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Original title: Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa, Argentea, Doe, Fairy Mary, Terence, Clank, Bloblò., Vidia, Regina Clarion, Minister of Spring, Wendy Darling
Production: DisneyToon Studios, Prana Studios
Regia: Bradley Raymond
Country: USA
Year: 2008 mm
Gender: Fantasy animated film
Episodes: 1
Duration: 77 minutes
Recommended age: All

It is the first of a series of four films dedicated to nature, seasons, respect for the world around us and the discovery of one's natural inclinations
Tinker Bell, the most beloved of the Disney fairies, was created by the great designer Marc Davis in 1951 now speaks and, with the help of his fairy friends, will understand the importance of believing in yourself. From 12 November only in DVD and Blu-Ray DiscTM format
beautiful special contents including the unreleased music video by Amalia Grè, one of the most popular Italian singers in the jazz music scene, and a hilarious video interview with Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu, brilliant interpreters of Clank & Bloblò, Folletti Tuttofare.

Tinker Bell and her fairy friends

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment announces the release of the first of 4 films dedicated to the symbol that sums up the whole Disney world, TRILLI, the female character among the most loved not only by the little ones, but also by Walt Disney himself. Respect for nature, the discovery of one's natural inclinations, friendship and self-esteem are the splendid themes that this film proposes.
In the poetic tradition it is the first smile of a child that gives birth to a fairy, historically, however, Tinker Bell makes her first public appearance on December 27, 1904, during a theatrical performance in London. Showing itself as a beam of light and the sound of a bell, Tinker Bell becomes a special perception capable of capturing the feelings and imagination of the spectators. In 1951 it was Marc Davis, Walt Disney's legendary "pencil" who depicted the latest version of Tinker Bell, as she will appear in the film Peter Pan, which proclaims her as one of the most famous and loved Disney characters in the world of cartoons.

The fairy Tinker Bell rides a mouse

Today it is the story "Tinker Bell and Fairy Island" by Gail Carson Levine, a literary triumph translated into 33 languages ​​and present in 45 countries, which has fascinated millions of girls, to have inspired the film, by director Brad Raymond and sacred monster of the new animation graphics, John Lasseter.
This wonderful film opens the quadrilogy aimed at the Disney Fairies, the fairies who, with their attitudes and commitment, bring about the changing of the seasons. Tinker Bell represents the arrival of spring and sets the scene for the film's subject and the search for one's talent, understood as self-knowledge and the path to take in life.
The place where Tinker Bell, who has become a real "talking" protagonist, lives is the Enchanted Glade, the heart of Neverland, a fantastic, unexplored place, animated by beautiful and luminous fairies, brilliant streams, lush forests and meadows covered with flowers, a place made exclusive by magic dust and fantasy, full of play, adventure, friendship and made lively by the sum of all talents.

Trilli, with the collaboration of her fairy friends, will come to know her talent, that of repairing everything and its importance, when she will have to put all her effort to bring spring back to Mondofermo, that is, to earth. During his adventures he will keep in mind the words of Peter Pan, "if you believe it exists", so the favorite fairy of each of us, lively and obstinate, will teach children that we must always believe in ourselves, discover our talent, because, however tiny, it makes each of us a unique and unrepeatable person.


Argentea represents the water fairy, with whom she plays, has fun and controls it. She loves freedom and is an optimistic and hopeful fairy. She knows how to cheer up her friends and is always ready to go to Tinker Bell's rescue right away. Rosetta the fairy gardener, she is the one who loves flowers, she is charming and very intelligent, she loves to always look her best and gives beauty advice to all her friends. Iridessa, the fairy of light, knows how to give life, wrap and shape everything that shines and glitters. She is precise and conscientious and is passionate about her work. Daina the fairy who talks to animals, she is a real tomboy, strong and courageous she loves making fun of the other fairies and playing pranks on the animals.
Among Tinker Bell's friends there are also Clank & Bloblò, enterprising and clumsy handyman goblins, who hide a feeling towards him. They are always busy tending to some funny contraption, Terence who spreads magic dust and Vidia the lightning and naughty fairy.

A special mention deserves the dubbing that in the Italian version sees the participation of Special Talents: Luca and Paolo interpret Clank & Bloblò, Denny Mendez gives voice to Iridessa and Giulio Rubinelli (Quelli Dell'Intervallo) plays Terence.

Do not forget the enchanting special contents to understand how the Enchanted Glade was created, a magical guide to see it and an exclusive music video performed by Amalia Grè, one of the most important Italian singers of the jazz-pop music scene, who sings "Volerai" , soundtrack of the film.

Tinker Bell and her fairy friends

In the magical world of the Enchanted Glade, a fantastic and unexplored dimension, animated by beautiful and glittering fairies, each fairy has a special talent, such as giving birth to flowers, making fireflies glow, or drawing enchanting shapes on the morning frost on sunny days. winter. It is precisely the fairies who make the seasons change by going to Mondofermo and using the machines invented by the fairies and the handyman elves, the latter however cannot leave the Enchanted Glade. The little fairy Tinker Bell thus asks for support from her fairy friends to get to know her talent, in fact, that of repairing everything about her leaves her embittered because she does not allow her to go to the mainland. Encouraged by her friends Rosetta, Argentea, Daina and Iridessa, she will discover that the mystery to solving her problems is hers to discover within herself her particular aptitudes, talents that reveal themselves when she is authentic . Only then do truly magical things happen. So when Tinker Bell jeopardizes the preparations to bring spring to earth, she will invent extraordinary objects by reusing those thrown away by humans to fix the situation. Thus she manages to put everything in order and head to Mondofermo

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