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Los caballeros of the Zodiac

The Zodiac Knights - The Knights of Argard 2nd series

The second series of the Knights of the Zodiac is dedicated to the war between the Greek knights of Athena and those of the Nordic gods of Odin and the Knights of Asgard. The story begins when Odin's priestess Hilda comes into possession of a bewitched ring that engulfs her mind and makes her evil.

Meanwhile, Athena arrives in the cold lands of Asgard, but finds an imminent cataclysm in her presence, as the priestess Hilda is causing the ice to melt. A close fight is then engaged between Athena and Hilda and between the Bronze Knights and the Knights of Asgard who, unaware of the spell, defend their priestess. Pegasus has to deal with the invincible Thor, armed with the sacred hammer Mjolnir who immediately proves to be too strong an opponent, but Sirio arrives who reveals the secret to be able to save Athena. The knights of Asgard have armor in which sacred sapphires are set and to help their goddess they will have to be able to recover them.


Pegasus now has one more goal to defeat the mighty Thor and despite a tough battle he manages to defeat him and steal the sapphire embedded in his armor. Once at Hilda's palace, the Bronze Knights will have to face the other Knights of Asgard. Sirius fights against Luxor, which he manages to defeat thanks to the spirit of the Capricorn Knight. Crystal, on the other hand, fights against Artax who, unlike the Knight of the Swan, is not only the master of ice, but also of fire but also is supported by the spirit of Camus the Aquarius Knight, his master and defeats the powerful opponent by taking the sapphire. Andromeda fights against Mime he has at his best, but his brother Phoenix arrives to help the Bronze Knight and convinces Mime of the evil of the priestess Hilda, so she gets the sapphire of her armor.


But Pegasus is in danger as they meet Megres, the deity of the forest spirits who imprisons him along with Castalia. Megres, who knows the evil that transformed Hilda, wants to become the master of Asgard after her defeat by the Knights of Athena. But Sirio takes care of facing Megres, who after a heated battle manages to defeat him and free his friends. Meanwhile, Andromeda defeats Mizar and manages to take the sapphire, but is defeated by Alcor. In defense of Andromeda, Phoenix once again arrives and manages to bring out the good part of the Knight of Asgard and to have the sapphire delivered. Now the Bronze Knights have to fight against a very strong opponent, it is Orion and not even Pegasus, Crystal, Andromeda and Phoenix together manage to defeat him, but Sirio manages to discover his weakness, therefore he defeats him.


A sweet song through the rooms of the palace, is that of Sirya of the Sirens who reveals the spell on Hilda, telling why her king of the seas Neptune, gave the ring to the priestess of Asgard Hilda. At that news Orion gives his sapphire to Pegasus who confronts Sirya the siren, but is catapulted into the sea of ​​stars. The spirit of Gemini arrives to help Pegasus and Pegasus in possession of the seven sapphires begs for the sacred sword of Odin Balbung. At a certain moment the mythical sword of Odin appears which cuts the evil ring in two. Now that the spell is broken, Hilda can stop the catastrophe that started with the melting of the glaciers and free the earth and Athena, the goddess of the Bronze Knights.


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All the characters and images of the Knights of the Zodiac are copyright Masami Kurumada / Toei Animation and right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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