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101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney
Original title: One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Pongo, Peggy, Crudelia De Mon, Gaspare and Orazio, Colonel, Sergeant Tibs, Captain, Danny, Rudy Radcliff, Anita, Nilla
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Regia: Wolfgang Reitherman, Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimo
Country: USA
Year: 1961 mm
Gender: Tale
Episodes: 1 mm
Duration: 79 minutes
Recommended age: Movies for all ages
101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney

The animated feature film of 101 Dalmatians (original title One Hundred and One Dalmatians) was made in 1961 by Walt Disney Productions, directed by Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wolfgang Reitherman. After the success of Lady and the Tramp of 1955, the film once again stars dogs with a story based on Dodie Smith's novel �The Hundred and One Dalmatians�. The film is considered by critics to be one of the most successful Disney classics, both for the characterization of the characters, for the compelling screenplay, and for the famous music by George Bruns and Mel Levin.

Pongo is a Dalmatian dog who lives in London with his owner Rudy Radcliff, in a small apartment a few steps from Ridge Parks. Rudy is a bachelor musician, who spends all his time playing and composing music, so I place bored, feeling the need to find a partner for both him and his master, he starts looking for her among all those that pass under his window. After a careful selection, his gaze identifies a beautiful Dalmatian, carried on a leash by a very pretty woman who could do for Rudy's case. The two figures go towards the park and it is absolutely necessary to make their acquaintance.

101 Dalmatians
The meeting between Rudy and Anita and pongo and Peggy - 101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney

In order to detach Rudy from his work, Pongo tamper with the hands of the clock, so that he can take him out for the usual afternoon walk. Once in the park, Pongo immediately sets out in search of the Dalmatian and her mistress, whom he finds sitting on the bench near the pond. Pongo realizes that he must take the initiative in order to involve his master, who is always too distracted. So he tries to get noticed, stealing Rudy's hat and placing it on the bench where the lady was, intent on reading a book. Unfortunately the outcome is not what we hoped for, as the woman and her dog go away annoyed. Pongo doesn't give up like this, he drags his master towards the woman and, turning around the two, he binds them with his leash. The two terribly embarrassed and tied by the legs, they end up falling into the pond. Despite the events seem to precipitate, due to the woman's despair, the two soon laugh at that funny situation and even between the two dogs the spark of love bursts, for Pongo's happiness. This also happened for Rudy and Anita (this is the woman's name) who, a few months later, get married and go to live in a small apartment. Pongo had finally found the companion of his life, with the Dalmatian Peggy, who after six months from the marriage of her owners, was expecting the puppies.

Cruella Demon - 101 Dalmatians
Cruella De Vil - 101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney

To take care of the cleaning of the house and the housework, there was the nice housekeeper Nilla, very caring and loving. Life flows calmly and in harmony, with Rudy always intent on composing new melodies. But this idyll is broken by the arrival of Anita's former classmate: the aristocratic designer Cruella De Mon. The woman enters the house like a fury, without even saying goodbye and immediately starts looking for the dogs, to find out if the puppies have been born. Despite Anita, looking for a friendly dialogue with Crudeila, the fur-lined designer is only interested in knowing when the birth of the little Dalmatians will take place, as she is attracted by the beautiful spotted mantle of Dalmatians. His presence is so intrusive that once he leaves, Rudy finds the words for the tune he composed and starts humming the famous blues song "Crudelia De Mon" (composed by Mel Levin, which in the Italian version is sung by Franco Bolignari) "... Cruella De Mon, Cruella De Mon would scare even a lion, she is more lethal than a scorpion, Cruella, Cruella De Mon ....". Peggy is also worried by the woman's words and fears for the fate of her puppies, who are born a few months later. The number of unborn babies is impressive, as many as 15 Dalmatian babies. The last of the brood has some problems and seems to have been born dead, but thanks to a massage from Rudy, the puppy is revived, to the great happiness of his father Pongo, for this he will be called Lucky, which means lucky. However, this beautiful moment is interrupted by the presence of Cruella De Mon, who arrives with the intention of purchasing all 15 puppies. Anita and Rudy are firm in their decision not to sell the unborn, despite Cruella intends to pay handsomely with a check equal to double their value. Cruella is furious at this refusal and promises to take revenge for that insult she has suffered.

