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Wonder Woman

The comic

Original title: Wonder Woman
Authors: William Moulton Marston
Publishers: DC Comics
Italian publisher:
The books of audacity
: United States
Year: December 1941
Gender: Cartoon adventure / superheroes
Periodicity: Monthly
Recommended age: Comic strip for everyone


The character of Wonder Woman it appeared for the first time in December 1941, in number 8 of the series "All Star comics" of the DC comics. Wonder Woman (which in Italian means "The woman marvels") is a cartoon character, created after a careful market survey on the tastes and trends of the moment DC Comics he turned to the famous American psychologist Charles Moulton, to identify a character who could stand up to the competition from Marvel superheroes. Given the pressure of the currents feminists and the importance of the social roles that women assumed in those years, it was decided to design a female character who would follow the wave of this trend. To tell the truth all the comics with female characters, produced in those years, did not have the hoped-for success, but the careful blend of particular narrative ingredients, given to the superhero comic Wonder Woman, an immediate success.

Wonder Woman fliesMaking use of the dynamic line of the young designer Harry G. Peters, which highlights the extraordinary beauty of the character, Wonder Woman it is characterized by a red, yellow and blue costume, in which an American eagle (on the chest) and the stars of the American flag (in the shorts) are stylized. She has long black hair and a golden crown on her forehead with a red star in the center. He has bracelets on his wrists which he mainly uses to deflect enemy bullets. The Story of Wonder Woman begins when a plane carrying an American Secret Service captain crashes on a mysterious island called XNUMX. Paradiso, where the population of the Amazons, the mythical warrior women of ancient Greece. It is saved, by the Princess Diana, daughter of Hippolyta,Wonder Woman and her bracelets the queen of the Amazons, who at the suggestion of the deities Venus goddess of beauty and Minerva, goddess of wisdom, decides to accompany him back to his homeland, in order to control the stupidity of the men who lead the world to war and catastrophes. Wonder Woman she understands that only female common sense can avoid and ward off the war spirit of man, but all this has a price, and in fact she must renounce her own divine immortality to become part of the world of men. To succeed in his intent Wonder Woman uses her extraordinary superpowers: she has the strength of Hercules that allows him to throw men and cars at incredible distances, she has the speed of Mercury that allows her to be faster than any means of land transport, she is as wise as Minerva, she is beautiful like Venus, she can make incredible leaps from skyscraper to skyscraper and has a quickness of reflexes that deflect bullets with the use of her bracelets. Wonder Woman transformsTo capture enemies he uses a "loop"magical and to move undisturbed, fly an invisible plane. As well as Superman and wonder woman, too Wonder Woman it has a secret identity, in fact when it has to blend in with ordinary people, it assumes the identity of Diana Prince, a US Army auxiliary, also shy and awkward, and with big glasses like Clark Kent. The enemies of Wonder Woman most of the time they are spies, thieves and male criminals, to whom he must promptly give a lesson, from which his hatred towards male psychology, whose nature is a constant threat to humanity, leaks out. After the death of its author Charles Moulton which took place in 1947, Wonder Woman has lost all the charisma typical of his "Golden Age"and little by little his stories have lost the classic superhero cut, thus becoming a classic comic of adventure and espionage. Among these authors we remember Mike Sekowski, Andru ed Esposito. But it was in 1975 that Wonder Woman regains popularity thanks above all to a series of American telefilms, starring the charming Linda Carter, in the role of the famous super-heroine.

Wonder Woman is Copyright © DC Comics / National Periodical Publications, Inc. and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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