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Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Original title: Gosuto Suipa Mikami
Reiko Mikami, Tadao Yokoshima, Kinu Himuro, Father Karasu, Doctor Chaos
Author: Takashi shiina
Production: Toei Animation
Regia: Atsutoshi Umezawa
Country: Japan
: April 11 1993
Broadcast in Italy: June 30, 2003
Gender: Comedy / Fantasy
Episodes: 45 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

"Ghost Sweeper Mikami", was born as a manga comic by the young author Takashi shiina in 1991, and was published in the periodical "Shonen Sunday"where it was immediately a huge success. The cartoon for TV, on the other hand, was broadcast in Japan a few years later, in 1993 and finally in July 2003, also comes out on the screens of Italia 1 at 13.40 pm with the title of"A miss ghost chaser".

The ingredients for success A Miss Ghost Sweeper - Ghost Sweeper Mikami they are all there: take a redhead with a breathtaking body and an impetuous and irascible temperament, add her a super avarice to the Scrooge Scrooge, insert some comic gags in the Lum style, a graphic style trait Ranma 1 / 2 (perhaps even more caricatured), give it devastating magical power, a setting in the realm of the typical occult Dylan Dog and that's it. Ghost Sweeper MikamiThis explosive blend is all about the overwhelming personality of Reiko Mikami, a red-haired girl with a Miss World (92-59-94) physique, who, being a top-level spirit hunter, runs a strange ghost-sweeping agency. She has a very enterprising and irascible personality and is equally greedy for money, in fact she manages to take jobs at very high prices, to the detriment of her unfortunate customers and on the other hand exploits her two collaborators Tadao Yokoshime e Okinu in a scandalous way. The first is paid monthly with the modest sum of 25 Yen (about 0,20 Euro), but he is fine with it because he would do anything to stay next to Mikami, with whom he is madly in love and is therefore willing to bear even the humbler jobs, even if he's a cowardly troublemaker (sometimes irritating too). Okinu, on the other hand, she is a ghost with very long blue hair and always accompanied by two flames, who is paid about 30 Yen, a modest sum that she carefully keeps in order to pay for herself tomorrow, an exorcism that would make her definitively enter Nirvana. Mikami and Tadao they knew the spirit of Okinu near a mountain, as having been sacrificed to the volcano god by the inhabitants of the area, after his death she had become the protector of the mountain itself, this sacrifice took place three hundred years ago, Ghost Sweeper Mikamiwhen Okinu was seventeen. Mikami after fighting against a spirit he convinces him to take the place of Okinu to become the spirit of the volcano, in order to free the girl from this heavy burden and ally with her to exploit her magical skills. Reiko succeeds in her intent, but once Okinu returns to earth, she forgets the magic word in order to be definitively a human being and to do this, a magical rite must be paid which however has a rather expensive price. Will he be able to reach this amount with Reiko's starvation wage? We'll see! Contrary to Tadao the girl, she will be very helpful to Mikami. To this agency are added other bizarre characters, friends and enemies who appear in the series. A very important character is Mikami's good white magic teacher, his father Karasu, who lives in a deconsecrated church and who taught Reiko all the tricks to catch ghosts. Father Karasu has another pupil, the handsome Pietro De 'Burador, a half-man and half-vampire ghost catcher capable of turning into fog. Ghost Sweeper MikamiThen there is the Dr. Kaos, an evil immortal scientist who has built a group of ghost-hunting androids among which Maria and Searyuki, the Dr. Kaos is madly in love with Reiko, then there is Dash a little dwarf who hides secrets and Meiko Rokudo, a girl friend of Okinu who commands a legion of monsters sealed in the Ofuda talismans, inherited from her family. But the number one enemy of Reiko Mikami it is without a doubt Emy Ogasawara, she also runs a ghost-catcher agency, and is as sexy and handsome as the protagonist of the series, although unlike Mikami she has dark green hair, a black complexion and wears "wild" style clothing. She specializes in black magic, but she isn't as rich as Reiko, she's kind of the equivalent of Rockerduck, the enemy Uncle Scrooge. Emy is accompanied by Tigre, a boy who, like Tadao, works with her as he is madly in love with his boss, but as Tadao unrequited and exploited. Also worth mentioning is the nice and a bit clumsy Yakuchin, owner of a shop selling magic items for exorcism and for ghost-catchers. Shoryuki, the dragon goddess who helped Mikami increase his (already very strong) powers, also appears very often in the series. Also Mikami, although she only thinks about money, she has feelings and in particular towards Saijo, the only one to make her heart beat. Saijo is a Ghostbuster student of his mother who works in a Ghostbuster agency. It goes without saying that all the episodes, both in the cartoon and in the comic strip, are full of action, humor and crazy and hilarious situations, where fun is guaranteed between clashes with scary monsters and ghosts, supernatural settings and comic gags.

A Miss Ghost Sweeper - Ghost Sweeper Mikami is copyright Takashi Shiina - Toei Animation and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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