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the penguins of Madagascar

Original title: The Penguins of Madagascar
Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Soldier, Buck Rockgut, King Julien XIII, Maurice, Mortino, Mason, Phil, Lulu

Production: Dreamworks Animation, Nickelodeon
Author: Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath

Country: United States
Year: 29 November 2008
Broadcast in Italy: December 2, 2009
Gender: Adventure / Action
Episodes: 149
Duration: 12 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The most famous and funny penguins of all time arrive on the canal. Already protagonists of the animated film MADAGASCAR, they land on the channel with a series that will conquer the little spectators and more!
From 30 September 2019, from Monday to Friday, at 20.30 on Cartoonito

The animated series arrives for the first time on Cartoonito (channel 46 of the DTT) THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, spin-off of the Madagascar film saga, produced by Dreamworks Animation. The appointment is for 30 September, from Monday to Friday, at 20.30.

The show is set after the events of the Madagascar 2 movie, so after Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria have decided to stay in Kenya for a while. The penguins and chimpanzees Phil and Mason, before tasting Monte Carlo, returned to New York for a year or more, at the Central Park zoo where the lemurs King Julien, Maurice and Mortino are also present. The adventures of the series see the four very nice penguins framed in a sort of super-technological military unit that is dedicated to more or less unlikely "missions": protect the other animals in the zoo in case a new guest arrives who threatens everyone's habits or remedy the dangers caused by the (defective!) inventions of the scientist of the group such as time machines, nanorobots and devices to make objects move at a distance or even solve the troubles combined by the King of lemurs. To make the situation even more lively, there will be an evil enemy to fight against: Blowhole, the scientist dolphin who wants to conquer the world!
An unmissable appointment to spend many fun moments with the whole family.

the penguins of Madagascar

The animated series "The Penguins of Madagascar" created by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell comes after the success of these characters in animated films Madagascar e Madagascar 2 . After a first experiment in the Super Stuffed and Spongebob series which aired on Nickeltoons in November 2008, in collaboration with Dreamworks Animation, 52 episodes are produced divided into two seasons. In Italy the cartoon has been broadcast since December 2009 from Monday to Friday at 16.45pm and 20.45pm on Nickelodeon and from Monday 21 December 2009 will be broadcast on Italia 1 from Monday to Friday at 14.25pm excluding the Christmas period.

The protagonists are the four penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Soldato and Rico who after the adventure of Madagascar 2, return to the Central Park zoo in New York to protect their home from the lemurs Julien, Mortino and Maurice.
At the head of the group of penguins there is Captain, which gives the orders to the maneuvers and studies the plans of attack. His favorite hobby is drinking a cup of coffee with fish.
Kowalski he is Skipper's faithful right hand, always ready to carry out orders and find technical solutions, which he studies obsessively.
Rico is the penguin who specializes in explosives and all kinds of weapons. Of few words and lots of action is the tough guy in the situation and communicates with grunts or squeaks.
Soldier he is the recruit of the team, shy and insecure, but always ready to obey orders, even if he often gets into trouble. He has a knack for cracking secret codes.

the penguins of Madagascar

Among the antagonistic lemurs we find Julien, who has proclaimed himself king of the entire zoo. Arrogant and self-centered treats Mortino e Maurice like his subjects, but while the latter has a grudge against his tyrant, Mortino always proves to be totally dedicated to the king and somewhat clingy.
Among the other characters we find Marlene, a sweet-eyed otter who makes Skipper's heart beat faster, but who nevertheless proves impartial during the territory war.
A very funny couple is that of chimpanzees Mason e Phil; the first speaks but cannot read, the second is mute and communicates with gestures, but he is an avid reader.
In the course of their patrols among the sewers of the city, they often come across the king of mice King Rat, a rat with a prodigious strength as it is the result of an experiment in genetic manipulation. Another character they encounter underground is the alligator Roger, coming from Florida, the latter unlike King Rat, proves to be a friend of the penguins as he too is terrified of mice.
Among the various characters we find the stray cat Max, obsessed with the idea of ​​catching at least one bird in his life. For this reason, at first he sees penguins as prey, but when they offer him a fish he is moved by their generosity and becomes their friend.
The real boxer of the zoo is the kangaroo Joey, which everyone fears because of his punches as well as the two gorillas Bada e Bing.
Keeping the mad zoo animals at bay is the caretaker Alice, a real iron sergeant with masculine and coarse ways.

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The penguins of Madagascar are copyright © Nicktoons, Dremworks, Nickelodeon and of the right holders, they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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