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Tarzan (comic)

The comic

Original title: Tarzan
Tarzan, Jane, Cita
Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Publishers: United Feature Syndicate

Italian publisher: Mondadori
: United States
Year: 1912
Gender: Cartoon adventure
periodicity: Monthly
Recommended age: Comic strip for everyone

The character of Tarzan was born thanks to the novel "Tarzan of the Apes"(Tarzan of the Apes) of the American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs published in 1912 in the magazine "All-Story". Following the huge public success, it was printed in the form of a book and became known

Tarzan's story, begins when two English noble spouses, Alice and John Clayton Greystoke, due to a shipwreck, they managed to reach the African coast of Angola and enter the jungle. Here they tried to survive, adapting to forest life, with the precarious means they had available. Alice gave birth to a baby, but a dramatic event happened: both she and her husband John died following the attack of some ferocious animals, therefore the baby Greystoke still a baby, he was left alone in the forest. He survived thanks to the help of a group of monkeys who heard him cry and intrigued, approached him and raised him as one of their cubs. Tarzan it grew strong and robust, developing exceptional physical and athletic qualities. He learned all the behavior and language typical of monkeys and learned

Tarzan struggles with the snake

He is armed with a dagger and sometimes also with a bow and arrows, but kills only in cases of extreme danger. Tarzan subsequently met Jane, daughter of an English scholar, who fell in loveI Tarzan, you Jane". Jane am Juniors.

In addition to the numerous books and films that were made on Tarzan, this character reached a great notoriety also through the comics drawn by two great American artists such as Burne Hogart e Harold Foster from 1929. Their rich and imaginative trait in the construction of vegetation and dynamism in the anatomical structure of Tarzan and animals, contributed greatly to feed the imagination of the boys of those years, towards the fascinating and mysterious world of the African jungle and the character of Tarzan, who represented the very symbol of freedom from the schemes of modern life.

As for the cartoon series, the episodes of "Tarzan, the lord of the jungle"broadcast on raidue in 1978. In this cartoon, the character's drawings refer much to the characterization given by Hogart and Foster. In addition to the clean line and the backgrounds, they above all affect the naturalness of the character's movements (to be honest

Tarzan's version of the Walt Disney arrives in 2000 and differs greatly from the styles discussed so far. In fact, Tarzan's physiognomy is inspired more by the actor's somatic features Christopher Lambert in the movie "Greystoke: the legend of Tarzan"and the movements are more

Much of the notoriety Lex Barker, Gordon Scott e Johnny Weissmuller, the latter already Maureen O'Sullivan in the part of Jane and together they played one of the pi

Tarzan's character, names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Edgar Rice Burroughs Burne Hogart Walt Disney. Vthey are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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