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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

 Wonder Woman WONDER WOMAN

The personage of Wonder Woman appeared for before the time in the December of 1941, in number 8 of the series "All Star comics" of the DC comics. Wonder Woman is a personage of the comic strips, created after a careful market survey on the tastes and the tendencies of the moment. The Dc Comics addressed to the famous psychologist American Charles Moulton, in order to characterize a personage who could make forehead the competition of the superheroes Marvel. Seen chasing of the currents feminists and the importance of the social roles that assumed the woman in those years, decided to devise a feminine personage who followed the wave of this tendency. To say true the all comic strips with feminine personages, products in those years, did not have the hoped happened one, but the taken care of mixture of particular ingredients narrated, said to you to the superheroistic comic strip of Wonder Woman, immediate happening. Taking advantage of the dynamic feature of the young designer Harry G. Peters, that it puts in evidence the extraordinary beauty of the personage, Wonder Woman comes characterized from a red, yellow custom and blue, in which they are an American eagle (on the chest) and stars of the flag American (in the shorts). It has of long black hats and one crown golden on the forehead with one red star to the center. It possesses of the bracelets to the wrists that it uses above all in order to have the bullets of the enemies. The history of Wonder Woman begins when an airplane with to edge a captain of the Intelligence agency American falls on a mysterious island called Paradise, where reigns the population of the Amazons, the mythical women to warriors of ancient Greece. It comes saved, from prince Diana, daughter of Ippolita, Wonder Woman and its bracelets the Queen of the Amazons, than behind suggestion of the Venere divinity goddess of the beauty and Minerva, goddess of the wisdom, decides of took he in native land, to the aim to control the stupidities of the men who carry the world to the war and the catastrophes. Wonder Woman understands that only the good feminine sense can avoid and ask for the war spirit of the man, but all this has a price, and in fact it must renounce to own divine immortality in order to enter to make part of the world of the men. In order to succeed in its attempt Wonder Woman it is taken advantage of its extraordinary super-powers: it possesses the force of Hercules that allows it to hurl men and automobiles to incredible distances, has the Mercury speed that allow them to be faster than whichever means of land transport, is it tests like Minerva, it is beautiful as Venere, can complete of knows to you incredible from a skyscraper to the other and has a such quickness of glares to have the bullets with the use of its bracelets.  Wonder Woman is transformed In order to capture the enemies it is taken advantage of "lazo" a magical one and in order to move itself undisturbed, pilot a invisibile airplane. Therefore like Superman and Batman, also Wonder Woman has a secret identity, in fact when it must be camouflaged with common people, it assumes the identity of Diana Prince, a member of the women's army auxiliary corps of the American's army, also timid she and awkward, and with of the large ones it glances at them like Clark Kent. The enemies of Wonder Woman are most times spies, ladri and criminals of male sex, to which must punctually give a lesson, from the which come its hatred towards the male psycology, whose nature is one constant threat for the humanity. After the dead women of its author Charles Moulton happened in 1947, Wonder Woman has lost all the carisma typical its "Golden Age" and a Pò to the time its history have lost the classic supereroistico cut, become therefore a classic espionage and adventure comic strip. between these authors we remember mike Sekowsky, Andru and Esposito. But it is in 1975 that Wonder Woman buys back popolarity above all thanks to one series of telefilms Americans, interpreteati from the fascinating Linda Carter, in the cloth of celebre the super-heroin.

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