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The comic

Original title: Superman
Clark Kent / Superman, Jor-El, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Perry White, Otis, Jimmy Olsen, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Eve Teschmacher, Vond-Ah, Lara Lor-Van
Authors: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Publishers: DC Comics

Italian publisher: The books of audacity
: United States
Year: June 1938
Gender: Cartoon adventure / superheroes
Periodicity: Monthly
Recommended age: Comic strip for everyone
In June 1938 he made his first appearance Superman, the progenitor of all super heroes. Published in the first issue of the register "Action comics" (of the Detective Comis), soon achieved a resounding success with the public especially among the very young as his stories rich in science fiction, war, mystery and adventure gave rise to a new type of hero, no longer set in exotic landscapes, such as Tarzan o the Masked Man, but inside a modern American city and embodied the myth of an ancient popular tradition: that of the superman. Superman was conceived in 1933 by Jerry Siegel e Joe Shuster, but its publication was accepted only by the far-sighted DC comics as the other publishing houses believed those stories too original and not very commercial. The Superman story starts on a planet light years away from earth: Krypton. It happened one day that the scientists of that planet, after careful studies, announced to the population that the life of their world had come to an end, as it would explode within a few days. Superman's father, the scientist Jor El, he then proposed to his other colleagues, a plan to save the entire population of Krypton by transferring it to another planet, but it was not heeded.

The father of SupermanHe then decided, together with his wife Lara, to save at least his son Kal-El, so during the first earthquakes that heralded the disastrous cataclysm, he put the newborn on board a small spaceship which he directed towards the planet most similar to Krypton in terms of climate and atmosphere: the Earth. As the rocket took off towards the cosmos, the planet Krypton shattered and exploded like a supernova. The calculations of Jor El turned out to be correct and the spaceship with the newborn on board, alive and well, landed near Metropolis, an American city. This happened under the eyes of the elderly couple Jonathan e Martha Kent, who were passing by at that moment by chance in their car. The two headed curiously towards that strange object and soon realized that it contained a baby, as they heard him cry and managed to rescue him before the rocket caught fire. Kent they had no children, but despite this, they decided to entrust the little one to the care of an orphanage. But soon the doctors and nurses realized the extraordinary ability of the little Superman, he had a frightening strength, able to lift beds, cabinets and even the doctors themselves, he was also able to fly from one room to another and destroy toys only by squeezing them between your fingers. The doctors were therefore happy to get rid of the little alien, when the Kents decided to adopt him and bring him to live in their cottage in the village of Smallville, they decided to call him Clark Kent. During the period of his adolescence, Clark Kent he found it appropriate not to reveal his super powers, which made him different from ordinary people, and learned to control them. The planet Krypton had oneSuperboy force of gravity far superior to that of the Earth (as it was larger), therefore Clark on Earth behaves as do spaceships on the Moon, that is, he flies with small jumps and objects that are heavy for us, are for him 1000 times lighter that's why it lifts cars, planes, trains etc ... with incredible ease Superman he is also endowed with other powers, in fact he has an x-ray supervisor able to look beyond the walls and a super hearing, these properties come in handy when he has to look for some criminal. It can also fly at a speed higher than that of light and in fact its ritual phrase before taking off is: <Away faster than light!>.In his private life he grows up, filling his adoptive parents with satisfaction,as he becomes a model student,but when he learns of some injustice he puts on the clothes of Superboy and takes action.When the Kents die, Clark decides to move to the city of Metropolis in search of a job. He is hired as a journalist by the local newspaper "Daily planet" directed by Perry White and in this way he can therefore, become aware of all the crimes and social injustices that can set in motion his alter ego Superman.

