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The Princess and the Frog

Original title: The Princess and the Frog
Tiana, Naveen, Louis, Ray, Mamma Odie, Dr. Facilier, Eli Gran Papa La Bouff, James, Eudora, Charlotte La Bouff, Lawrence, Evangeline, Henry and Harvey Fenner, Reggie, Two Fingers and Darnell, Buford
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Regia: Ron Clements, John Musker
Country: USA
Year: 2009 mm
Gender: Tale
Episodes: 1 mm
Duration: 97 minutes
Recommended age: Movies for all ages

Walt Disney Animation Studios features a joyful mix of adventure storytelling, captivating characters, fantastic comedy and memorable music in the new film "The Princess and the Frog", an animated comedy set in the beautiful city of New Orleans. From the creators of "The little Mermaid" is "Aladdin"A modern reinterpretation of a classic tale arrives, starring a beautiful girl named Tiana (ANIKA NONI ROSE), a frog prince who desperately wants to become human again and a kiss that leads them to an exhilarating adventure through the mystical bayou Louisiana "The Princess and the Frog" represents a return to hand-made animation, thanks to the celebrated couple of John Musker and Ron Clements, with music by Oscar® winner Randy Newman.
Everyone knows the story in which a princess finds true love by kissing a frog, which thus magically transforms into a magnificent prince. In this version, the girl always kisses a frog, but the result is very different. It's just one of dozens of surprises in this mix of wacky humor, emotions, melodies and thrills. Love eventually finds its way - between a prince and a princess or perhaps even between frogs, as well as between a firefly and the object of his desire.

On the bank of the Great River lies New Orleans, a city that sparkles with opulence, adventure, love, music and magic. Here, in a "once upon a time" of the jazz era of the twenties, between the iron balconies and the characteristic avenues of the French Quarter, a decidedly particular tale unfolds.
Tiana is an attractive, independent and hard working young woman. She has no time for love and for the vanity of dreams, while she is passionate about cooking and plans to become a successful restaurateur, enhancing the love of food that represents her father's legacy. But despite her hard work and commitment, several obstacles prevent her from achieving her goal.
On the bank of the Mississippi, however, a charming jazz enthusiast has arrived in the city. This is the Royal Prince Naveen, from distant Maldonia. Spoiled, irresponsible and lazy, Naveen has made his way in life thanks to his good looks and his undeniable charm. His wealth and position attract the interest of the evil Doctor Facilier, who deals in black magic and whose efforts to exploit Naveen's royal privileges mysteriously transform the handsome prince into a frog.
Naveen's attempt to rely on the tradition of fairy tales, with a kiss that should serve to bring him back to human form, causes Tiana's transformation as well, so the two amphibians find themselves stranded in the Louisiana bay, chased by frog hunters and seeking the positive magic of a mysterious 197-year-old priestess called Mama Odie.
Helping them on their precarious, awkward and fun journey are a Cajun firefly named Ray and a jazz-playing alligator, Louis. Although their path is full of dangers, difficulties bring out the best in the couple. Overcoming their differences and obstacles, the two see their dreams come true, but not in the way they expected.
In the end, love triumphs and the differences that seemed huge before seem to disappear into the bayou.

The characters

TIANA (in the original version she has the voice of Anika Noni Rose) she is definitely not the traditional fairytale princess. In fact, his dreams are not linked to distant kingdoms and castles in the clouds, but to personal success and being able to create a restaurant. She is an attractive and independent African American woman who works hard and has a strong character, but also a loving and loyal friend who shows great compassion. She adores her mother and keeps her father close to her heart, and although she knows her path won't be easy, she believes everyone is capable of achieving their goals.

In her pursuit of goals, however, Tiana never seems to appreciate what is happening to her on this path. He has no time for love and absolutely does not want to waste it after men, let alone kissing frogs.

PRINCE NAVEEN (in the original version has the voice of Bruno Campos) New Orleans' charming qualities have drawn Prince Naveen from his distant kingdom of Maldonia. Though spoiled and irresponsible, Naveen possesses an irresistible charm and zest for life that captivates those around him, as well as a passion for Dixieland jazz that was popularized by Paul Whiteman, Jimmie Noone, Earl Hines, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong.

"Disney has a long tradition of principles, but they're not usually full characters," says Randy Haycock, Naveen's animation supervisor. "They perform a function, providing the princesses with someone to fall in love with. We've never had a prince who really influences a heroine, because it's always been love at first sight. For once, there's a girl who meets a boy and from this follows the idea of ​​a romantic comedy in which the couple meets, but they don't like each other at the beginning ".

Like everyone else, Naveen's flaws are intrinsically linked to his talents. The heroine also has a flaw, she doesn't know how to appreciate life and she doesn't know how to have fun. "That's what Naveen makes her understand," says Haycock. "He teaches her to calm down from time to time and simply to appreciate what's happening. Have fun, enjoy life, be happy with what surrounds you."

