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The young Indian Yakari
Original title: Yakari
Yakari, Rainbow, Il-he who knows (Celui-qui-sait, Little Big-Shot, Slow Motion, No-Wai-Waiki (Grande-Heap-Big-Pile-Plenty-lazy), Tranquil rock (Roc-Tranquille) , Bold Gaze (Regard-Droit), Braid Notte, Strained Bow (Arc-tendu)
Author: Job, Derib
Production: Storimages and Belvision
Country: Warner Bros.
Year: 1977
Broadcast in Italy: 31 March 2008
Gender: Action / Adventure
Episodes: 78 mm
Duration: 13 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Yakari's character was born as a comic in 1977 by Andre Jobin and Claude de Ribeaupierre (better known as Job and Derib), published in the Swiss magazine Le Crapaud in Lunettes, and later on France-Jeux and Tintin. In Italy it has been known thanks to the publications on the Messaggero dei Ragazzi and the Fabbri Editore.
The cartoon series was made by Storimages and Belvision and consists of 52 episodes, which have been broadcast since 2010 from Monday to Friday on Rai Due at 7,50.

Yakari is a small Sioux Indian and thanks to the protection of the Great Eagle, who represents Manitou, he has the ability to speak the languages ​​of all animals. This leads him to understand their needs and to help them in times of difficulty. During his adventures Yakari, together with his inseparable friends the Rainbow swaw, Bison Seed and the Little Lightning pony, will live fantastic experiences, in perfect harmony with the nature of the great prairies and pristine forest.
In the episode "Yakari and Little Lightning", the young Sioux is ready to face a test of courage that he can demonstrate in front of the men of the tribe, in order to win the feather of the Great Eagle.
Together with her friend Arcobaleno she heads into the forest, hoping to meet the wild horse Little Lightning; his big dream is to be able to ride him in front of his tribe. During their exploration, they find a puma cub that they try to caress, but just at that moment his mother arrives, who fearing her cub in danger, chases the unfortunate Yakari, who is forced to flee and take refuge on a tree. Yakari loses sight of Rainbow and can no longer find his way back due to the night. However, he is comforted by the Great Eagle, who acts as a guiding spirit, protecting him and showing him the good deeds to do. So later he manages to win the trust of the puma, freeing his cub, ended up in the ditch of a trap.
But the problems do not end there, in fact Yakari is warned by the Big Eagle that the forest is burning and must commit to rescuing the animals.
During his run in an attempt to warn all the animals, he finds himself in great difficulty, as the smoke prevents him from breathing and soon finds himself surrounded by flames. Fortunately, the wild horse Little Lightning comes to his aid, which makes him get on his back and brings him to safety in the plain. After establishing a beautiful friendship with his savior, Yakari arrives triumphantly in the village, riding on Little Lightning, who asks only one condition: that of never being harnessed and saddled, because he wants to feel free.
Meanwhile, the little Rainbow had already told about the courageous adventures made by her friend Yakari: having saved the puma, warned the animals of the forest from the fire and finally rode Little Lightning. All these feats have earned him the Great Eagle feather, which can now finally adorn his head.

During the adventures Yakari will make friends with all the animal species of his territory: bison, bears, beavers, prairie dogs, wolves and many others.
This animated series is recommended for children for its highly educational themes on respect for the environment and the values ​​of friendship.

All characters and images of Yakari are copyright Derib and Job, Edition du Lombard, Casterman, Storimages and Belvision and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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