Caspar and Horace - 101 Dalmatians
Caspar and Horace - 101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney

Meanwhile, the years pass and the puppies enjoy a quiet life, spending the evenings watching television in the company of Pongo and Peggy. Their favorite show is the western, which stars the lightning dog. Lucky always wants to watch television, glued to the screen, while Rollie is the plumpest puppy who is always hungry. At the end of the show the puppies are all put to bed by Nilla, so Pongo and Peggy can finally take a stroll in complete tranquility, together with their owners. But there is someone who plots behind them, in fact their moves are followed by the rogues Gaspare and Orazio, who are waiting for the right moment to slip into the house and steal the puppies, by order of Cruella De Mon. Gaspare is the determined and enterprising leader, while Orazio is the classic gregarious, listless and fearful. The two ring the doorbell, posing as workers of the electricity company and ask to enter the house for a check. The housekeeper Nilla does not trust those shady individuals, so she tries to close the door, but she can do nothing against the impetuousness of Gaspare, who forcefully enters the apartment, in search of the puppies. Nilla desperately tries to chase them away but can do nothing against those swindlers, who take possession of the puppies, lock them in a bag and flee in their van. Nilla desperately seeks help and the following day, the news hits all the papers. To mislead her friend, Cruella De Mon telephones Anita, feeling sorry for the kidnapping of the puppies. Rudy is adamant that she is the culprit, but Anita doesn't think her friend could have gone that far. Pongo understands that the only way to get some information is to contact the "twilight telegraph", or the word of mouth of the London dogs. That evening the news of the kidnapping of the 15 puppies was communicated to all the dogs in the city, which soon spread to the dogs of the countryside as well. The animals of an old farm decide to investigate an old villa in Cruella De Mon, which is located a short distance from them.

101 Dalmatians
Pongo and Peggy - 101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney

An old dog called Il Colonnello and the cat Tibs go on patrol and inside a room, they find the Dalmatian puppies, supervised by Gaspare and Orazio. But they are not the only ones, together with them they find another 84 for a total of 99 Dalmatian puppies. The 15 puppies are easily identified, as they are the only ones who watch television.
Meanwhile, the Danish dog hears the news from Pongo and Peggy that the puppies have been found in the De Mon villa and gives them all the information to get to the "Colonel's" farm. Pongo and Peggy begin their breathless race towards the countryside, among the snowy roads, the gusts of wind, the marshes and even the icy waters of the river. Meanwhile, Cruella De Mon arrives at the villa, alerted by police searches, hastening the two swindlers to complete their job: killing all the puppies, to make a spotted fur. Despite the anger of the woman, after having left slamming the door, Gaspare and Orazio take it easy and wait for the end of the TV broadcasts, before starting the "job". Meanwhile, the cat Tibs, alerts the Dalmatian puppies and invites them to escape, through a hole in the wall. The two scoundrels are so intent on their favorite show that they don't realize the puppies are escaping. Tibs, however, has not come to terms with Lucky, who always remains glued to the television screen and does everything possible to warn him. After all 99 Dalmatian puppies have finally passed through the hole in the wall, Gaspare and Orazio notice their escape and desperate, they go in search of them. They find Rollie on the stairs, who, due to his heaviness, cannot run like all the other puppies, however the dogs, taking advantage of the darkness, manage to sneak into the various hiding places of the house, which the same cat Tibs suggests.

Pongo and Rudy - 101 Dalmatians
Pongo and Rudy - 101 Dalmatians
ï ¿½ Walt Disney

When Gaspare and Orazio manage to find the poor puppies and are about to hit them with their sticks, Pongo and Peggy arrive, angry, attacking the two thieves and biting them with their sharp teeth, making them harmless, even if for a short time. Taking advantage of the confusion, Tibs makes the 99 puppies escape from the house and takes them to the farm shelter, where they are joined by Pongo and Peggy. The stop does not last long, because Gaspare and Orazio, following their tracks, arrive at the farm. However, they have not come to terms with the Colonel and the other animals, who by kicking and biting them, give the Dalmatians time to escape. They have to face snow and frost and in order not to leave traces, they are forced to walk on the river, completely frozen. Finally they find refuge in a cowhouse, where caring cows offer their milk to the puppies, hungry and cold. After this stop they arrive in a small village, where thanks to the help of a Newfoundland and getting dirty with ash to avoid being recognized, they get into a truck that will take them back to London. However Cruella De Mon has discovered their deception and sets out in pursuit of the truck, along with his henchmen.

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