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Los 4 Fantasticos

Fantastic Four

The comic

Original title: Fantastic Four
Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, The Human Torch, Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards, Doctor Destiny, Mole Man, Super-Skrull, Annihilus, The Puppeteer, Diablo, The Skrulls, The Kree, Klaw, Galactus, Thanos, Inhumans , The Terrible Four, Wizard, Sand Man, Trapster, Dragon Man, Kang the Conqueror,
Authors: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Texts: Stan Lee

Drawings: Jack Kirby
Publishers: Marvel Comics, Corno Editorial
Year: November 1961
Gender: Cartoon action / superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Fantastic Four, were born in 1964 from the super-prolific mind of Stan Lee (real name Stanley Lieber). We owe him the main superheroes of the American publishing house "Marvel Comics": Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman, Dare devil, Thor , X-men etc .... Stan Lee joined the publishing company "Marvel Mystery Comics" in 1939 and after a long and successful career, he became the director and changed its name. Together with the legendary designers such as Jack Kirby, John Buscema and John Byrne, he wrote a fundamental page in the history of comic superheroes. Fantastic Four (in the American original "The Fantastic Four") are composed of the following superheroes: Reed Richard (Mister Fantastic), Ben Grimm (the thing), Susan Storm (the invisible woman) and Johnny Storm (the human torch). It all began when the young scientist Reed proposed an experimental journey into space to the rest of the group. Despite the opposition of the pilot Ben Grimm, the four left aboard a rocket. During the voyage, the four astronauts were fully invested by cosmic rays that operated in them extraordinary and fantastic transformations.

Fantastic Four

Reed Richards began to stretch as the cells of his body became a rubber-like substance, but very strong. Benjamin Grimm became a monstrous being composed of many stones and endowed with a Herculean strength equal to that of a thousand men, during the transformation Susan said "You are transforming yourself into a thing ...", this will be his new name: the Thing . Johnny Storm's body became incandescent and started to catch fire, and being lighter than air it allowed him to fly, launch fiery rays and fireballs: from that moment it was called "The human torch". Susan Storm began to disappear and reappear according to her will; it will therefore take the name of "The invisible woman".

Susan will also be able to create an invisible indestructible defense field, useful to defend the quartet in case of great danger. Mister Fantastic is the leader of the Fantastic Four and can take on the strangest forms. It is immune to bombs and bullets because its body, thanks to its enormous degree of elasticity and plasticity, can take hits of all kinds without being damaged. He wears a blue jumpsuit made of a fabric composed of unstable molecules. The Thing is the strongest of the fantastic four, has four fingers in each hand and three in each foot and is continually tormented by existential crises that push him into fits of anger that also lead him to violent quarrels with his friend Johnny Storm .

Fantastic Four

In the Marvel universe, in terms of strength, it is only less than Hulk e Thor, while it is superior to all others. Susan Strorm is the wife of Reed Richards and from their union was born Franklin, a child endowed with incredible powers that are partly still unexpressed. The Fantastic Four have as their operational headquarters the "Baxter Building" which is also the super-laboratory of Mister Fantastic. This is where the ingenious technological inventions are born, which will help create exciting and thrilling adventures. As in any self-respecting series, even the fantastic four have an enemy # 1, this is the dr. Destiny, a former fellow student of Reed Richards who, following a wrong experiment, using a Reed machine to communicate with the underworld, disfigured his face and was forced to wear an iron mask perpetually ever since. As brilliant as Mister Fantastic in his inventions, he attributes the origin of his ills to the latter, so he continues a personal battle against the Fantastic Four and the whole world. Often in their adventures, the Fantastic Four team up with other super heroes from the Marvel universe.

Fantastic Four

The most frequent are the "Inhumans" of which the "love story" between Johnny Storm and Crystall is famous, or Silver Surfer protagonist in the adventures against the terrible Galactus and many others. In order to relaunch the series, there has been a restructuring of the characters by "Marvel Comics". The task of the cover illustrations was given to the whimsical Mike Wieringo, while the cast of authors is composed of Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin with scripts by Karl Kesel and drawings by Mark Bagley. The stories see the return of the Inhumans, Doctor Doom and a terrible secret revealed for Mister Fantastic. The cartoons of the Fantastic Four were broadcast in Italy within the very famous program "Supergulp, comics on tv", with animations taken from the comic strips. Currently, the recently produced American cartoon series is broadcast on various television stations and is intended for a very young audience.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR animated series

From 11 June 2007, coinciding with the arrival in theaters of the film "Fantastic 4 and Silver Surfer", will be broadcast exclusively on Cartoon Network the first tv de FANTASTIC FOUR. The unreleased animated series, co-produced by European Cartoon Network Studios together with Marvel and Moonscoop, will be broadcast daily at 14.15pm.

The enormous success, in the summer of 2006, of the first live action film gave the starting point for the creation of the animated series I FANTASTICI QUATTRO: 26 half-hour episodes that dynamically combine traditional and 3D animation elements. Based on the original characters and stories from the comic (born in 61 from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's pencil: the Fantastic Four are Marvel's first group of superheroes), the co-production tells the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, The Woman Invisible, the Human Torch and the Thing.
In the cartoon, Reed Richards, fresh out of university, works with the scientist Victor Von Doom to organize a trip to space to carry out some experiments. To find the necessary funds, the two, together with their friend Ben Grimm, offer the beautiful heiress Susan Storm and her brother Johnny the opportunity to finance and participate in the trip. Once in space, due to a clash with Reed, Victor exposes the entire crew to dangerous cosmic rays, but he too is hit by radiations that disfigure him. Back on Earth, the four protagonists begin to transform and discover their superpowers. It is the birth of the Fantastic Four which coincides with that of their most dangerous enemy: Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom.

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Marvel Comics and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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