice is the episode that sees the South Park boys engaged in a collection whose proceeds will be used to give humanitarian aid to an Ethiopian child and also to win a watch. After the collection and waiting for the watch as a prize, the same Ethiopian child was delivered to their homes due to a postal error. Realizing the mistake, in order not to create a diplomatic incident, the government immediately takes action, but makes yet another mistake: instead of the Ethiopian child, it sends Cartman. The animations seem like real flash cartoons, the movements of the characters are so reduced, but the stories are so crazy and funny, that even the style of the drawing becomes an integral part of the contents of the cartoon.

South Park is copyright © Matt Stone and Trey Parker and of the right holders, they are used here for informative and informative purposes.

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