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Maya Kitajima - Maya's big dream
Original title: Glass no kamen
Characters: Maya Kitajima, Rei Aoki, Yu Sakurakoji, Chigusa Tsukikage, Ayumi Himekawa, Masumi Hayami, Sayaka, Head of the Ondine company
Author:Suzue Miuchi
Production: Eiken
Regia: Gisaburo Sugii
: Japan
: April 9 1984
Broadcast in Italy: May, 20th 1985
Gender: Dramatic
Episodes: 23 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The cartoon series Maya's great dream is taken from the manga comic Glass no kamen (The glass mask in the Italian translation) designed and written by the author Suzue Miuchi and published for the first time in Japan in 1976 in the magazine Hana to yume from the Hakusensha publishing house. Produced by Eiken, the anime was broadcast in Italy in 1984 for a total of 23 episodes lasting 25 minutes each, while the comic was published by Star Comics' Orion in 2001, but the series has not yet ended.

Maya Kitajima and Chigusa Tsukikage - Maya's big dreamThe story stars Maya Kitajima, a 16-year-old girl who lives with her mother Haru in the port city of Yokohama. The mother works in a small restaurant and Maya helps her with home deliveries, but the girl is distracted as her mind is occupied by a single and great interest: the theater. Maya's great dream is precisely to be able to one day play and interpret different dramatic roles. Unfortunately, his mother does not understand his great passion and constantly reproaches it, for his distractions during work. One day, however, she is noticed by a former actress, while Maya improvises a small show for children in a park. The woman has a very mysterious aspect as she is dressed in black and has half of her face covered with long black hair, moreover her ways are very abrupt, so much so that she holds Maya by force, to convince her to join his theater company as he has noticed a great talent, yet to be cultivated.

Chigusa TsukikageIn an attempt to free Maya, he pulls back the lady's hair, which reveals a horrible scar on her face. In the days following that meeting Maya manages to attend the show of the "Lady of the camellias" and here she meets the young Ayumi Himekawa, her same age but already an established and very talented actress. Also present at the theater was the mysterious lady in black, who finds a ploy to meet Maya again, orders home deliveries from the restaurant and when Maya shows up, Mrs. Chigusa Tsukikage (this is her name) asks her to tell her about the show that had seen. Maya ecstatic, remembers all the lines by heart and in this the former actress, has a further confirmation of the innate talent of the girl. Mrs. Chigusa was a very famous actress, so much so that she was the only one to interpret the protagonist of "The Scarlet Goddess", a play for which she now owns the rights. But a serious accident that disfigured her face forced her to abandon her career, and now her only goal is to find a worthy heir who can play the role of the "Scarlet Goddess". AyumiMaya is increasingly convinced of her path and is looking for a theater company to study, but unfortunately these are too expensive, including the Ondine Company of which the good Ayumi Himekawa belongs and where she meets the young entrepreneur Masumi Hayami, of the theatrical production house. Daito Geinoo, who saves her from two ferocious dogs, while the girl witnessed the rehearsal, looking out of a window. Masumi would like to stage "The Scarlet Goddess", but Mrs. Tsukikage does not want to give up the rights, as she has not yet decided who will play the main role, so they have very heated clashes. Lto Mrs. Chigusa Tsukikage, he decides to take Maya into his company, who however works in Tokyo. Despite her mother's disapproval, Maya runs away from home and embarks on a long journey that will lead her to the Tsukikage theater company. Here he meets other aspiring girls such as Taiko Kasuga, Sayaka Minazuki and Rei Aoki. But Ms. Haru arrives, desperate, has joined her daughter in Tokyo and has a heated verbal confrontation with Ms. Tsukikage. After understanding what his daughter's decision is, he orders her not to be seen again. Maya and Chigusa TsukikageMaya soon realizes that the theater school is very tough and Mrs. Tsukikage proves to be an iron sergeant, as she scolds her for every small mistake, even beating her, but the apex of her cruelty reaches him when she burns the dress that Maya's mother had sent her to be forgiven, this in order to sever any link with the past. Meanwhile Maya to pay for her studies, works as a waitress and here she meets a kind boy named Yuu, who falls in love with her. Yuu invites her to see the rehearsals of the company of Daito Geinoo, where Ayumi works and here she meets again the young entrepreneur Masumi. Ayumi decides to attend the Tsukikage company rehearsals in turn and to be able to participate in the exercises. She is put to try together with Maya, who does not look bad in front of the established actress, who tries to put her in difficulty, as she has identified her dangerous talent.

Maya plays BethMs. Tukikage decides to stage "Little Women" and entrusts the role of Beth to Maya. Despite the initial difficulties in getting into that character and the envy of her colleague Sayaka, Maya after numerous tests in her room, manages to perfectly interpret the housewife and patient girl of "Little Women", including the difficult scene where she is feverish. Due to the quarrel with Tukikage for copyright, Masumi boycotted the play of "Little Women", causing newspaper critics to destroy the work, passing it off as a sensational fiasco, which will cause a crisis. heart to Mrs. Tukikage. But Maya's performance is so extraordinary, that Masumi is struck by that girl's talent. After reading the newspapers, Maya is dismayed and questions her qualities as an actress, but she receives beautiful scarlet roses from a mysterious admirer, who encourages her to continue acting. This is actually Masumi, who has fallen in love with Maya, but at the same time in front of the girl he proves cynical and rude, to show all his contempt towards the Tukikage company, therefore Maya does not suspect her feelings at all. Maya and her admirerThe meeting between the two will take place during the rehearsal of "Anna of miracles", where Maya will have to prove that she is better than Ayumi. In fact, Maya will rehearse at the summer villa of the mysterious admirer, who will arrive while she is acting blindfolded, to focus more on the part, the two will embrace, but Maya will not be able to know that "the giver of roses" is actually Masumi . After that meeting, even without knowing each other, a strong attraction will arise between the two, so much so that Masumi himself will frighten for those feelings he had never experienced. Maya, on the wings of enthusiasm, will win the Critics and Academy of Dramatic Art Prize for the interpretation of Elen, which she dedicates to her great mysterious love.

All characters and images of Maya's Big Dream - Glass no kamen are copyright Suzue Miuchi - Eiken - and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles
01. An important meeting
02. The scarlet rose
03. A pretty rival
04. The lonely battle
05. A great satisfaction
06. The enemies of the company
07. Alone on the stage
08. The warm heart of Masumi
09. A movie actress
10. A new attempt
11. The infallible Maya
12. I am Catherine
13. Love is a mosaic
14. In the guise of a doll
15. The underground theater
16. The image of the mother
17. Where is the friend of the roses?
18. A challenge for Helen
19. A hard-fought hearing
20. The two Helen
21. Maya, a candidate for an award
22. Towards new dreams
23. My Maya
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