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the enchanting Creamy

Original title: Maho no tenshi Creamy Mami
Yu Morisawa / Creamy Mami, Toshio Otomo, Midori Kisaragi, Posi, Pino Pino, Candida, Filippo, Jingle Pentagram, Duenote Ayase, Hayato Kidokoro, Mamoru Hidaka, Joe Serpe

Production: Pierrot
Authors: Kazunori Ito, Yuko Kitagawa
: Osamu Kobayashi, Tomomizu Mochizuki

Country: Japan
Year: 1 July 1983
Broadcast in Italy: February 3 1985
Gender: Comedy / Maghette / Music
Episodes: 52
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

the enchanting CreamyThe enchanting Creamy (original title Maho no tenshi Creamy Mami: Sweet Creamy, the angel of magic) Was produced in Japan in '83 from Pierrot study, Directed by Osamu Kobayashi e Tomomi Mochiruki. The character design is Akemi Takada. In Italy the same series arrived in '85 and - as was to be expected! - it was a resounding success (I didn't miss an episode). The manga instead, made by Yoko Kitagawa e Karumori Ito, will arrive in our country in the 90s published by Star comics in the Amici series, to end in '99 with an edition dedicated only to Creamy. The songs sung by the beautiful and seductive rock star answer the voice of Takako Ota for the Japanese version, ea Cristina D'Avena for the Italian one. The backing tracks have remained the original ones (only the lyrics change). The protagonist of our story is Yu Morisawa, a nice and lively nine year old girl.

the enchanting CreamyHer parents work in a pastry shop: they are young - especially the father is a little distracted - and they have an excellent relationship with their daughter, even if they often don't understand her too many mysteries! And then there is the inseparable friend toshio; Yu He is in love with her, for this reason he teases her good-naturedly, however he is always present and ready to help his little friend. His life will get complicated when one evening Yu, escorting a spacecraft in the sky, will chase it together with toshio. Once at the landing point, only she will see the Crystalline Ark: Yu will know the elf Pino Pino, owner of the ark and inhabitant of the planet Feathered Star. Open parenthesis: all humans know the Feathered Star, only to forget its existence when they go to inhabit the earth. However this place survives in children still immersed in the world of fantasy and imagination. Pine Pine it has indeed found its ark right inside the enchanting Creamya dream of Yu; therefore he decides to reward her by giving her a magical medallion, the effects of which will vanish within a year. He also entrusts her with two kittens, Posi and Nega. These are able to speak, but only Yu understands them, and they will have the task of following her and helping her, so that her actions will be successful (they will have a lot to do! Yu will use his magical powers to transform himself into Creamy (Creamy is the name of the parents' shop); to do this he must recite a formula: Pampuru, Pimparu, Parimpamp and that's it! Creamy is a beautiful teenager with sinuous shapes, a sweet and melodious voice, which will soon become a rock star loved by an audience of young and old and by Toshio Then a Yuamidst a thousand amusing adventures, he will have to be able to keep his powers secret from father, mother and Toshio even if the latter feeds suspicions, since it always happens that when there is Creamy there is never Yu and vice versa. At the end of this game of fantasy, transformation and a pinch of magic, Yu will remain in reality. However Creamy will never completely disappear, because she will always live in Yu ( Yu sixteen), who in the meantime has discovered herself in a year of magic. This splendid cartoon teaches us that fantasy and lively escapism into the world of dreams help overcome difficult moments, the usual insecurity that characterizes the years of puberty. So dream guys! How does Yu. Not to deny yourself, but to discover and enhance your qualities.

by Helga Corpino

Creamy is copyright © Osamu Kobayashi - Tomomi Mochiruki - Akemi Takadao and of the right holders, the names and images are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles
01. The Ark of the Feathered Star
02. A star is born
03. The debut
04. Climbing to the top ten
05. Creamy's secret is in danger
06. The legendary deer
07. Creamy and the grandfather
08. The miraculous duet
09. A midsummer fairy
10. Hi Catherine
11. Dad is a middle-aged biker
12. The ghost of the study
13. The sweetest Creamy in the mirror
14. The lord of my dreams
15. The rainbow colored angel
16. The memory that vanished into the sea
17. The timeless forest
18. The adventures of Warashi
19. A day full of adventures
20. The dangerous gift
21. An eventful party
22. Midori and the fife
23. The parasol star
24. Creamy and the bear
25. Big trouble at the song festival
26. Goodbye magical powers
27. To the feathered star
28. The newcomer
29. Panic at the cable car
30. A letter to the grandmother
31. Dancing, what a passion
32. The Valentine's cake
33. Nega's sneeze
34. Joe Serpe on the counterattack
35. Pentagram, a woman?
36. The circus of galaxies 1985
37. Marion's eyes
38. A very exclusive club
39. Ozilla, the sea monster
40. Crepes versus assorted pancakes
41. Don't study too much, Yu!
42. Creamy against Yu
43. Run, Yu, run!
44. SOS
45. The child with supernatural powers
46. ​​Creamy's favorite pianist
47. Creamy's first kiss
48. The first date of Yu and Midori
50. Creamy disappears
51. Is it the end?
52. Creamy's last concert
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