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Los caballeros of the Zodiac

The Zodiac Knights - The knights of Neptune 3rd series
The Knights of Neptune

After the battle with the Knights of Asgard, the Bronze Knights must face the one who bent Hilda's will with the evil ring: Neptune the god of the seas and his Knights. He kidnaps Athena, therefore Pegasus and Andromeda cross the passage that connects Asgard to the kingdom of Neptune in order to free her.

They have to face the siren Tetis who imprisons them with a coral reef, but Pegasus manages to free himself, then the general of the seas Kanon arrives and orders his warriors of the abyss to eliminate them.


But Kanon learns of Athena's purity of soul, so she stops her warriors and orders the siren Tetis to lead Pegasus and Andromeda to their goddess. Pegasus left Andromeda collides with Bain, the Horse of the sea and when the battle seems to prove him right, Pegasus's armor turns into gold and after throwing a very violent Pegasus lightning bolt at him, he defeats him. Meanwhile, Crystal and Sirio also arrive from Asgard. To get to Athena, Pegasus must destroy the great North Atlantic column and he succeeds only thanks to the help of the golden knight Mur, who gives him the Libra armor equipped with 12 weapons, including the shield that makes him yield the column. Meanwhile, Andromeda tries to cross the column of the South Atlantic, but must fight against Kira of Scylla and the six infernal monsters. Kira decides that the dragonfly monster will kill Andromeda, but the Bronze Knight, thanks to his chain, forms a web that harnesses the dragonfly and subsequently all the other creatures of Kira, who tries to hit him with the whirlpool of Scylla, while Andromeda was intent on bringing down the South Atlantic column.


But Andromeda transforms into a golden knight and definitively defeats his opponent. To bring down the column Andromeda will receive from Kiki the sacred armor of Libra and so it happens. Meanwhile, Sirius has the task of knocking down the column of the Indian Ocean, but suffers the attack of Krisaore who wounds him with his spear. The spirit of the knight of Capricorn comes to his aid and reveals that he is in possession of the powerful sword of Excalibur, Sirio then transforms into a golden knight with the sword of Excalibur who cuts Krisaore's spear and defeats him thanks to the help of Athena. Meanwhile Andromeda has in front of him the column of the Antarctic Ocean, but in its vicinity he finds an unwelcome surprise, in fact Pegasus and Crystal lie on the ground injured, while Phoenix attacks him behind him. In reality Lemuri has taken on the appearance of Phoenix, towards which Andromeda cannot use any violence because he is a Bronze Knight and his brother, therefore Lemuri wins the game and defeats Andromeda, but suddenly he is hit by a ray of energy coming from Phoenix himself, Lemuri then as a last attempt takes the form of Esmeralda, the girl Phoenix loved, but the latter understands the deception and defeats Lemuri, after which he knocks down the column of the Antarctic Ocean. Crysal has to tear down the column of the Arctic Ocean, but he finds in front of him his old friend Abadir to whom our Bronze Knight owes his life, but because of him he lost sight in one eye and fell into the depths of the ocean. where he was enrolled among the knights of Neptune. Abadir now feels a grudge against Crystal and attacks him violently sending him to the ground several times, Camus comes to the aid of Crystal and thanks to him he manages to defeat his ex-friend and break down the column of the Arctic Ocean. Before he dies, Abadir reveals to Crystal that Neptune is possessed by a demon. The column of Neptune must be shot down by Phoenix, but he has in front of him the general Kanon, who is none other than the younger brother of Gemini, the high priest of Athena, who manages to imprison Phoenix in a parallel world. Then the priestess of Athena Tisipone arrives who first defeats the siren Tetis then confronts Neptune himself, but he is too powerful and Tisiphone asks for help from her beloved Pegasus. Then comes the time of the great battle between Neptune and Pegasus, but Sirius and Crystal immediately hurl themselves against the god of the seas and are promptly defeated.


Meanwhile, Andromeda manages to shoot down the South Pacific column after defeating the siren Sirya. Phoenix manages to get out of the parallel dimension, he discovers that at the base of all the evils and wars that have afflicted first the world of Athens then that of Asgard and finally that of Neptune there is precisely him: the brother of Gemini, the knight of the Gemini, who freed the spirit of Neptune. After being defeated Kanon reveals that the only way to stop Neptune is to find the Amphora of Athena which is locked up with the goddess in the main column. Meanwhile in the fight against Neptune Pegasus, Sirius and Crystal are helped by the Knights of the Zodiac of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra who send them the sacred golden armor. Thanks also to the rush of Phoenix who tries to immobilize Neptune, Pegasus manages to tear down the main column and free Athena, who thanks to her sacred amphora manages to imprison Neptune the god of the seas, inside it and free the earth from the waters.



All the characters and images of the Knights of the Zodiac are copyright Masami Kurumada / Toei Animation and right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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