When in this profession, Clark wears a double-breasted suit, Clark Kenthe hides his face with a pair of thick glasses and is always shy and awkward. During his work, when as a reporter he witnesses some robbery or some crime, he rushes into the first telephone booth he meets, strips off his civilian clothes and reveals the costume of Superman which he always keeps hidden, pronouncing the famous phrase: < This is a job for Superman!>. Her costume (clearly inspired by the circus) is made up of a light blue tightswith a shield on his chest depicting a large S, he has a slip, red boots and a cape of the same color.Within the Daily Planet, he becomes a colleague of the journalist Louis Lane, a cute girl who falls madly in love with Superman, but whom she despises Clark Kent, who in order to hide his true identity proves to be cowardly and fearful, in all respects different from Superman. Louis Lane is therefore constantly looking to discover the true identity of the Steel Man, with whom he also manages to have a little flirtation, but Superman himself is forced to escape her both to defend his true identity, and because in reality he would like Louis not to fall in love with the superhero, but with his figure as an ordinary man, that of Clark Kent. Clark's greatest friend becomes the young man Jimmy Olsen, the photographer of the "Daily Planet", engaged to Lucy Lane, the sister of Louis Lane, he is also Superman's best friend, thanks to which he has a radio watch with which he can get in touch, at any time, in short ... a kind of wrist cell phone.

As with Batman and any self-respecting superhero, Superman also has his enemy number one and this is it Lex Luthor, a mad scientist who would like to conquer the world and destroy Superman, thanks to fantastic machines and ingenious gadgets. Often adventures with Lex Luthor they cross over into parallel dimensions where the roles are reversed and in this case Lex Luthor becomes "good", while Superman is "bad". In this universe, Lex Luthor marries Louis Lane and gives birth to their son Alex Luthor, a character who will become fundamental for the following stories of Superman.Other Supernemics include "The Parasite" who can absorb Superman's powers just by touching him. L' Sand Man a being born from a footprint left by Superman himself on the sand, after a violent nuclear explosion, the Sand Man almost always manages to put our hero to the test. Then there is Bizarre an imperfect copy of Superman, created in the laboratory using a Lex Luthor doubling machine. We also remember Brainiac, a space criminal able to shrink entire cities with all the population and collect them inside glass bells. But the nicest and most extravagant enemy is undoubtedly a little man coming from the fifth dimension, with an impronounceable name: Mr. Mxyzptlk. He has extraordinary powers that he uses to mock Superman and the earthlings, the only way to send him back to his world is to make him repeat his name backwards.Then there are also theRiddler (also enemy of Batman), the Joker and toymaker.But the Achilles heel of Superman, the weapon Lex Luthor often uses is undoubtedly the Kryptonite, a mineral from the fragments of its own planet of origin, which has different properties based on its coloring. Green Kryptonite, the most widespread, diminishes Superman's superpowers, even leading to his death. Red kryptonite can make you lose your memory or turn Superman into another being, but it only lasts for twenty-four hours. Blue kryptonite only affects the copy created by Lex Luthor, Bizarre, while for Superman it is harmless. White kryptonite is also harmless to the Man of Steel, but not to planet Earth, as it destroys all its vegetation. However, gold kryptonite is very powerful, in fact it is able to deprive Superman of all his superpowers.Since the 50s, Superman is supported in his exploits by a superhero with his same powers, it is about Supergirl, his cousin, who lived in Argo CityMore, a city on the planet Krypton, rescued as part of an entire explosion fragment. It too has a secret identity that responds to the name of Lind Lee Danver, while her Kryptonian name is Kara El. But in the world of Superman, there are not only supermen, superwomen and supervillains, but also superanimals, all from the planet Krypton and all wearing a red cape. Just the super loyal superdog friend of Superboy, he takes the name of Krypton and is also gifted with his canine superpowers. Then there is streak the super cat of Supergirl e Comet his superhorse that can read minds. Beppo it is instead a superscimietta.

Superman has three secret shelters of which two are located in the depths of the sea, while the laboratory, also called "The fortress of solitude"is at the North Pole. Here Superman takes refuge when he is in the throes of some crisis of melancholy or nostalgia and is consoled by looking at his trophies, a sign of his many adventures and awards obtained.The door to this shelter can only be opened by a giant key, which of course, only Superman can use. Superman makes its first appearance in Italy in September 1939 in the weekly Audace and starting from 1954, appears with some regularity on the "Albi del Falco"of Mondadori with the name of Nembo Kid, what does it mean "Cloud boy", therefore the famous one was canceled S from the chest. In these publications, Mondadori also had some stories made by Italian screenwriters. Many films, TV series and cartoons have been drawn from the character of Superman, but the most famous and most expensive is always the film masterfully interpreted by Christopher Reev in 1979.

Superman is Copyright © DC Comics, and is used here for information and information purposes.

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