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Tom y Jerry


Tom and Jerry

Tom and JerryGrowing up professionally in Walt Disney studios, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, in 1937 they decided to move to the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film company. Here they produced numerous cartoon films. In 1940, with the short film "Puss Gets the Boot" they give life to the characters of the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry, better known as "Tom and Jerry". With these entertaining protagonists Hanna and Barbera have created real animation masterpieces, thanks to which they have won seven Oscars. The continuous twists and imaginative and never predictable ideas of Tom and Jerry, are built with a professionalism and a surprising attention to movements and details, such that the characters seem to be made of rubber. From 1957 Hanna and Barbera left Metro Goldwyn Mayer and set up their own business, creating the famous company "Hanna & Barbera". Tom and Jerry battle with tools, no holds barred. It always happens that hungry Jerry comes out of his lair in search of cheese; Tom is immediately on him with unlined claws. Tom and Jerry then begin to chase each other from room to room and hide under carpets, pots and kitchen items, along corridors, inside furniture and even in appliances which become deadly weapons that endanger the hair. , Tom's tail and mustache, regularly defeated in duels.

Tom and Jerry

Jerry is a very smart mouse, Tom is often naive and clumsy, but determined and aggressive in his hunting, despite everything Tom collects a lot of sympathy precisely because he always appears to be defeated by Jerry, always getting himself into a sea of ​​troubles. In 1993 a feature film about Tom and Jerry was also produced, but it was not very successful as it was decided to make Tom and Jerry friends and not enemies anymore. This influenced the dynamism of the cartoon and its comedy which was based precisely on the struggle of the two protagonists. As a couple, they won 7 Oscars, the same number collected by Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep together. For more than 60 years they have continued to reap success, without having to worry, like other Hollywood stars, about a few wrinkles or extra pounds. Not bad for a cat and a mouse, which have now become a cult all over the world.Tom and JerryThe two were originally named Jasper and Jinx and the production company MGM didn't believe much in their possibilities. But the appreciation of the distributors and the Oscar nomination in '40 for their first short film (Puss Gets the Boot) obviously changed the producers' minds, who pushed for a series dedicated entirely to these characters. Thus, after assuming the name (chosen by extracting a note from a hat) of Tom & Jerry, the most famous episodes of the duo are produced. The fantasy of Hanna and Barbera Studios gives life to hilarious parodies of some literary classics (such as The Three Musketeers and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) or of classical composers such as Johann Strauss. During World War II, Tom and Jerry also lend their support to the cause of the Allies in the short film The Yankee Doodle Mouse, in which their usual confrontations are portrayed as a real battle. And in the meantime they appear alongside Hollywood stars like Gene Kelly and Esther Williams, respectively in the films Two sailors and a girl ('45) and Fog on the sleeve ('53). After a period of crisis - like all self-respecting stars - due to the emergence of TV in the mid-50s, the couple returned to vogue in 63, with 34 episodes made by the famous Chuck Jones. Thanks to their success and the value of the stories, Tom & Jerry have been the subject of numerous tributes and imitations. If already in the 40s the couple was revived in a similar way in Herman & Katnip, today their influence on Scratchy and Fichetto, the irreverent protagonists of Bart and Lisa Simpso's favorite show, is evident.


When a mysterious sorcerer entrusts his precious enchanted ring to Tom, trouble is not long in coming. In fact, the precious object remains stuck on Jerry's head, who takes advantage of Tom's amazement to run away. In their frenzied escape with go-go chases, Tom and Jerry will meet new and old friends. Before we can say "abracadabra" the whole city is on the trail of our heroes. The enchanted ring begins to cast a series of funny spells and Tom and Jerry will find themselves immersed up to their necks in the most magical and exhilarating escape of their careers.


Tom & Jerry: shiver me wiskers, by S. Jeralds, animated film, USA 2006, 74 '
At the boarding! This is a reckless pirate story! Tom decides to embark as a hub on the largest and most frightening pirate ship ever, that of the infamous and fearsome Captain Red. Tired of sweeping the deck all day, Tom finally thinks things are about to change when he finds a mysterious bottle containing a treasure map. But Tom's dream of keeping the treasure to himself is shattered when he discovers that the bottle also contains a clandestine rat, Jerry! Poor little Jerry has been guarding the map and is now grappling with a greedy cat! The treasure hunt has begun and Tom and Jerry must learn to work together to overcome the dangers they encounter in this adventure, such as the coconut-shooting monkeys or the slimy giant octopus. But above all they will have to be able to get around the pirates to get hold of the hidden treasure.

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