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TINTIN (comic)

The comic

Original title: Tintin
Tintin, Milou, Captain Haddock, Professor Tornasole, Dupont and Dupont, Bianca Castafiore, Rastapopoulos, Chang Chong-Chen, Nestor, Jolyon Wagg
Author: Herg
Publishers: Casterman
Year: 10 January 1929
Gender: Police cartoon
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Tintin it was conceived and created graphically in 1929 by the Belgian designer Georges R mi that you sign Herge , for the French comic weekly Le Petit Vingti me, a supplement to the Catholic newspaper Tintin reads the newspaperLe Vingti me Si cle. Tintin represents a real icon of the world comic and in particular of the Franco-Belgian comic, in fact the comic series consisting of 24 publications all signed by Herge, has met with great success especially in France such that a wax statue was built for him for the Gr vin museum in Paris. Tintin is a young reporter with the intelligence and intuition worthy of the best detectives, and is characterized by a tuft of red hair, a sweater, a pair of zouaves and an oval head with two very small eyes, but lively and expressive. Although the comic style may seem humorous, Tintin is the protagonist of beautiful adventurous comics, with stories set all over the world: Tintin in the jungleEurope, the Far East, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, America and even on the moon. Along with its inseparable Milou dog, a highly intelligent white fox terrier, is continually involved in complicated detective stories, enigmatic archaeological mysteries, intricate international espionage, and fights against elusive criminals. In these adventures very characteristic characters appear, who very often lend a hand and contribute to the resolution of intricate cases and dangerous situations in which our is involved. Tintin. Recall the Captain Haddock, The characters of Tintina classic wolf with cap and pipe, gruff and quarrelsome, but very generous and great friend of Tintin. Then there are two plainclothes twins Dupont and Dupont, perfectly alike, who pride themselves on being super experienced detectives, but who most of the time get in trouble. A great friend of Tintin is also the Professor Tournesol, which in the Italian translation is called Professor Tornasole, a scientist, (resembling Piccard the one who flew the highest balloon of all) capable of making stunning inventions, but at the same time very distracted and unpredictable. Among the many comic books we mention "The Adventures of Tintin - The Mysterious Star"inspired by the stories of Julius Verne stated, "The Adventures of Tintin - Pharaoh's Cigars"set in Egypt,"The Adventures of Tintin - Luna Objective","The Adventures of Tintin - The Treasure of Rakam the Red","The Adventures of Tintin - The Temple of the Sun.","The adventures of Tintin - Tintin in Tibet"tintin on the moon considered a true comic book masterpiece, "The Adventures of Tintin - The jewels of Castafiore"where we will meet the opera singer Castafiore, up to the last story of Hergè"Tintin and the picaros". Truly the last story would have been"Tintin and the Alph-art", but unfortunately this has remained unfinished due to the disappearance of the author in 1983. Each comic publication by Tintin it's a dip Tintin's comicsin the classic adventure, where we find fights with bandits, exotic settings, mysteries to be solved, treasures to be found, and dangerous situations from which to get out with the use of cunning. Numerous cartoons have been made about Tintin, which the young people of 1978 were able to admire in the famous show "Supergulp - comics on TV", also two films starring Jean-Pierre Talbot as Tintin: "Tintin et le myst re de la toison d'or"from 1962 directed by Jean-Jacques Vierne and"Tintin and the Blue Oranges"of 1964 directed by Philippe Condroye. It seems that also Spielberg in person is willing to make one, in fact he claims that his cinematic imagination was also fueled by the adventures of Tintin. It must be added that the same graphic style of Tintin has influenced much of the Franco-Belgian comics and not only, in fact just take a look at the latest animated series of French production to realize it, for example "At the edge of the universe" or "We are made like this, exploring the human body ".

The character of Tintin, names, images and trademarks are copyright © Hergè and those entitled. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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