DOCTOR FACILIER (in the original version he has the voice of Keith David) Facilier is an ambiguous character, a sinister and menacing figure, who causes so many problems and dangers to Prince Naveen and Tiana. He is a cold person, who puts his magic spells into practice and uses his bonds with "friends from the other world" to get what he wants, thanks also to his mysterious and disturbing charm.

"He's musical, menacing, tall, light and thin. He can be really sweet. He's handsome, cute and I think it's rare to see this type of villain in contemporary animation," reveals Bruce Smith, the animation supervisor. by Doctor Facilier. "It's always great, as an animator, to work on the villain, which is the character that holds the film together and makes everything interesting and compelling. Thankfully, in this case I found myself with a great and unique villain."

MAMA ODIE (in the original version has the voice of Jenifer Lewis) Mama Odie is the sunny side of Facilier, an eccentric and wise magical Bayou Queen, aged 197, who guides Tiana and Naveen on their mission to foil the evil of Doctor Facilier. In the story, Mama Odie dwells "in the deepest and darkest part of the bayou". On her old boat, strangely fixed to a giant tree, Mama Odie, assisted by her pet snake Zuju, dispenses spells and spells to people in need.

"I remember being hooked on Mama Odie," says animation supervisor Andreas Deja. "This blind and eccentric old woman, who has a snake that allows her to see. Everything about her was unusual."

Much of Mama Odie's spirit was inspired by the filmmakers' appreciation of celebrated New Orleans storyteller Coleen Salley, author of several picture books, renowned University of New Orleans professor and ambassador of children's literature.

RAYHABER (in the original version he has the voice of Jim Cummings) is the Cajun firefly in love. Coupled with his Southern charm, his gentle humor and romantic passion, the desire in Ray's heart is a firefly called Evangeline, the most beautiful firefly in all of creation. His admirable devotion to this unattainable goal, which in any case is a true love that becomes the basis of the film.

"He's a romantic," says animation supervisor Mike Surrey. "She is like Naveen and Tiana, but she has no problem expressing her love in a direct and lighthearted way. He believes the couple are in the same condition as her, even if they don't realize it. It's hard not to cheer on a character from the genre. In fact, it perfectly embodies the idea of ​​the transcendental power of love. All this simply in a clumsy and unfriendly little guy. "

LOUIS (in the original version has the voice of Michael-Leon Wooley) is a jazz enthusiast, a committed and charming alligator who loves this music and playing the trumpet, whose suspicious 'assistance' to Tiana and Naveen adds fun to their adventure in the bayou . "He's a manipulator," says animation supervisor Eric Goldberg. "He has a very active brain, but he has a talent for jazz and when he plays he expresses his true nature."

"There's an alligator playing the trumpet, how can you not fall in love with him?" Says screenwriter Rob Edwards.

BIG DADDY (in the original version has the voice of John Goodman) Eli La Bouff, known as "Big Daddy", is a wealthy gentleman who is funny and with a secure position, who wants nothing more than to make his 'little princess' Charlotte happy, so much so that he gives life at a Mardi Gras Ball to introduce Charlotte as a 'princess' to society.

Big Daddy is a tribute to certain American literary protagonists made popular by works such as "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Piano, piano dolce Carlotta", the rich and powerful patriarch. But while these characters were motivated by power and a desire to destroy their children, Big Daddy doesn't seek control or authority, but rather is marked by boundless adoration for his only daughter.

CHARLOTTE (in the original version has the voice of Jennifer Cody) the spoiled, demanding and flamboyant daughter of Big Daddy is the perfect example of the rich girl of the early twentieth century, even if Charlotte is by no means the stereotype of the wealthy daughter.

Big Daddy adores his blue-eyed blonde, taking every opportunity to please her with handmade clothes and fueling her fantasies, which include getting married to a prince (and thus becoming a princess herself), although she has to kiss some frogs. Keeping Charlotte grounded is her friendship with a young girl, Tiana, daughter of the best seamstress in New Orleans, a sensitive girl who does not like to kiss frogs and who will become the best friend in Charlotte's life.

JAMES (in the original version has the voice of Terrence Howard) represents Tiana's source of inspiration and is the legacy of her love. A strong and loving father who passed on his values ​​to his daughter and with a family bond with the people of New Orleans: their love for good food. As he tells James to little Tiana, "food brings absolutely different people together, warms them up and makes them smile. When I open my restaurant, people will queue for miles just to taste my dishes."

EUDORA (in the original version she has the voice of Oprah Winfrey) is Tiana's pillar, a lifeline and a source of inspiration. Tiana sees in her mother the respected successful business woman she aspires to be. As a young girl, Tiana's happiest moments were with her mother, playing in the house of one of her wealthiest clients with a little girl named Charlotte. But while Tiana's father James is a romantic, Eudora is a pragmatic woman. In fact, she knows that Tiana will face great difficulties in trying to become an independent woman.

"Eudora has a particular personality," says animation supervisor Ruben Aquino. "The important thing is to be a loving mother, who also has her own career, that of a seamstress. This business offers her a modest life, even though she is very good at what she does and loves her daughter, so much so that she wants the best for her. she".


All characters and images of The Princess and the Frog are copyright Walt Disney Enterprises and their rights holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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