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What a dragon of a dragon

Original title: Potatoes and Dragons
Ick marshall
King Barbis III, Melody, Harry, Riri, Juju, Miss Green, Merlin, Dragon
Production: Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc., Alphanim, CINAR
Country: France
Year: 2003
Broadcast in Italy: 2005
Gender: Comic / Fantasy
Episodes: 78
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Che drago di un drago cartoons (original title Potatoes and Dragons) air on Italia 1 dal Monday to Friday at 6,50am. The series is produced by Alphanim / CINAR and consists of 78 episodes lasting 10 minutes each.

The story is set in Potato Kingdom where we find the king Barbis III. Despite his small reign, the king is committed to behaving like a true statesman. Visit his subjects, listen to their complaints and try to rule with justice. In addition, he documents himself with financial newspapers and engages in election campaigns. Unfortunately, the king does not give peace to the presence of a Dragon who lives in a cave and who makes fun of him. To put an end to this calamity, Barbis III appeals to all the knights specialized in dragon hunting, promising the hand of his daughter to the first who manages to kill the dragon. The king's daughter, Princess Melodine however, she is in love with Riri, the court joker. Riri, for his part, does everything to put the knights in difficulty, organizing tricks and jokes against them, to make them appear ridiculous. Every now and then he is helped by his friends Juju e Wizard Merlin.

king Barbis III

The story of the Dragon begins long ago, when the dragons retired from the world to hide in the middle of the mountains, where no one could find them. Only one family had been stubborn enough to continue to be close to men. The dragon in our history is a descendant of that particularly difficult family. For generations, the men of the Potato Kingdom and the Dragons have struggled to own this small territory. Our dragon is determined to respect tradition. He is not interested in giving so many problems to the inhabitants of the kingdom, but he enjoys making fun of little King Barbis III and every time he sees him, he incinerates his beard.
In the first episode, we find King Barbis who receives a visit from an inspector from the association for the protection of dragons and wishes to see the local dragon, to make sure he is well looked after. King Barbis realizes that the much hated dragon belongs to a species in danger of extinction, therefore it must be protected and protected. In another episode the knight Sir Jochim Clean, has discovered that a colleague of his has invented a machine that will turn the dragon into a waste incinerator, so it will be possible to solve the problem of disposing of the kingdom's garbage.

Princess Melodine

King Barbis already plans extraordinary deals, and already imagines renting the incinerator to neighboring kingdoms to be able to buy the car of his dreams, but unfortunately things are not going the right way for the poor and unfortunate king. In another story, snow has fallen on the Potato kingdom and an abominable snowman has arrived, threatening to defeat the dragon with snowballs. Riri, melodine and Juju have to get to work right away to help their dragon friend. Meanwhile, King Barbis practices ice skating in preparation for the world championships.


All characters and images of What a Dragon of a Dragon are copyright Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc./Alphanim/CINAR, 2003 and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.



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