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Tex Willer

Original title: Tex
Tex Willer, Kit Carson, Kit Willer, Tiger Jack

Authors: Gian Luigi Bonelli, Aurelio Galleppini
Publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore
: Italy
: 30 September 1948
Gender: Western comic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Tex Willer was born in 1948 from Gianluigi Bonelli (for texts) e Aurelio Galleppini (for drawings) and is the most famous character in western comics in Italy. Even today, after more than fifty years, Tex Willer finds many admirers even among the very young. In fact, very often, collections of Tex they are handed down from father to son, covering several generations. Born in a time when the "good" were the whites and the "bad" the Indians, Tex Willer he was a hero who, anticipating the times, integrated himself with the life of the Indians, in particular with the Navajos, so much so that he became their leader and took the name of "Eagle of the Night". In any case, as a good Ranger, his principle is to fight injustices, wherever they are. In his adventures he often accompanies three other exceptional pards.

Kit carsonKit Carson, Tex's inseparable friend, who despite not being a young man (over sixty) Still very skilled at shooting and giving a hard time to bandits; because of his graying hair, the Indians call him "Silver hair"Among Tex Willer's friends he is certainly the funniest of the group, with his pessimism and his jokes he manages to color even the most desperate situations with comedy.Willer Kit Willer Kit he is Tex's son and good blood does not lie. Born to mother Navajos (the squaw Lilith), Kit Willer ("Little Hawk" for the Navajos) is a robust twenty year old who uses the gun almost like his father Tex Willer and knows how to ride very well, in the Indian way, as he was born and lived among them. Tiger Jack A taciturn and faithful Navajo, very skilled in following the tracks or stalking suspicious people, he knows how to shoot and use the typically Indian weapons, such as arrows, tomahawks and spears, but usually uses the rifle. Skilled in the fight is the inseparable friend of Tex and in particular of Kit Willer. We have often wondered why the success of Tex Willer, even disturbing the political currents (one wonders if he is right or left), but most likely the reason lies in the characteristics of the character, ironic, gritty, honest, the enemy of the oppressed and injustices, sworn enemy of bureaucracy and unscrupulous rulers, solves problems with the hard way, without mincing words with fist fights and "hot lead", but also with great intuitions. Despite everything, Tex Willer kills only in self-defense the phrase that says to an outlaw is famous: "Have you ever heard of Tex Willer?"Tex said in the shelter, behind the rocks"Tex Willer, the lone executioner?"The bandit answered"Just me, and if you've heard of me, you'll also know that I only kill those who deserve to be killed".Tiger Jack The first adventure, "The mysterious totem", took place in a Canyon of the Arizzona, a region that will be the most frequent theater of our hero's adventures. Tex Willer he showed up from the first strip riding his beautiful thoroughbred "Dynamite", armed with his Colt 45 and fighting the evil Coffin. "For all the devils, are they still on my ribs?" this was his first sentence. Tex Willer initially he was an outlaw, but after having known Kit carson He joined the rangers corps. He fought the Civil War with the Northerners, despite being a Texan, as a defender of slave rights. He fought for the freedom of Mexico. Tex Willer has become leader of the Navajos after marrying the daughter of the great boss Lilith, who, however, died very young, due to a disease transmitted by infected blankets, by a gang of criminal merchants. Tex Willer will succeed later, to avenge her. Lilith she was the only woman that Tex loved, in fact he is no longer linked to anyone else and the few female figures that appear in the episodes are often, beautiful, cynical and wicked. Although his adventures are set with real themes and places (arms traffickers, cutthroats, bandits, rebel Indians, corrupt politicians, etc.) some episodes move into the supernatural enor by chance, his enemies par excellence are Mephisto, the magician and his son Yama. At first Mephisto he was only a hypnotist, only later did he become a great magician after being initiated by the monk Tibetan Padma. With Yama instead we remember the beautiful episode entitled "Yama". To help Tex Willer and his pards against the magical arts of Mephisto often thinks about it The Moorish, a great student of occult sciences and black magic.

Among the many enemies of Tex Willer we remember "El Muerto", a gunslinger disfigured in the face following a fire (hence the name "The dead" in Spanish). These want to avenge his robber brothers, killed by Tex Willer. The story of "El Muerto" is one of the most beautiful and compelling of Tex's books and some time ago a semi-animated cartoon was also made. One who gave our protagonists a lot of trouble (Tex and Kit Carson know something) was the Black Tiger, a Malaysian prince who swore revenge against the Americans, the cause of the loss of his wealth. Two gigantic thugs act as bodyguards against whom Tex and Kit can do nothing on the physical level.Tex has also entered the science fiction genre several times, in fact he has come across humanoid aliens and plant creatures. Tex's stories were written by Gianluigi Bonelli until the mid-eighties, later he was succeeded by Claudio Nizzi. Gianluigi Bonelli is rightly considered the "patriarch" of Italian comics since, in addition to Tex, he wrote many of those comic stories that it seems inappropriate to me to mention them all in these pages, we remember at least "Furio", "The three Bill "and" Yuma Kid ". It seems that many sides of Tex's personality are the same as the author. Born in 1908 in Milan, he died in Alessandria on 12 January 2001. Aurelio Galeppini (aka Galep), the graphic creator of Tex, continues his activity up to number 400 of Tex (designing the cover). His great passion, however, was interrupted by his death, which took place in Chiavari on March 10, 1994. We owe a lot to the success of the character, as with his quick stroke, he was also able to characterize the psychological aspect. he was portrayed as a self-confident and ironic man, at times even apparently detached from events. Among the many designers we also remember Guglielmo Letteri, Giovanni Ticci, Ferdinando Fusco, Erio Nicolò and the current (and extraordinary) designer of the covers, Claudio Villa. The stories of Tex, even today, continue to thrill and transmit that taste for adventure and the west, managing to cross unscathed the fashions and genres of the moment.

Tex Willer is copyright Sergio Bonelli Editore and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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