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Super Wings

Super Wings
Original title: Super Wings
Jett, Dizzy, Donnie, Jerome, Mira, Paul, Bello, Grand Albert, Jimbo, Big Wing, Roy, Tom, Sammy
Funny Flux Entertainment, Qianqi Animation, Little Airplane Productions
Country: South Korea, China, United States
Year: 1 September 2014
broadcast in Italy: 22 February 2016
Gender: Educational / Robot
Episodes: 52
Duration: 12 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

The funniest and most loved airplanes by children are back with many new episodes, with a season full of news.
From 14 October, from Sunday to Friday, at 17.45 pm on Cartoonito

The show follows the adventures of an adorable little plane named Jett, who travels around the world delivering special packages to children. Each delivery is truly unique for the little one who receives it, the packages in fact contain an object that the child desires and awaits with great fervor.
Jett, along with his friends Dizzy, Jerome and Donnie, will often find himself helping children in solving a problem or making their wish come true.
In these unprecedented episodes the friendly protagonists will be grappling with many gadgets, a new headquarters and an aircraft. Jimbo, the nice and reliable flight controller who organizes the missions of the planes, has become commander and is helped in the operations by Sky and the new entry Storm, chief engineer of the aircraft. Deliveries will become even more special, Storm in fact, thanks to the CreaSogni machine, is able to fulfill any wish requested by children, even the most imaginative. But the surprises don't stop there! Jett, in moments of greatest difficulty, can in fact request the SuperPower that will help him resolve the situation.
With their travels around the world, the protagonists of the series offer children a glimpse of the different territories, languages ​​and traditions that characterize the different cultures in the world.

The history of the Super Wings

The animated series of Super Wings was born from a collaboration between the animation studios of FunnyFlux Entertainment in South Korea, the Little Airplane Productions resident in the United States and the Chinese Qianqi Animation. The cartoon is aimed at an audience of children aged between 3 and 6 years, (but not only) because of its didactic and simple themes. The characters at least in their and the graphic part certainly draw inspiration from the animated film Disney Planes.

It is a group of robotic, talking and sentient (humanized) airplanes each with their own specific ability and characteristics, residing inside an airport. These transformers, which can become either planes, cars or bipedal robots if necessary, are recalled for their missions by Jimbo, a man who, through a console from the control tower, selects the Super Wings on the basis of the missions to be carried out. The main protagonist is Jett, a red and white airplane robot, responsible for delivering packages to be delivered to every corner of the world. Before leaving Jimbo prepares Jett by explaining the characteristics of the country where he will have to go, its customs and habits in the local language. This is a great way to teach children the first notions of geography, in fact in the cartoon Jimbo will display a map of the world, where he will indicate the geographical location of the city where Jett will have to go.

Whenever Jett delivers the package ordered by some child in the world, they involve him in a small problem concerning the object of the delivery. Jett alone cannot solve the problem, so he calls Commander Jimbo for help via a wrist video phone. Jimbo will then have to choose the most suitable Super Wings to solve that mission. Once arrived there, together with the collaboration of Jett, the Super Wings will be able to solve the problem and make the child happy.

The characters of the Super Wings:


Jett delivers a package

jett : The protagonist of the series is characterized by the colors red and white and its role is that of the delivery of packages in all cities of the world.


Dizzy: This Super Wings can transform into a rescue helicopter, thanks to the rope and towbar capable of lifting large loads. Dizzy is a "female" Super Wings and is characterized by pink and white colors.


Donnie: He is called by Jimbo when there is a need to repair something or engineer some construction. The Super Wings is characterized by the colors yellow chrome and blue. His landings are often a bit clumsy, but this adds a hint of comedy to the series.


Jerome: He too, like the other Super Wings, can take the form of an airplane, a car or a biped and when he is in this mode he does not disdain to perform in exciting dances, which are his passion. It is characterized by the dominant blue color and the yellow that colors the edge of the eyes and the ornaments of the wings.


Mira: Like Dizzy she too is a "female" Super Wings that has the characteristic of being able to dive underwater, which is why Jimbo uses her when there is the need to retrieve some object that has ended up in the middle of the sea. Mira is characterized by green and white colors.


Paul is a Super Wings policeman who comes to your aid when you need to tidy up traffic, both cars and boats. Paul is white and blue in color and features a siren with blue and red lights, located above his head.


Beautiful: is a Cessna-style aircraft, similar to a zebra and is therefore characterized by black and white stripes. It intervenes whenever you need to talk, help or make some animal think.

Great Albert
Grand Albert

Grand Albert is an old wooden plane of the 20's in orange color, characterized by a white propeller. He is called by Jimbo for any mission that requires a certain degree of experience.


  1. The kite

    The adorable airplane Jett in this episode he must deliver a special package to two siblings who live on the summit of the Himalayas: it is a kit to mount a kite. After having built it, the children compete for the object, because they both want to make it fly; in the meantime, two small red pandas arrive who steal the kite from them and take off.

    At this point Jett intervenes and chases them, but in this situation an accident occurs: the two red pandas are safe, but the kite is entangled on a tree and Jett is in turn stuck under a rock. All that remains is call the Super Wings! Thanks to the intervention of Dizzy, the rescue helicopter, both Jett and the kite are saved. In order not to upset anyone, Jett attaches a basket to the kite where the little Pandas can climb and entrusts the spool to both brothers, who understand that playing together is much more fun!

  2. The shadow theater

    Jet has to deliver a package to little Mey at her dad's restaurant, which is located in Beijing, the capital of China. Inside there is a beautiful colored puppet that the girl will use to play at theater of shadows together with his friends. It is a very suggestive show made with paper characters, whose shadows are projected on a wall thanks to the use of special lights.

    But there is a problem: Mey's father will not be able to attend the show if he fails to finish his work on time. So Jet calls the base and asks the help of the Super Wings. This time the Donnie plane arrives to solve the situation! Thanks to his precious intervention, in fact, the restaurateur will be able to attend the show of the shadow theater, staged by his daughter and her little friends. 

  3. By gondola

    Jett in this episode will fly over the Italian skies: he must deliver a package to little Luca who lives in the splendid Venice, the city of gondolas. But what will be inside it? The content is truly original: there is a carnival costume that Luca will wear to his own costume party. While he is decorating the house for the event, Luca realizes that he has forgotten to send the invitations! Luckily alongside him is Jett who will help him remedy this distraction. The two get into the gondola and personally deliver the invitation to all of Luca's friends. But at some point they find themselves stuck with a water jamWhich does not allow them to reach children who live beyond the famous Rialto Bridge. Jett calls for help to resolve the situation Super Wings. In a short time, Paul arrives, who masterfully manages to clear the canal and restore regular viability. 

  4. Hawai mission
  5. Royal puppies
  6. Sledding in the desert
  7. Ciak! Action!
  8. Emergency bubbles
  9. Race against time
  10. Mongolian stars
  11. Samba lessons
  12. The child of the pyramid
  13. Paralyzing fear
  14. gorilla bands
  15. The equilibrist number
  16. Origami Rangers
  17. Brave Vikings
  18. The super cake
  19. The mysterious castle
  20. Feathery friends
  21. Paint friends
  22. Birthday party
  23. Race in the ice
  24. Pop star
  25. Boonyng takes a bath
  26. Family dinner

    All characters and images are copyright © FunnyFlux Entertainment, Qianqi Animation, Little Airplane Productions and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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