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Original title: Squirrel Boy
Everett Peck
Rodney, Andy, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, Kyle, Sotodo Mike, Leon, Darlene, Oscar, Marta, Cousin Eddy, Dog Furioso, Ranger Stu, Jack Royal
Production: cartoon network
Country: United States
Year: 27 May 2006
Broadcast in Italy: April 30, 2007
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 26
Duration: 11 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

From April 30th, throughout the month of May on Cartoon Network, they will have breakfast with the children ... a squirrel and a boy, a decidedly out of the ordinary couple protagonist of SQUIRREL BOY.
Andy Johnson, our protagonist, is 9 years old and is a bit particular. He has, as a pet, a squirrel. To be precise, Rodney J. Squirrel, a small rodent with enormous ideas, comparable only to his extraordinary personality. In fact, it would be simplistic to consider him simply Andy's pet: he is his most faithful friend and his most avid supporter.

Squirrel Boy's world is hardly real. It is an idyllic fantasy, in which it is always Saturday afternoon and there is never school. Although this "buddy-comedy" takes place in the present showcasing technology and contemporary life, the setting aims to go back to the 60s, when everything seemed perhaps simpler.
The tone of the series, unlike many current shows, is neither cynical nor does it attempt to appear fashionable at all costs.
Squirrel Boy is an ode to pure fun that humorously tells the adventures of this "strange couple".

The series was created by Everett Peck, author of Duckman, a cartoonist who has a brilliant career behind him.
Before devoting himself to the creation of this brand new Cartoon Network Original, his works found space in major American periodicals such as Esquire, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Time. His works have also been presented in art galleries around the world.

All Robotboy characters and images are copyright © Cartoon Network Europe / Alphanim / France 3 and right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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